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The Heart of Marketing

Hi beautiful hearts,

Would you like to expand your service work with your magnificent Light and amazing gifts and talents?

Imagine having all the marketing tools, software and know how, to successfully take your Light work to the next level and touch the hearts of awakening and awakened souls.

Well, let me show you how.

My name is Anrita Melchizedek and many of you may be aware of my Light work over the years as a Spiritual facilitator and channel. I have been blessed to add my voice to our beautiful symphony of Light with channelings, webinars, transmissions, workshops and conferences, in addition to being both a host and presenter on numerous shows and summits.

Then, more recently, in the last 18 months or so, my Light work shifted and I found myself not only expanding my creative gifts and exploring new passions, but also needing to find new ways to market myself.  I realized I did not have the skillsets or know how to market myself successfully. And more than that, when I started looking into how best to market myself, it was initially very confusing and very frustrating. As a creative, I did not understand most of what was being shared through many of the direct marketing platforms. They were truly speaking a completely different language. Yep, most of it was like Greek to me initially J

I persevered though. Intuitively guided and divinely inspired by the universe I knew I wanted to find a way to assist not only myself but you too precious hearts, to take your service work to the next level. I was aware that many of us have the most incredible gifts and talents but limited marketing skills. And here is the good news. After many months of training and e-courses, and successful “failures”, I have found a way for us to collectively spread our Light through the Heart of Marketing – Tools for the Conscious Entrepreneur, a New Earth Template of abundance and manifestation, passion and purpose. I am so delighted to be able to invite you to join me in this marketing, meditation and marvellous software mix as we amplify our Light as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light upon this sacred earth. I will be taking us through e-courses and webinars and will be creating with you every step of the way, and will share more on this soon.

One of the marketing tools I wanted to share more about here is a process called a sales funnel. From a marketing perspective, a funnel is a process of connecting prospects to products to create customers. Essentially this is a multimodality strategy that turns a potential lead into a buying customer through a series of offers/triggers, usually starting with a free or low priced offer at the bottom of the funnel, called a tripwire, and much deeper into the funnel, or the top end, high priced or premium offers are offered to existing customers. A funnel is broken down into four primary aspects. Awareness, interest, desire and action. Awareness is the bottom part, the wider part of your funnel, where you start your journey to collect potential leads. From a metaphysical perspective you can imagine a sales funnel as a vortex or filter of resonance, which is really what life is, isn’t it. Even our chakras are filters of resonance.

Here is how it works. You hear about someone’s work or you are looking for something online. This is the awareness stage of matching your needs to potential products or services or information which will provide solutions to your needs. You then land on a webpage or watch a video that offers solutions you need, this is the interest stage. You want to know more about the product or service, which is the desire stage, and lastly, you take the step to share your details or make a purchase, which is the action stage.

I’m sure for most of you that in Googling for something or more about some-one, you have come across sales pages or websites offering a free gift; an eBook/workbook/report/journal/mp3  etc. in return for your subscriber details. This type of funnel requesting subscriber information in exchange for a gift or low cost item is called a lead magnet, squeeze page, tripwire or opt-in page. It is one of the most important parts of your funnel, as you are adding potential customers to your elist and with this, you will have the opportunity to expand your reach and sell more of your products or services. A very simple example of an opt-in page is an entrance pop-up form on your website offering a freebie that will be of benefit to your potential customer or their business. This is where folk who find your website can sign up and in return, to entice them to sign up, you would offer your freebie lead magnet. This is also a great introduction to your Light work. Another great thing to do here is to have a website banner with a special offer or free gift offer advertised at the top of your page. Following the sign-up, they would then be directed to a thank you page, which is a great place to share more of your work as well as an amazing offer on a relatively inexpensive product or service. This “converting offer” is the heart of your funnel. The right offer can take your service work to the next level of expansion very quickly as you share your awesomeness with more of the Light Tribe and the wrong offer….. well, I imagine it is quite self-explanatory.

The last part of the lead magnet funnel, and equally important, is automation. This is usually the part that most Light workers don’t focus on enough. So how does the automation work? Following the sign-up, your potential customer will receive the download link or url link for the lead magnet via email and then you can start with a series of autoresponders. Your welcome email would usually have all your free gift links and following this, you can either offer emails specific to new sign-ups in which you would have specific offers, called traffic segmentation, or alternatively, you could just add them to your existing elist. If you don’t have an opt-in form on your website, I would truly suggest it. Without leads you cannot have a success business. Your leads are your traffic. Likewise, you want to drive traffic to your website and other social mediums with awesome lead magnets in place.

