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Readings with Anrita

Anrita offers Soul readings. Her gift as a Light weaver allows her to perceive the Light codes of potentiality within your energy field and she draws from these Light codes and blueprints whilst communicating with your Soul. These recorded readings are thirty or sixty minutes respectively – in the transmission, we start with a general energy reading and following this, an energy session or activation. This may be invocations, Light Body activations, Light code activations or a healing session, to name a few. Additionally, if you need guidance on a particular situation, Anrita will create the consultation around this. Prior to this, Anrita may also do an implant and entity clearing – the session may also include Spiritual counseling, psycho-energetic techniques, personalized  affirmations, invocations or any other energy work required. Additionally service work suggestions to deep into the next level of your Soul’s blossoming is also available.

One hour readings are $177 and half hour readings are $99. Readings take place on Skype or Zoom or over the phone (Anrita will phone you. She can call to landlines anywhere and mobile phones in the States, Canada and Singapore). All readings are recorded and you will receive a high quality Mp3 recording following your reading. If you are not able to commit to a particular time, Anrita can also do a reading without you being present.

Before you email Anrita to set up an appointment, please look at the times that it would suit you as Anrita is in Cape Town, South Africa. This means from Novemember to mid March, she is 7 hours ahead of EST (New York) and 10 hours ahead of PST (LA), on the time zone of GMT plus 2 (London is currently GMT during this time). Anrita does not generally consult on the weekends and the best time for her are 11am-12pm in the mornings and 4pm or 5pm in the afternoons (GMT plus 2) – this would be 7am PST, 8am to 12pm EST (New York) and 2pm or 3pm London/Lisbon (GMT). For Australia and New Zealand, Anrita will be available around 11am, which is generally 6pm-8pm in these respective time zones. If you are not available at any of these times, we will look to accommodate you but you must email Anrita first at [email protected]

If you can fit in with this schedule, and would still like to make an appointment, please click the below link to order your half hour or hour reading. Once you have made payment, email Anrita at [email protected] giving a couple of reading options that would suit you in terms of time as well as Skype or phone details. Anrita will then get back to you to confirm dates and times. There is a waiting period of about 2 to 3 weeks for all readings.


Readings with Anrita


For world times relative to Cape Town (GMT plus 2), please click here.


Dearest Anrita,

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and The Elders for such a magnificent and powerful reading/healing. This reading has been one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. The reading was filled with a powerful depth, wisdom, and love that has already inspired deep healing and meaningful insight. You hold the sacred space of the reading with a respect, compassion, and love that made me feel so very safe and honored. I now have a clearer vision of my soul purpose. Through your divine service I now have many exciting tools to explore so that I may continue to grow and learn.

I also express my deepest joy and gratitude to The Elders,  and the beautiful beings of love and light in the universe in holy service of Divine Love!

Wishing you unlimited blessings, joy, bliss, and Divine Love,



Dear Anrita,

I want to thank you deeply for your reading and healing. My whole spiritual evolution is beginning to speed up like the speed of Light. I am able to channel now. I started a blog page and channel Saint Germain, Melchizedek and the Dolphin Collective. I found my Twin Flame through channeling and telepathic connections. And this all thanks to you dear Anrita. Your reading opened my chakras and world, thank you so much. I am planning to have another reading again with you in the near future. Thank you and Love you.♥


Thank you so much beloved Anrita! Your gifts are profoundly touching and soul revealing. I definitely feel authenticity and clarity with your reading and look forward to working with you more…. sweet journeys to us all! namaste!


Dear Anrita

With complete love and appreciation I now wish to extend my gratitude for the wonderful reading which has answered and cleared so many aspects for me.

Love and Blessings



Dearest Anrita,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and the elders for the most inspiring and heart felt reading I have ever experienced.  I was in awe and most honored by the presence of all the light of beings, Ascended Masters and Archangels who came forward.  The elders have provided me with much to ponder upon.  I have a  better sense of  clearer direction and focus to move forward. I have already listened to the recording 3 times…now I have to take action so I don’t feel like I felt off the bandwagon.

Thank you so very much dear Anrita for all that you are.

May God shine his radiance light upon you and your love ones.  May you be blessed with Love, Joy, serenity, and Abundance throughout your journey.

Thank you so very much for paving the way for the rest of us.



Hi Anrita

I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading. I loved it. A couple of times during the session my third eye felt really tight and sort of heavy. And it happened again when I listened to the recording tonight.

Before you rang I sat down and wrote down what I wanted clarity on and I put down a few occupations and the last one I wrote was facilitator, which was strange because I have never written or thought of that before, so when you said facilitator I was kind of blown away.

Thanks again I’m so glad I was led to your site.


Dear Anrita,

Thank you from my core of my whole essence and human heart, for an incredible hour with you and the Elders and for you giving your gifts and high Love of being the highly sensitive Master of the Light You are.

The question for me during the reading, was what made my “heart sing”.

The virbration had a very profound effect on me and  filled me with such a deep love, trust and faith, made me belive. I belive this was the true healing and was the thing that made “my heart sing”.

It also feels great to be able to share how important tt was for me to connect and receive the confirmation of my Higher origin together with the star and soul family, among many gifts. This carried a certain vibration that have made me in a deeper sense of acceptance to being incarnated in my Human body here on Mother Earth and will strengthen and encourage me to have the courage to keep on shining and living the Light that I Am. This will further support me in filling up the space of yearning and manifest my passions and life purpose, which, was the core of my needs and quest from the Divine in this wonderful time with you.

I Love you.

Namaste Anrita.



I had a chance this afternoon to listen to the reading. Wow! It was great. I was very impressed, with awe, how you identified the beliefs that needed to be changed for me to help accelerate my awakening process.

I was also impressed by the overall spiritual processes you used to help facilitate relationship healing  and clearings for each one of my chakras.

Thank you again for your wonderful service and love you offer to those who desire to re-member to “Be” the loving, peaceful, creative, abundant and joyful beings that we innately are.

With much Love, Respect and Appreciation


Thank you so much Anrita

I have listened to my channelling session for the umpteenth time and I feel very blessed and grateful for having received this insight and wisdom at this  time in my life, as I was starting to wonder whether things would ever get better.  Thanks to insight received during my channelling session, I am feeling much more uplifted and inspired and have the faith that with higher guidance my life would be improving soon.

Lots of Love and Light


Hallo Anrita

My reading was done in a very gentle sensitive way, filled with much love and so very true. I find it very spiritual and have now listened  already 3 times as there is so much information, but every time I pour my heart out.

It is nice to know that “THEY” are always around and I just wish I had a much better connection to them.

Thanx once again for your time and a very special reading.  I am sure I will learn more every time I listen to it.

Much love and blessings


Additional Services offered by Anrita

Anrita also offers half hour readings at $77, from the Elders only, usually a half hour chakra clearing and scanning (including what your primary issues/blockages are within each chakra) or half hour facilitator consultations, or half hour marketing consultations, also $77. The marketing consultations will be around your business if within the Spiritual arena, and Anrita will offer advice on the best way to market your products. To book any of these sessions, please click here.