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AliceAnn is an ordained priest in the state of California and Initiate of Light in the Order of Melchizedek. As a High Priestess, she is certified as a Melchizedek guide and teacher/facilitator of the Planetary Rays and The Melchizedek Ambassador Training Program. She is also trained as a transpersonal psychologist and spiritual guidance counselor and is a certified intuitive pastlife therapist and life coach. She teaches advanced Master Classes in esoteric mysticism, ascension, and higher consciousness.

You may contact her for:

    • DNA Activation sessions
    • M.A.T. program facilitation
    • Merkaba/LightBody activation
    • Planetary Ray Integration, Meditation or healing
    • Readings with one of three Ascended Ray Masters
    • Master Classes in Higher Consciousness or Ascension Techniques
    • Spiritual Guidance sessions
    • Hypnosis or Regression to Past Lives
    • Integrative Life Coaching program
    • E-Books on Ascension and Higher Consciousness
    • Articles: Homilies of Light


Send mail to: [email protected]

Or visit her at: www.OakRose.net

For Telephone appointments or Class registration call: 650.948.1773


Spiritual Biography:

Aliceann was born as Linda Alice on Michaelmas (September 29th) 1948 at 7:10 AM on a Tuesday with the Sun and Neptune on the horizon and Uranus in her 9th House. From an early age she was aware that she was different, not only incarnated into this life experience without physical sight, but also very gifted intuitively and spiritually. At the age of 7 she had her first of many Interlife dreams, where she returned to her prebirth experience in the Higher Realms, where soul-family and soul-friends were in abundance.

Raised as a strict Catholic, and acquiring her first spiritual name of Ann, she early went beyond church doctrine by quite literally “talking with the Saints and Mother Mary”, never doubting that she was heard. Her desire to live a religious life was thwarted though when she applied to the local church pastor to enter Holy Orders as a nun and was rebuffed on the grounds that she was blind. Early school experiences were difficult because of her feelings of “not fitting in”, due to a sense of other-worldliness just as much as it was to breaking the social barriers of blindness and isolation; however, this served to strengthen her inner spirit more than it did to dampen it. Later school experiences found her a leader in her class and an excellent student, joining many social and academic clubs, choirs and community outreach programs. Her love for music, and especially “singing to God”, was always a guiding Light for her, even in the darkest of moments in her life.

College presented more social barriers, but here too she prevailed, switching colleges to a more liberal campus where she took a bachelors degree in psychology. Finding that the outer life in the early 70’s was still presenting obstacles to her spiritual goal, she spent three years in self-reflection, reading and studying every major World religion, philosophy and mystical tradition she could through the auspices of recorded texts. Realizing that her drive to dedicate her life to God was still strong within her, she entered a Zen Buddhist monastic community at 25 and remained there for ten years, thus advancing her study in Buddhist and Sanskrit esoteric scriptures and the discipline of intense meditation practices. But even this enlightened human organization had earthly 3rd dimensional flaws. After ten years, the senior students of that community evicted their Zen Master and the entire community of 500 disciples broke up, many choosing to leave rather than live in a corporate Zen setting. But AliceAnn was not daunted.

Feeling the loss of her sanga (meditation community), she turned inward once again and began at 35 her mystical approach to the Path of Return through Western mysticism. Setting up her own word-processing business in the outer world, she contracted for day work while continuing to advance her studies. This culminated in three advanced degrees in psychology, including two Masters in counseling and Transpersonal Studies and a doctorate in Transpersonal-Spiritual psychology. AliceAnn’s research was on the Phenomenology of Past Lives and it sought to prove that such human experiences advanced one on a spiritual path, and in fact, her dissertation results proved it to be so. The highlight of those ten academic years, though, was a five-week field trip to Europe where she visited old sacred sites in Ireland, England and Wales.

In the UK and Ireland AliceAnn found her psychic gifts to be tremendously enhanced, seeing more and more of the inner world as she traveled from one ancient sacred site to the next. In addition, more memories of her own multiple lifestreams were rising and she had many spontaneous Celtic past life recalls in Glendalough Ireland, Glastonbury England and throughout various sites in Wales. It was at that point she met a fellow therapist who was also a member of OBOD in the UK and eventually sponsored her in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids through Philip Carr-Gom’s wonderful world-wide druid order in the Brotherhood of Light. AliceAnn was now a lapsed Catholic, a Christian mystic, a Zen meditation practitioner, and now a blossoming member of a substantial druid order out of Sussex England. But there was still more that God and the Spiritual Hierarchy had in mind for her.