You can set up a pop-up form with word press site and an auto responder service such as mailchimp, aweber, constant contact etc. There is though a really nice word press plug-in that you can sign up for, free for one site, and that integrates beautifully with any autoresponder. It is called MailMunch – https://www.mailmunch.comMailMunch will take you through much the same process that I have described here. It is not an autoresponder but an integration app for the seamless flow of converting traffic into leads via your sign-up form. Many autoreponders, such as MailChimp, will allow you to have up to 2000 contacts free before paying for the service, and with this, you can set up a single autoresponder for your welcome email. Pretty cool, isn’t it.

Lastly beloved Light Tribe, I wanted to share with you the first of some marvelous software products and apps that will be of benefit to you and your service work. Most of these products are cloud based and a once off fee, and you can be very sure I will only recommend products that are completely awesome and that I perceive have good value.

 For those of you that use Facebook and other social media outlets, I found this really cool app called SociJam, a cloudbased software that allows you to create italics and bold and loads of emoji’s on all your Facebook posts, comments, featured posts, ads and comments. You will truly stand out in the crowd and what a great way to launch a new product or service too, with a video and highlighting your special offer or webinar, or workshop, or retreat. It is 100% Facebook compliant, and there is nothing to install, set up or host. As it is cloud based, you can access your account with any device, such as PC, Mac or iPhone.

In marketing terms, we would say this is completely newbie friendly, and to set up, you would simply copy and paste your text message into your online dashboard screen, create the changes you want and post to Facebook. That’s about it for the most part. There is a one-time payment of $24.97 for SociJam, and if you use other mediums, such as Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, and others, there is an upsell (upgrade) which will allow you to integrate with these social media platforms too. You can check it out here

Even if you may not be interested, please do go and check out the page as it is an excellent example of a sales funnel, taking from a lower priced product into a higher priced premium product. It is a marketing funnel through so the content and way it is being presenting is primarily for marketers. The SociJam funnel also has several pages, so be aware and conscious when you move through the funnel. Have an overview of your needs, looking through your master eyes and see clearly what resonates or meets your needs. I have also added some awesome bonuses to this purchase, and you will see the Bonus Link beneath the purchase details following your order. You can click here to view the page.

For the bonuses I have created an amazing 60 page affirmation and mandala colouring-in journal just for you, called Being Present, a 22 page Facebook Live Script and Marketing Planner, a List Building PDF, which explains in more depth the topic of building your elist and lastly, a Facebook Pixel Insert which can be added to your word press plug-in’s to track your Facebook ads and events. If you are not very techie, you can perhaps get a friend, your assistant, partner or your web master to set this up for you. It is a plug-in script you would add to your website with your Facebook Pixel ID –  here is a general link I found online for more information – https://www.jonloomer.com/2017/02/24/facebook-pixel/

I look forward to connecting again soon and will create a beautiful meditation this week taking you deeper into Divine Inspiration and guiding you into visualizing the creation of your own special offer and lead magnet. It is all about Hook – What is unique or attractive about your special offer. Story – personalized sharing and what soul-ution you have for this beautiful soul wanting to connect. And Sale – with the right special offer, you are creating a deepening field of abundance and prosperity consciousness whilst taking your service work into the next level of expansion. How amazing is that J

My last gift to you all is a series of 10 beautiful quotes called The Universe Wants You To Know plus another 10 Purpose and Passion quotes with beautiful watercolor backgrounds and images respectively. You can post these to Facebook with your new Facebook SocioJam texts, and you are welcome to The Universe Wants You To Know quotes as your Lead Magnet. Here is the download link – https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/YHJf4hExE7 

As you deepen into the stillness of your loving heart, and the wisdom of the higher mind all is revealed precious heart. And I am here with you every step of the way. With my many years of experience as a Spiritual Facilitator and walking the Path of Divine Love with you, I understand your Light work. My gift is essentially being Divinely Inspired all the time, and I look forward to assist you to shine your magnificent Light ever so brightly upon this sacred earth.

​To Your Success

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek