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The First Three Rays

What I wanted to share in this article is very much related to our personal and collective experiences of remembrance and awakening and imbalances that may occur along the way through an understanding of the first three rays. The rays can be described as vibrational frequencies of Divine Unfolding Light emanating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. They bring with them particular qualities, colors, and sonic vibrations that are integrated within our various energy bodies, and allow us to be conscious of ourselves as these magical Beings of Light. They further assist in the activation of the dormant DNA, and the awakening to our multidimensional memories.

Now, in our journey to earth, we come through predominately through the energy of one of the first three rays which remains as our signature ray throughout our Life, either the first ray of Will and Power, the second ray of Love/Wisdom or the third ray of Divine Intelligence. As the majority of Light workers come through with a predominant energy of the second ray of Love/Wisdom, I will start with this ray in the “awakening” process.

For many Light workers, working from the second ray of Love/Wisdom, their “awakening”, that moment of making the breakthrough into their multidimensional memories, of the veils being lifted and truly feeling and experiencing the Company of Heaven and a deep sense of Love for all Life is one of the most incredible experiences of Unity Consciousness – through your dedication and commitment to your Spiritual evolution, you have reached a point of being the “innocent child” again – loving all Life, laughing, being joyful and just seeing the positive in everything around you – this feeling of being deeply connected to God and others may only be a moment in time, it may be some months, it may even be some years, but occasionally there comes a time when disillusionment and/or depression set in. For often in this initial awakening, you are not yet in your power, you are still escaping your body or experiencing Soul fragmentation, and have not yet reclaimed your guardianship as a custodian to this planet. You may make bad business decisions, or find you are unable to manifest and create abundance in your Life, or will be taken advantage of, financially, emotionally and so on. Perhaps you want to spend most of your time meditating, chatting to your Angel friends, spending time alone and in nature; and these are all wonderful gifts you give yourself. However, there is a balance. For in rapidly developing your sensitivity and your natural clairaudient and clairsentient abilities for example, with no grounding on this physical three dimensional plane, you may develop an oversensitivity to people, to your environment and often to the world at large. You may feel you will be “contaminated” by others, and develop a “them and us” or more likely, a “me and them” attitude. For in your “perceived isolation”, you have often not connected with other Light workers, and can also feel very lonely and misunderstood. Or you feel other Light workers are contaminated too. Taken to its extreme, you could start to feel you need to “Live on Light”, as an example, imagining you need to completely purify your body to purify your Soul, and stop eating, develop compulsive-obsessive behavior, or become completely paranoid. ( I have no judgment against the “Living on Light” concept, but strongly believe we are here to enjoy our form side, enjoying food, making love, living in joy and experiencing the delights of the physical side to our nature). Or you may just oscillate between having good days and days where you feel completely depressed and/or disillusioned and struggle to get through the day – addictions, physical and Spiritual may also develop as well as judgments against yourself and others.

Now this may not be the experience of most Light workers but for some, some of these imbalances will be recognized. So, how do you create the necessary changes to integrate your Self within this dimension? For it is very easy to exist on the fifth dimension, or the mountains in the Himalayas, but to be around “the consciousness of the ordinary man” everyday, now that is a challenge.

What you need to do first, is reclaim your power. Get in touch with your masculine energy. Find your voice, and find your feet, so to speak. Speak up when you are upset or angry about something, voice your feelings and communicate clearing. Work with the energy of the first ray of Will and Power, Overlighted by Master El Morya. Being a Light Worker is not about being sweet and loving all the time. It is about expressing your Truth, and being the empowered warrior, while communicating from the heart.

Work with protection and grounding – Your sensitivity to people and energy in general is a double-edged sword. Regardless of whether or not this is one of your gifts, creating a bubble of protection around your energy field and shields of Light, will keep disharmonious energies outside of your energy field and is a very useful tool. Also grounding yourself into the energy of the earth, or imaging a vortex of Light below your energy field, or seeing strobes of Light connecting your energy to the energy of Mother Earth, is a way to feel grounded on this dimension. We have created a protection coning, which is a very powerful way to protect your energy field working with the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, Archangel Michael, the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ and St. Germain. (This protection coning is included later in this article). You may also like to consider “blowing roses”, a technique you can use in the evenings prior to going to sleep. Visualize a rose of any color of your choosing outside of your energy field, and fill it with the images of those you have seen that day. Allow the rose images to dissolve into a vortex of Light above your energy field.