Upon her return to the United States and the completion of her dissertation, which for a blind person takes about 7 years, she found that life once again was returning to unbearable life boundaries that kept her on the fringe of society while her inner spiritual life suffered. However, it was in 2002 that her Guardian Angels sat up and applauded. Throughout her life, AliceAnn was drawn to many teachers on the earthplane who gave her bits and snatches of the higher knowledge, but no one had yet released her to her true self nature. It was in September, just around Michaelmas, that she took a workshop with Hanz TanDam who was visiting the US from Denmark. It was this gifted regression therapist’s deep releasement of a 1,000 year old karmic attachment, stemming from a timewarp through Maldeck, that finally freed AliceAnn from the earthly entrapment which prevented the manifestation of her full spiritual gifts. In fact, there was an Angel worker there, a seer herself with an Indigo child, who saw the Angel standing by AliceAnn as she was freed from bondage, and it was astounding—The Angel was jumping up and down and clapping his hands as he stood smiling just behind AliceAnn’s chair.

In 1999, AliceAnn had undergone an Angel attunement while on an airplane returning from a pastlife conference with Henry Leo Bolduc, part of the Edgar Cayce legacy of teachers, and that was her first realized opening to the Angelic realms, but this 2002 releasement really opened her psychic flow and she now regularly was visited by incredibly beautiful and penetrating Angelic forces, in color and in intensity. For five years she received healing, teaching, and upliftment. She learned to work directly with the Archangels and nightly asked for an increase of her vibratory rate. On Michaelmas in 2007 she achieved her life-long desire to serve God through Holy Orders by taking her vows through a small esoteric Christian Order, which brought her fully into service to God as a priest, ministering to God’s children in this lifetime. Then, quietly in deep meditation one Spring night in 2009, her Teacher finally came to her, speaking quite clearly through her, as AliceAnn found herself speaking aloud to an empty room. At first she thought the experience to be other than of the Light so she quite literally ordered the Being away. But her Teacher persisted, speaking through her voice in clear distinct words. Days later, after a reading with a trusted experienced channel, who verified her inner plane experience, AliceAnn discovered that her Teacher, Master Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge, was now contacting her directly and would accept her into discipleship if she so wished. Following this there were many other Teachers (Ascended Masters) lining up to measure whether their energies were compatible with hers, and in the end AliceAnn became a clear-voice channel for three Ascended Ray Masters and thus formally entered into discipleship.

AliceAnn holds strong impressions of her life on Le Muria and has flashes of her work with Master Hilarion in the Golden Age of Atlantis as she tried to bring through the Higher teachings from that earlier time on Le Muria. Her lifestreams show a pattern of warrior/priest, victim/persecutor, male/female incarnations that have melded her spirit into a vital force of Love and Service to god in life. This life has brought all of these forces together for her, making her a powerful bridge to the Realms of Light for others and an intuitive, compassionate healer, teacher, channel and priestess.

AliceAnn has worked in the outer world in the healing and helping professions: she has been a counselor for teens and dysfunctional families, a mental-health technician in three mental hospitals, a therapist in both a professional practice setting as well as an advanced intuitive past-life therapist, a spiritual life coach, a respite care giver and bereavement counselor in two hospice communities, an advocate working to change unfair legislation and improve the lives of people with disabilities and currently an ordained priest with a ministry of Light to bring comfort, clarity and higher consciousness teachings to her fellowmen.

AliceAnn found a complete harmony and kinship with Anrita Melchizedek from the very first moment she experienced her invocations in the Summer of 2010. AliceAnn had already passed through much of the initiatory path under the instructions of her three Ascended Master Guides when she encountered the Pleiadian Elder’s M.A.T. program, and her Teacher-Guides encouraged her to complete the training and return to her previous position as a High Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek serving God through the Brotherhood of Light. Subsequently AliceAnn has completed The Melchizedek Ambassador’s Training Program, The M.A.T. Facilitation Course, the Seven Guided Ray Visualizations, the Arcturian Stargate series, the Ray-Reading and Ray-Healing Manuals as well as the Light Body/Merkaba Activation manual and the Chambers of Light eBook.

AliceAnn has studied the Book of Knowledge, the Keys of Enoch transmitted by J. J. Hurtak, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, The writings of Brian Gratton and Janet McClure and has read and taught Master Classes in Ascension from the texts of Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Manuals. She has taught Master Classes in Higher Consciousness, Eastern and Western Mysticism and conducts private readings, consultations and small group classes with the three Ray-Masters that overlight her. Currently, she lives on the West Coast in California near the big Redwoods and stands as an anchor to the Realms of Light for the pacific Ring of Fire and the South Pacific where Le Muria will rise again. She channels daily to ground the Christed energies and encodings of Light sent through her and all the 144,000 Lightworkers on and above the earthplane, and she works with students and clients to help them bridge their own inner spiritual awareness of their Divine nature. She works under the guidance and protection of AA Michael and AA Tzadkiel and is dedicated to be a Keeper of the Rays, An Ambassador and channel to the Realms of Light and guide to initiates on the path.

My gift is to assist those who are ready for spiritual advancement on their individual path to enlightenment. We are all Divine and as we grow in the Light of God we become even more ready to shift to the higher planes of consciousness.

Let me help You find your Lighted Pathway Home!

Please contact AliceAnn by email [email protected] or telephone 650.948.1773.Please contact Eadie by email to [email protected] or telephone to 0419 118051.