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World Leadership in this Golden Age

A message by the Elders

Welcome sweet Ones, we would like to start by welcoming you as leaders, as Light workers, as star seeded ones and as wayshowers. Simply by choosing to remember your heritage as star seeded ones, as keepers of wisdom and Light, you are already leaders and it is the process of Self Mastery that takes you into a deeper level of leadership and Service. For in Self mastery, you are simply choosing to Mastery yourself ~ as you transmute old cellular memories and patterns and dualities inherent in the lower bodies, you are moving into Self Mastery ~ as you shed old beliefs and paradigms around every aspect of your life you are truly are stepping into a deeper level of Service and a deeper level of trusting and surrendering to the Divine ~

When you move into a deeper level of merging with the Divine, of merging with your I AM Presence, taking on the I Am Avatar blueprint of Light, you take on the mantle of leadership ~ experiencing the wisdom of Mother/Father God, experiencing Life through Love, having humility, integrity, honoring and appreciating all those that you are networking with, and connecting with, as well as following the guidance and intuition of your Higher Light, with inspiration, creativity and focus.

So, what makes a good leader sweet One. Well, it is the embrace of many of these qualities we have just mentioned, which comes with practise; with the practise of communicating with the Company of Heaven, with your I Am Presence, bowing and surrendering to these Divine servants of God, while recognizing yourself as this servant too, and co-creating and manifesting a better future for all Life on this earth plane.

What is often not understood is that you already have these leadership qualities as these Light workers and star seeded Ones, and in this now moment, it is simply to reactivate these key codes, if this has not already occurred. For your energy field as one of Light, will attract others of a Light frequency, and create more leaders, more masters, more servants of the Light.

The confusion comes in sweet Ones, in these transitioning times and stepping out of paradigms, there often seems a moment in time where everything falls apart; from the mental body perspective, this may be experienced as retrenchment, or a deep desire to change careers or direction, the loss of financial security, or earthly possessions or a need to relocate; from an emotional body perspective, this may seem to be experienced in greater cycles of emotional oscillations, or moving out of long term partnerships or friendships and on a physical level, as complete exhaustion or lack of passion, focus or creativity ~ these are all transient and fleeting sweet Ones, and in these moments of perceived challenges, know that you are this Spiritual Leader choosing these experiences to take you to the next level of your service work, trust in this and trust in your connection to Mother/Father God and your I AM Presence, the Highest Light of Who You Are and Have Forever Been within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, no matter what your external reality is currently reflecting to you.

And now, just experience and feel these Spiritual qualities of Light, leadership qualities now been reactivated, as we place you in a Spiritual Leadership Re-Integration Chamber of Light.

As this three dimensional rectangular grid of Light comes in now, to activate the dormant DNA related to your Spiritual Leadership qualities, you repeat the following invocation.

I align with my I Am Presence, Mother Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,

I now activate the key codes of Spiritual leadership, taking on this mantle of leadership through my I Am Avatar Blueprint as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of these key codes of Light.

 I now request the following key code activations:

 Unconditional Love,

Loving kindness and humility,

Intention and Focus,

Integrity and appreciation,

Wisdom and empowerment,

Trusting and surrendering to the Divine,


Creativity and Passion,

Networking support and assistance,

Manifestation and Magnetization,


 One Unity Consciousness.

 I now request an activation of my own Ascended Master gifts from past lives and parallel realities in this Now.

 I am a World Leader in Service to the Divine,

I Am a World Leader in Service to All Life,

I Am a World Leader in this Golden Age of Light.

Wonderful, in your own time now gently come back to your sacred space, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, grounding into the heart of Mother Earth and the embrace of Mother/Father God.

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