Work with Soul retrieval meditations – Soul fragmentation occurs in each lifetime and also goes back into past lives/parallel realities, forming an energetic matrix around the energy field that you bring with you into each lifetime (as well as being stored at a cellular level). This template further contains parental and ancestral imprinting going back seven generations, as well as seven generations into the future. So often you continue to play out old contracts and negative patterns with family and friends, as this forms the basis of these karmic contracts. Usually too at these times of perceived trauma, you may also have made old Soul contracts of survival and you often perpetuate these patterns of survival in each lifetime, so it is important that you bring back these pieces of your Soul that have left and fragmented as they have been unable to deal with the incredible loss or pain experienced at specific times. If you do not bring back these fragmented Soul pieces, you will never truly be grounded and in the Now, and will often find yourself avoiding perceived confrontation or feel unable to deal with many of life’s perceived challenges as they will keep coming up for you until you change your patterns and false beliefs. And further to this, the loss of Soul pieces can also cause you to feel depressed or experience a lack of joy or Love and so on, in your life. Sometimes this Soul fragmentation can occur early in life, particularly if there was abuse as a child, whether physical, emotional, sexual and so on. Unable to deal with this trauma, the Soul fragments and the child escapes his or her body, so to speak. Also, for many people, realities in which they have been burnt at the stake, buried alive, killed by hanging, drowning, war, torture and so on, created vows of poverty, experienced betrayal by loved ones, parents and carers etc., creates Soul fragmentation. Often going back to these traumatic events and speaking to this Soul piece, letting it know it is safe with you in this Now, and asking it to please come and join you, is enough for this Soul piece to come back into your body and energy field. What is important too is canceling these old Soul contracts and making new ones based on Love and harmony and joy and so on. Once you have gone back through these timelines, which are connected through your Higher Self of the Light and extend backwards from this Now, as well as forwards into future probable and possible realities, you can call upon your future Higher Self of the Light to take you into the timeline of the best possible future for you. (I have included a basic meditation on this below).

Dense your frequency – now, many Light workers are trying to lift their frequency, and I am suggesting that you do the opposite – sometimes, when you accelerate your Spiritual growth to a level where you are unable to function within the “mass consciousness” of this planet, this dimension, you need to slow down. Eat animal protein if possible, watch TV occasionally, hang out with those having a different frequency to yourself and just relax and enjoy life. The key to understanding frequencies is not to feel you are being “contaminated” by others, but having the ability to experience a wide range of octaves within your own frequency, so you can understand others when you look through your Master eyes. For believe me, they are certainly not about to understand you, so you need to come down to their wavelength for that meeting, that moment in time, and make them feel that you are completely on their wavelength (more about frequencies another time).

Shift out of the “them and us” scenario – this only creates separation and a “lesser than and better than’ consciousness – we are all created Divinely equal, the only thing that differs is the level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness from one person to the next.

Recognize and remember you are here to uplift the consciousness of all Life, and the way to do this, is to be a custodian to this earth plane. Reclaim your birthright as a Master Being of Love and Light. Know that you are this incredible, deserving Being of Light with a Life purpose of Service in Love, to assist all Life to shift into Unity Consciousness, to assist all Life (within the Cosmic Law of Free Will) to ascend with this planet and to experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Know that you are a guardian to this earth plane, and that means being the nurturer and protector to this planet, and to all Life on this planet. What this means in essence, is that you never go into overwhelm with the energies of others, and while you may choose, with discernment, not to be around the energy of particular individuals or groups, you know that you are firmly anchored here, (as well as on the higher dimensions) through Service in Love.

Look through your Master eyes at all of Life around you. Become the observer and listener, and hold the nurturing energy of the Divine Mother principle – when you are expanded in Love, when you are in your power, and when you have the wisdom of the higher mind, you are unstoppable as a force of Light. You literally hear the orchestra of the Company of Heaven in your mind’s eye all the time, and you become the co-creator to the Company of Heaven. You understand too you have legions upon legions of Light around you all the time, assisting you from a personal and planetary perspective.

