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Transmissions by the Elders

Earth Star Mission

Through the 999 activities of Light that occurred on September 9th, primarily the activation of three of the twelve Atlantean crystals and the download of the 48 symbols of immortality, a portal of Light has been created into Atlantis at this Now moment and it is possible to travel through the converging time lines and experience a deeper understanding of your Highest Potential from the Golden Age of Atlantis –

The Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council members to the Order of Melchizedek, take you on a journey to Atlantis, primarily to the time of your High Priesthood training. You meet your Atlantean Self, and from here are taken into your Star Heritage as well as connecting with your Cosmic Twin Flame – you are then taken before the Council of Light members that you work with on the inner planes for your earth star missions, and are further connected physically to other Light workers and star seeded ones holding a similar focus – this channeling is very important in taking you into your power base as a Star Being in service to Humanity – connect on all levels of your Being and experience the essence of your true nature as this multidimensional, Master Being of Love and Light through Service in Love and draw upon the energy of your Star Family and Cosmic Twin Flame in this time line –

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Halls of Amenti

On June 21st 2001, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will, Humanity collectively undertook the fourth initiation through the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, merging with their Higher Selves of the Light – at this moment in time, the Unveiling of the Etheric Records of Atlantis also occurred through the One Unity Consciousness Portal in Egypt, called the Solar Cross. Further to this, we worked with the Company of Heaven in correcting the rotational fields of the synthetic Merkaba found in the region of the Bermuda Triangle and created by a Martian experiment just prior to the Fall of Atlantis in 11 000 BC. Through this Light work, the etheric rising of the Halls of Amenti occurred. The Halls of Amenti exist beneath the Bermuda Triangle, which was also the physical location of Atlantis.

Join the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council members to the Order of Melchizedek, as they take you on a journey through the Halls of Amenti, meeting the Lords of Amenti with Thoth as your Master Guide, as well as moving off the earthbound cycle of incarnation by going before the Lord of Death. You are further taken into the ninth dimensional level of Amenti and placed within the cold flames of the Flower of Life for the activation of your immortal chromosomes.

The Elders give you the gift of the understanding of your Divine immortal nature and ability to youth the body, and further to this, allow you, as an initiate, to be taken back into your High Priesthood Training and the experience of this training in this Now moment. You also commence the start of your 12 Strand DNA activation through merging with your multidimensional Selves from the third to the eighth dimensions respectively.

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Long, long ago, as these sacred Beings of Love, you experienced the Divine unfolding Love of Creation in a state of bliss through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

At some point, a call was put out through the different dimensions and galaxies, inviting you into a new experiment; to experience the Comic Heart of Mother/Father through duality in the Schools of Learning on the lower dimensions. You chose this free will experiment as you saw it as an opportunity to experience deeper aspects of your Self and all Creation – however, in separating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, you left a Soul aspect of your Self within the Comic Heart of Mother/Father God, Overlighted by your Mighty I Am Presence. You requested that should there come a time that you may need to experience reunion with this aspect of yourself having experienced the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, eternally, in Love, that you be allowed to do so, and this time in Now. Join the Elders as they take you on a journey to connect again with this Soul consciousness aspect of yourself as well as connect you to your Cosmic Twin Flame.

A very powerful transmission in opening the heart into the Flames of Love through your Higher Light, Mother/Father God and your Twin Flame.

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The Elders take you on a journey through the first three rays of Will and Power, Love-Wisdom and Divine Intelligence respectively – in this training, you are linked to each Ashram energetically for a period of one week, in which you get to work with particular issues you may still have, or need to clear related to these ray qualities – and in the fourth week, you get to focus on your mission and connect to the related Councils of Light – the Elders chat to you about what it is to be an adapt and step into Self-Mastery through finding the hidden wisdom within –

This is an important transmission for all Light Workers to understand the levels of training we undergo as Initiates, as well as opening ourselves to receiving the deep level of support offered to us by these many Masters of the Light –

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Councils of Light

The Elders take you on a journey through the various Councils of Light that you are currently connected to, or can connect to, for personal and planetary transformation.

Join the Elders as you experience the energies of the Sirian Council of Light, the Great White Lodge, the Tribunal Council, the Pleiadian Council, the Andromedan Council, the Arcturian Council, the Antarian Council, the Niburian Council, the Planetary Council and the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light Council.

A wonderful transmission giving us an understanding of the various Light Councils that we work with personally and through our earth star missions.

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Ray Councils of Twelve

In this transmission, you are guided by the Elders through the Ray Councils of Twelve from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively, holding the focus of the twelve rays and the six Cosmic rays, created dimensionally through a Higher Light (Monadic) focus on one or more of these twelve rays.

You are given an opportunity to integrate the key quality to each of these rays as you connect with the various Ray Councils of Twelve. In addition to this, you assist in anchoring these key qualities through the appropriate ray frequencies and colors into the Christ Consciousness grid, the Unity Grid of this Earth plane.

A wonderful, vibrant journey starting with an understanding of the rays through Atlantis and ancient Egypt and offering you an opportunity to integrate these rays, which further assist in the DNA activation process.

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The Light Body/Merkaba and Sacred Geometries

The Elders chat about the Light Body/Merkaba, the building of the etheric electronic body of Light and the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron.

Following this, you are taking on a journey from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively in order to anchor the sacred geometries of the sphere, the cube, the octahedron, the star tetrahedron, the icosahedron, the dodecahedron and the Flower of Life respectively.

The Elders explain that in order to have the potential to travel faster than the speed of common light through wormholes or light cones energized by grids of Stralim radiation in your own activated Light Body/Merkaba, you need to lift your Consciousness to these various dimensions prior to experiencing these Light Body activations to the higher dimensions. These Light Body/Merkaba activations that can loosely be described as hyperspace travel in your physical body or rather etheric, electronic body of light beyond the speed of common light.

The sacred geometries built are the vibrational frequencies taking you into each dimension in Consciousness, and whilst all geometries exist at each dimensional level, the geometries explored take you into these dimensions. You are further activated at a sub-atomic level through the Spiritual Microtron in order to accelerate the building of the etheric, electronic body of Light.

A wonderful journey in Cosmic Consciousness awareness opening the mind to the possibility to hyperspace travel to the higher dimensions.

(Please note this is not the actual 19 breath Light Body/Merkaba meditation, which is also suggested following this transmission).

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Readings with the Elders

In these 60 minute transmissions with the Elders, they will connect you to the appropriate Councils of Light that you are working with on the inner planes, the appropriate ray departments and also let you know where you are in your initiatory level, as well as chat to you generally about particular issues that may still be coming up for you.

Anrita will then look at doing a DNA Reading and Clearing and answering any related questions you might have on your reading following this, as well as implant and entity clearing.

Recorded Session one hour – Cost $122 – Click here for further details.

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