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This very sweet video showcases a range of activated charcoal products I created with my kids for their school market. It went so well that we are now selling two of these products, the Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Bags and Activated Charcoal Water Purifiers with Gemstones to raise funds to provide water purifiers to the previously disadvantaged communities and in particular the school children.

So please support our social community work by offering a donation or purchasing these products. All payments are processed through Sacred Life Foundation, our not-for-profit organization.


Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon, is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. The charcoal is “activated” by being exposed to very high temperatures in an airless environment. The high temperatures change its internal structure, reducing the size of its pores and increasing its surface area so that it is able to absorb over 500 times its weight in impurities. This black powder is made from wood, bamboo, nut shells, coconut shells, olive pits (hull and seed) or sawdust.

Activated charcoal shouldn’t be confused with charcoal briquettes that are used to light your braai. While both can be made from the same base materials, charcoal briquettes have not been “activated” at high temperatures. Moreover, they contain additional substances that are toxic to your body.

Top Uses for Activated Charcoal

1. Whitens Teeth ~ gently polishes enamel and removes stains on teeth.
2. Natural detoxifier ~ taken orally, alleviates gas and bloating and intestinal discomfort.
3. Water Filter ~ purifies and alkalises drinking water.
4. Skin Cleanser ~ acts as a magnet to remove impurities, oil and dirt, acne and blemishes.
5. Air purifier ~ remove smells and odours from clothes and shoes, bathrooms, kitchens, fridges, car, garage etc.
6. Heals Skin Irritations ~ drawing ointment for wounds as well as stings and thorns and insect bites.
7. Removes mould, mildew, bacteria and dampness from around the house.
8. Treats alcohol poisoning and helps prevent hangovers.
9. Emergency Poison Treatment ~ binds to a wide variety of drugs, reducing their effects.
10. Fruit and vegetable wash ~ pulls the chemical pesticides out of your non-organic produce.
11. Soil fertilizer ~ a natural soil fertilizer mulch sweetener, and insecticide for roses.


I Believe ~ Wellness Range

Our activated charcoal product range is produced from macadamia nut shells sourced locally.

Activated Charcoal Air Purifier Bags 150 grams ($18 with shipping)

Our activated charcoal air purifier bags are made with charcoal and natural hessian material, and are wonderful odor absorbers and dehumidifiers for the whole house.

Place a bag in the kitchen, fridge, freezer, clothes cupboard (reduced washing), in shoes or pet area, in gym bags and/or cars. Also works well for smoking areas, bathrooms and garages. Once a month put in the sun for five hours to reactivate. Each bag will last up to two years.

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Activated Charcoal Crystal Water Purifier 100 grams ($18 with shipping)

Ingredients: Activated charcoal pieces and gemstones.

The activated charcoal elements work as wonderful water purifiers, filtering out impurities such as chlorine and chloramine while mineralising the water with potassium and magnesium.

The gems and crystals in the charcoal water purifier add to your overall well-being. Placed in water, they create an energetic signature called a gem essence, which stabilizes the central nervous system and sensory system. Through the transfer of water, the subtle energies of the gemstones are absorbed by your body, giving you increased energy, as well as a sense of calmness and peace.

To use: – Boil for ten minutes in a pot of water to sterilize and activate. Place the activated charcoal crystal water purifier in a two litre jug of tap water and leave overnight. You can place in the fridge if you would like the water cold. It is ready for use after eight hours.

Re-sterilize and re-activate every two weeks. Your water purifier will last up to two months. When you are ready to dispose, keep the crystals for your water, they do not lose their energy, and place charcoal in garden beds as soil fertilizer. You can also place the gemstones in the water bowls of your animals.

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