Focus on creating abundance manifestations in your Life. If you are reclaiming your power, you are half way there, and now you simply need to bring a focus to what it is you would like to create and hold that focus. Your buddies of the Light cannot assist you if you keep changing your mind, deciding one moment you would like to do this, another moment you would like to do that. You will never gather momentum in this way. Believe in yourself and the power of your manifestations and step out of any illusionary manifestations (like those perpetuated by “The Secret” for example) into a place of integrity and focus through Service in Love, and the Universe will give you back tenfold what you put forward. Doing nothing and imagining that the Universe is going to land you with the perfect job is unrealistic. You need to propel this energy through your actions in order to magnetize what you would like into your reality. And remember, the first few times, it may not be perfect – the Universe may present you with some “stop points” along the way, leading you to where you next need to go.

There is another type of patterning often perpetuated in the “awakening process” by some Souls who travel through on the third ray of Divine Intelligence – this is the Light worker who has a moment of “experiencing the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God” or a deep sense of Love for all Life. This person suddenly feels like they know much more than anyone else, and develops a sense of arrogance, of “lesser than and better than” consciousness and in men, this may also appear as the “Messiah complex”; feeling they need to “show their seeds” with as many women as possible who will be blessed by such an encounter with them – or workshop facilitators who sleep with their students. There are often many underlying power issues at work here in addition to the heart chakra being blocked. Addictions are very common, mostly smoking, drinking, recreational drugs and so on. Soul fragmentation is also very common. This Light worker may also feel drawn to experiencing amphetamines or similar drugs, which in turn can create portals to higher dimensions in which they leave aspects of their Soul consciousness and are not able to retrieve these aspects of themselves, or they make take chemical drugs or be drawn to rituals and magic, possibly exploring both the Light and the dark. These Light workers often struggle too in holding down jobs, changing jobs regularly and having abundance and financial issues. They are intellectually very gifted and often very creative. Also common here is the Light Worker who feels they need to tell you how many past life’s you have had together, where you may have meet in a previous incarnation, the things you did to them (usually you did something unpleasant to create a karmic connection) and so on. Often this is just the imaginings of a fine mind.

Work with clearing the emotional body – and general clearing work such as implant and entity clearing, the severing of fear and anger based etheric cords, the removal of the seals placed on the chakras, karmic clearing and so on.

Give up your addictions – easier said than done. But you have a choice, and you need to make it. There is not a single drug, natural or chemical, that will take you into experiencing the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God long term.

Open your heart to Love and find compassion for yourself and others– as the heart is often blocked, look at patterns in your Life that may have caused disillusionment or a build-up of anger and resentment in your Life. It is also common here to imagine that others have more than you, and to feel resentful of others. Rather appreciate everything that you have at this moment, and take some time everyday to connect to your heart – visualize a beautiful blue flame, coming through from the second ray of Love-Wisdom and Overlighted by Master Kuthumi. Let this flame of Love surround you and each cell in your body, while expanding your heart through the frequency of Love (invocations and affirmations to the second ray are below).

Feel the connection to your Higher Self of the Light and let this be your guiding Light rather than your negative ego. The nature of the negative ego is like that of a little child, running amuck and just doing whatever suits him or her, and also feeling that something bad is going to happen if someone else takes the reins (You, the Soul consciousness, and your Higher Light). You need to give the negative ego a name and chat to him/her and let this aspect of yourself know it is very safe and that nothing is going to happen to it (almost like dealing with a sub-personality aspect to yourself). Then connect your Higher Light with your negative ego and let them get to know each other. When you feel the negative ego starting to take over, breathe deep into the body, letting go of the fear, anger, perceived injustice and so on, and connect with these two aspects of yourself. You need to put your conscious awareness into this to be aware and vigilant of the negative ego.

Work with the Soul fragmentation meditation – (this meditation is included in this article).

The third type of experience pretty common to Light workers traveling primarily on the first ray of Will and Power is a feeling that they are getting no-where in their Spirituality, as they cannot see the outward results and may not yet be able to feel or sense their connection to the Company of Heaven or be able to channel their Guides, Angels etc. or have developed other gifts that they really wanted. These Light workers generally like to be in control, but needs to develop a sense of trust and surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God, and trusting in themselves and the Universe. The “workshop junkie” may also fall into this category, going from one workshop, one teaching to another, without any grounding, or without taking the time to assimilate the knowledge received. Power issues may also come into play here, particularly in personal relationships and the inability to trust your partner or people in general. The heart chakra may be blocked, and disillusionment and disheartenment are common. These Light workers may also carry a lot of the eco-warrior energy and can be confrontational when they perceive it to be necessary.

Trust your intuition – you are at the place that is perfect for you in this moment, and you need to simply slow down from your busy lifestyle, take time out for yourself and start to listen to your heart and not your head. Get into nature more and really start to live in the moment without worrying about tomorrow.

Know that we all have different gifts and that they all manifest differently – believe me, you have many incredible gifts. Some Light workers will be able to feel or sense their Guides, and others just need to trust in this process. Some Light workers may be able to channel and receive information from the realms of Illumined Truth and others just have to trust in themselves and the messages they receive through the books falling on their heads, the people they bump into that may mention a particular workshop for example, or a life changing experience they may have with another. These are all gifts; these are all ways that the Universe is talking to you.

Look at your issues of control or your inability to trust in your relationships – it is reflected into the Universe and the inability to trust the Universe and the gifts you may receive. Have a look at patterning that may go back into the early years of your Life, Father issues and inner child work.

Work with the third ray of Divine Intelligence and the second ray of Love-Wisdom. The third ray will assist you to lift the lower mind into the Mind of God and to experience the Illumination of the Higher Mind and to trust in the wisdom you receive and your own intuition. The second ray is a wonderful ray to work with through the energy of the heart and can take you into deep and powerful meditations (invocations and affirmations on these rays are detailed below).

Work with the DNA Reading and Clearing eBook – this is a very powerful tool to take you into past life/parallel realities and genetically inherited memories that are blocking you from moving forward. In this eBook, you are given the tools to see when these patterns may have been created as well as clearing the original Divine eight-cells and the related two strand DNA of these core memories.

Collectively, we are all in the place where we need to be at this moment, and the puzzle pieces are coming together more rapidly now. We are connecting more with each other, finding our Soul groups again, and working on this dimension and alternate realities and dimensions simultaneously. This is the nature to our multidimensionality through the understanding of being these precious Beings of Light, whether starseeds, Light workers or walk-ins. And the Universe always answers, always supports us and always gives us the direction and guidance we need; even when it seems like life is completely crazy or we are in an eternal moment in time where nothing seems to be happening. There is so much movement collectively and at a higher Light level, and this is gathering in momentum month after month. You, my sweet friends, have chosen to be here, to make a difference and to connect all Life in Love. Now, isn’t that a wonderful gift to give to yourself and others.

Soul fragmentation meditation

I have included a meditation for bringing back the Soul fragments from this and other realities using the seven main chakras in the body and the Overlighting of the seven main Archangels.

Get yourself into a comfortable and relaxed space and call in your Higher Light, your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge. You are now going to call upon the seven Archangels, their Divine feminine counterparts and their legion of wonderful Angels to assist you in retrieving the parts of your Soul that left in shock, in shame or pain, or perhaps just to have a different experience. You are going to invite those parts of you that left to come back and be part of you again. Be willing to Love and nurture those Soul parts of you that have fragmented so you may be complete and whole again. You are going to ask for the assistance of each Archangel and their Divine Counterpart to bring in their gifts of Love and Light, joy, warmth, compassion, humility and understanding, so that you may become these qualities and so that your Soul pieces that left may join you in this new Love and Light.

Now call upon Archangels Gabriel and Hope, Keepers of purity, joy, hope and discipline so you may fully embody these qualities.

Archangels Gabriel and Hope now reach out and touch the base of your spine, your base chakra, and as they do, you experience a lifting of any dark energy that fills this particular area. You see this base chakra area fill with Light and Love in a beautiful white ray, the symbolic color of Archangels Gabriel and Hope. Archangels Gabriel and Hope ask you to release all negative thoughts and feelings that you might have in this particular area, to give them up to the host of Angels that are working with Archangels Gabriel and Hope, to allow them to be transmuted into higher frequencies of Love and Light.

Feel the Love of Archangels Gabriel and Hope and their legion of Angels as they fill your base chakra with the qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline.

You see a beautiful white ray fill this area as your base chakra now starts to spin with your Love and the Love of the Archangels and Angels. All the Archangels and Angels are smiling and singing in the most beautiful way as they send you these rays of Love and Light, as they bring in these wonderful qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline in the white ray of Archangel Gabriel and his Divine feminine counterpart Hope.

Now ask that your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from your base chakra and did not want to belong come and join you. You are willing to Love this Soul piece and you let your Soul piece know that it is now in a loving and nurturing environment. Feel your fragmented Soul piece enter into your base chakra and in these high frequencies of Love and Light, in these qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline, your Soul piece becomes whole again. It has finally come home in the white ray of Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

Now focus on your sacral chakra, which is two to three inches below the navel. Feel the wonderful violet ray of Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst enter into the sacral centre.

Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst bring with them the qualities of freedom, compassion and forgiveness and you allow yourself to experience your compassion and your forgiveness. You feel an exquisite sense of lightness in your sacral centre as you allow yourself to release all negative belief systems or judgments from your sacral centre. You transmute all these lower energies into frequencies of Love and Light through the violet ray of Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, as you bring in the qualities of freedom, compassion, and forgiveness. You fill your sacral centre with Self Love and the Love of all the Archangels and Angels.

Ask that your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from your sacral chakra join you now. Tell your Soul piece that it is now safe and protected, that you will Love and cherish this Soul piece, this part of you that so desperately needs your Love, your Light. Your Soul piece that is missing from your sacral centre now joins you as you breathe deeply into this violet color and as you become the qualities of freedom, compassion and forgiveness. Welcome your Soul piece back to its rightful home in these wonderful qualities and frequencies of Love and Light.

Now bring your focus to your solar plexus centre, which is found two inches above your navel. You lightly feel this chakra being activated by Archangels Uriel and Aurora who bring the qualities of peace and service through a deep rich purple ray. Allow yourself to release all negative images that need to be released from this particular area. Feel exquisite Light and Love enter into your solar plexus centre as you reclaim these qualities of peace and service. Now ask your Soul piece that has left from this particular place to return. As your Soul piece returns, welcome it with open arms and feel the connection and strong ties that bind you together. You are feeling more complete and whole within yourself. You breathe a rich wonderful purple color into your solar plexus centre as you allow this piece of your Soul to experience your Higher Light in the qualities of peace and service, Love and Light.

Now you move up to the heart centre and focus on opening your heart centre to Love. Archangels Chamuel and Charity now activate this heart area with a wonderful pink ray and bring with them the qualities of Love, creativity and beauty. You welcome these wonderful qualities and this powerful feeling of Love as you open your heart in these frequencies of Love. Release all negative feelings of Self-loathing or non-acceptance that you might hold in your heart centre. You experience your richness, you feel your Love for yourself, your friends and family and finally for this entire planet. You feel a universal sense of Love.

As you bask in this beautiful Light and newfound Love, ask that your Soul piece that is missing from this area join you now in this communion of Love. Breathe deeply into the rich pink colour as you see your Soul piece enter into your heart centre as you open your heart centre in Love and to the magic of the Archangels and Angels and all of life around you. Allow yourself to be filled with Love, creativity and beauty for all of Life and for yourself.

You now move up to the throat chakra as Archangels Michael and Faith activate this point for you. Archangels Michael and Faith bring with them the qualities of power, faith and protection through a beautiful sky blue ray. You feel your vocal vitality and the knowledge that allows you to express yourself freely in Divine truth, for Archangels Michael and Faith bring with them the qualities of power, faith and protection.

Allow yourself to fully release all negativity that is harbored in this area. Now call out to your Soul piece that is missing from this area to come and join you, to experience your Higher Light, your Divine expression and Love through the qualities of power, faith and protection. You see or feel your fragmented Soul piece, the part belonging to these experiences, come back to you as you breathe in this beautiful sky blue ray. You embrace this part of your Soul that is rejoicing in this reunion with you as this wonderful Higher Light.

Now bring your attention to your third eye where you feel the light, soft and warm touch of Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary as they bring in a rich green ray. Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary bring with them the qualities of truth, abundance and healing and you feel these qualities moving through your third eye, becoming part of you.

Allow yourself to release all patterns and perceptions held in your third eye that no longer hold true for you as you now vibrate at a higher frequency. Feel the wonderful Love of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary as you breathe the rich green ray into this area. Ask your fragmented Soul piece that left this area to come back to where it is safe and protected, where it can experience the qualities of truth, abundance and healing. Your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from this area now returns on this wonderful green ray as you let this Soul piece know that you will look after it, Love it and nurture it.

Finally, bring your attention to your crown chakra at the top of your head. Archangels Jophiel and Constance activate this point and as they do they bring in a beautiful yellow ray and the qualities of wisdom, insight and understanding. The last part of your fragmented Soul that is missing now enters through your crown chakra on this beautiful yellow ray to become this Higher Light, to become part of you in your wisdom, insight and understanding.

You are feeling much more complete, much more whole now. You have brought your Soul fragments entirely back into your being and you now feel all parts of your Soul, all parts of yourself. You feel your Soul stir deep within your Soul Matrix, deep within your heart centre, as you open your heart centre to this wonderful feeling of Love. Welcome each part of your Soul that has come back to be with you as your Higher Light, in the frequencies of Love and Light.

And now, take a few minutes to cancel any old Soul contracts you might have, with yourself, family, friends or those people that you perceive have caused you pain. These contracts might be the belief that you have to experience pain and suffering in order to truly experience Love and compassion, or the belief that this is how you learn best or survival based contracts in which you felt you had no choice. These are old Soul contracts, and in this reality, you can choose to experience your lessons in Love and joy and harmony. See these old Soul contracts, one at a time, and see yourself signing this contract and another person signing this contract, if they are part of this contract. And now, take a big red rubber stamp with the word “cancelled” and just cancel these old Soul contracts, one at a time. Now tear up these old Soul contracts and see yourself burning them in a big bonfire. And now state aloud: I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation and all my incarnations across space and time and parallel realities, and all dimensions. And now, create new Soul contracts of Love and joy and abundance consciousness.

Now, just take the time to chat to these newly found Soul pieces of your Self and create a deeper bound of trust, Love and mutual support. What is important is also to change the way you perceive your reality, to ensure that these newly found Soul pieces do not fragment again. When you do this exercise, try to feel into the source of the “original wound”, mostly from parallel realities, as this will assist in shifting your Consciousness in this Now, and bring your awareness to some of the old patterns and false beliefs you may be perpetuating in this reality. And lastly, bring your focus to the steams of Light from your Higher Light connecting you the timelines of the best probably future for yourself. Ask your future Self of the Light to step forward and to make this connection with you to this future and to bring through the people and events that can take you into this destiny.

Now, thank the wonderful Archangels, their Divine feminine counterparts and their legion of Angels.


First Ray of Will and power

Ray Master: Chohan El Morya Overlighted by Archangels Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.

Key word: Empowerment

Qualities: Will-to-good, individuality, vitality, singleness of purpose and clear vision.

Color: Red

Chakra Center: Crown

Magical Images: Hermaphrodite. A mighty warrior on his chariot.

Archetypes: Addict, judge and warrior.

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Master El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, to bring through a beautiful red flame, and to surround my energy field in this dynamic red flame. I now request that Master El Morya anchor and activate the first ray qualities of will-to-good, individuality, vitality, singleness of purpose and clear vision through my crown chakra.

Invocation to the first ray of Will and Power

 I call upon the Chohan El Morya

To actualize the first ray of Will and Power,

And to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To the Ascension Seat in Shamballa.

To align my will to the Divine Will of God

And to guide me in my Sacred Contract.
I call upon the Chohan El Morya

To assist me with clear vision

And to imbue my energy field

With vitality and singleness of purpose.

As I surrender to the Divine,

As I trust in my Self and others,

As I open to receiving with clear boundaries,

As I take on the mantle of leadership through dynamic right action.
I Am a Master Being of Light

I Am All That I Am.

Affirmation: I am an empowered Being. I take back the power I have given to others and my sub-conscious mind, as I step into my own power, bringing with it self-worth, self-respect, dignity, honor, and the understanding of the Divine Equality of all Life. I call forth my Christed Overself of the Light to strengthen my will, and to give me courage as I step into a deeper level of trust, surrender, and union with the Divine. (Repeat three times).

Second Ray of Love-Wisdom

Ray Master: Chohan Kuthumi, Overlighted by Archangels Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim Apollo and Lumina.

Keyword: Love

Qualities: Strength, patience and endurance, intuition, clear intelligence, radiance and faithfulness.

Color: Blue

Chakra Center: Heart

Magical Images: Beautiful naked woman. Mighty crowned and throned king.

Archetypes: Beggar, magical/innocent child.

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Lord Kuthumi, Archangels Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim Apollo and Lumina, to surround me in a beautiful blue flame. I now request that Lord Kuthumi bring through the second ray qualities of strength, patience and endurance, intuition, clear intelligence, radiance and faithfulness, and anchor these qualities through my heart center.

 Invocation to the second ray of Love-Wisdom

I call upon the Chohan Kuthumi

To actualize the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

To take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To Lord Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber

Ascension Seat in the middle Earth,

And to activate the key codes of Ascension and Resurrection.
To allow me the experience of wholeness,

through Love, creativity, strength and intuition.

To experience the magic of Life

through the Flame of unconditional Love.

To become the magnificent precious Being of Love that I Am.
I open my Heart to my Self and others,

I surrender my Self to Love.

I Am unconditional Love

I Am Wisdom

I Am Light

I Am the magnificence of Creation through Service in Love.

Affirmation: I am a magical and loving Being of Light. I embrace myself and all Life through the Divine Flame of Love. I am compassionate, wise and creative. I am inspired by Life, and the Love for my Self and others. (Repeat three times).

Third ray of Divine Intelligence

Ray Master: Chohan Serapis Bey Overlighted by Archangels Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora.

Keyword: Wisdom through Knowledge.

Qualities: Mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear-mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience.

Color: Yellow

Chakra Center: Throat

Magical Images: A beautiful naked man, very strong. A child. A sacrificed god. A majestic king.

Archetype: Advocate

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Chohan Serapis Bey, Archangels Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora, to bring through a beautiful yellow ascension flame, and to surround my energy field in this beautiful yellow flame. I now request that Master Kuthumi anchor and activate the third ray qualities of mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear-mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience, through my throat chakra.

Invocation to the third ray of Divine Intelligence

I call forth Ascended Master Serapis Bey

To actualize the third ray of Divine Intelligence

And to surround me in his Ascension Acceleration Flame,

Clearing remnants of my negative ego,

And allowing me to experience the Wisdom of Mother/Father God.
I call forth Ascended Master Serapis Bey

To take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To his Ascension Retreat in Luxor, Egypt

To the Temple of the Ascension Flame,

So I may integrate my Highest Light

In the I Am Presence That I Am,

So I may become Wisdom, and Truth

And connect to the Higher Mind teachings through the realms of Illumined Truth.
In All That I Am

I Am Wisdom

I Am Truth

I Am a Divine Expression of God in embodiment.

Affirmation: I am a Light Beholden unto God. I am wisdom and Love, clear intelligence and creativity in action. I recognize the Divine Equality of all Life. I choose the Path of Service and Love. (Repeat three times).


Protection Coning

On this journey of Love and Light there are going to be challenges and times when you feel very vulnerable and disorientated as you release your blockages and clear your issues. During these periods, it is good to work within a protection coning. As the name implies, this is a coning offered by specific Light Beings to protect you within your environment and within your space from negative and foreign energy so you may work in a harmonious and loving environment.

For this protection coning the appropriate members are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ. You will also be including your Higher Self of the Light. As a free will zone, no other energies, unless specifically invited into this coning, will appear.

Let us now open a protection coning, as you allow yourself to be nurtured within this loving and protective environment

State your intent to open a protection coning

Ask to be connected to the appropriate coning members

Ask to be connected to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Ask to be connected to St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame

Visualize yourself stepping into a huge violet flame.

Ask to be connected to the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ

Visualize yourself surrounded in the white Light of the Christed One
Ask to be connected to Archangel Michael, Keeper of the Sword of Holy Truth

Visualize a “Sword of Holy Truth” and place this within your heart area.

You ask to be connected to your Higher Self of the Light

Wait a minute for the coning to be fully activated.

Make sure you are fully grounded and again surround yourself in your golden bubble of Light within two to three feet of your body in every direction. Place a wonderful rose outside of your golden bubble with the stem going deep down into Mother Earth.

In all of these conings, you call in your Higher Self of the Light. However, when you disconnect from a coning you do not disconnect from your Higher Self of the Light. You are only disconnecting your Higher Self of the Light from the other coning members within the coning.

You may repeat the following affirmation: I accept only Divine Love and Light. All else is illusionary and will not be allowed within my sacred space. I am centered, mindful and aware of my environment and the energies with which I choose to interact.

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