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Ascension Tools

The Angelic New Earth Templates

img In this special offer, we experience Angelic New Earth Template transmissions. These Templates are igniting and activating for us at this time as we deepen into the New Earth timelines of Divine Love, create new blueprints, accelerate into our Soul’s Forward Evolution and experience Soul embodiment as we walk the path of Love.

Angel Tools for Parents and Children

imgAngel Tools for Parents and Children, is a series of beautiful invocations and affirmations, Overlighted by the Archangels presented as Mp3 downloads, an eBook and Angel Affirmation Cards. There are many Angels who assist humanity, including our Guardian Angel, and they are all overseen by the Archangels. While the exact number of Archangels is beyond our knowing, there are seven primary Archangels who supervise and assist in different types of healing, communication and energy work with humanity. In many ways the Archangels are an extension of God, energetically speaking. They embody and carry incredible purity, power, love, divine will and grace as Master Healers and Teacher Angels, and are available to assist us all.

Teachings of the Eye of Horus

imgIn these beautiful transmissions, each one and a half to two hours in length, Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek come forward to invite us to experience the Temple teachings, also called the teachings of the Eye of Horus. As we draw upon the influence of the Kabbalah, the rays of Creation, Metatron's Cube, the Flower and Fruit of Life and geometric templating’s, the teachings of the Eye of Horus unveils hidden knowledge, taking us ever deeper into the merging timelines of Self-Mastery.

The Christed Heart Teachings

img The Christed Heart Teachings align us into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God as we walk the Pathway of Divine Love. Through activating the Petals of our Christed Heart, we ignite the Flame of Divine Love within ourselves. As we expand into the realms of Illumined Truth and the higher dimensional fields of Light, we draw upon our connection to the Star Councils who assist us to experience the New Earth matrix in the knowing that Love is All There Is.

Golden Age Transmissions of Light

img Beautiful channeled transmissions, each one and a half hours to two hours in length, taking you into an experiential understanding of the ascension teachings that Anrita shares thru the Elders, ancient celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek.  These Golden Age transmissions cover DNA Activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations, Inner Masculine and Feminine Rebalancing, Twin Flame Re-Unions, Atlanta and Lemurian Healings and Crystal frequency activations, Melchizedek Initiations of Light, Activating the Petals of the Christed Heart, Initiations of the Rose, Starseed Activations, 12 Light Body/I AM Avatar Blueprint Templates and so much more.

DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings AND Divine Ray Healing Facilitation Certified Course

imgThe DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings AND Divine Ray Healing Facilitation Certified Course is truly a wonderful way to effectively work with our 3D issues, judgments and negative beliefs as we embrace our full range of emotions and experience the 5D templatings, affirmations, and guided visualizations taking us ever deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. If you may be interested in this certified course, you will receive the following: The DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings eBook including all twelve guided visualizations as well as Mp3 downloads of these guided visualizations. The Divine Ray Healing Facilitation manual, including the Seven Divine Rays guided visualizations and the Mp3 downloads to these visualizations. Also included is a personalized certificate of completion.

The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program

img A Cosmic ascension journey through Service in Love, which gives us the opportunity to experience our Cosmic Heritage as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light. Through our unique relationship to the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, The MAT Program unveils the Mystery School teachings undertaken in Atlantis and ancient Egypt through the Eye of Horus. Based on an energy system of initiations, rays and the Kabbalah, and focused through nine dimensional levels, The MAT Program presents us with experiential techniques that may allow us to surpass any previous conscious understanding of our Highest Potential through the completion of our training as High Priests to the Order of Melchizedek.

The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program

img This ascension program, which has been co-created with the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and the Brotherhood of the Light, is experientially based and seeks to assist in the awakening process of Light workers and star seeded ones through all dimensions and realities as the Earth, and every atom and molecule on this plane move into their next evolutionary stage.  The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light have brought messages of Love, hope, inspiration, compassion, wisdom and humor to Humanity through their many Spiritual teachings.

Return to Original Innocence

img Return to Original Innocence is a series of twelve guided visualizations and related introductions, bringing together the encodings of Light from our twelve Higher Selves through the energy of different planets and stars, and tying them in with the twelve earthly rays and the six Cosmic Rays, Overlighted by the appropriate Planetary and Spiritual Hierarchy. These teachings, working with the Celestial Beings from On High and our twelve Higher Selves of the Light, bring together a deeper understanding of the rays, archetypes and magical images associated with the rays. Further to this, as we merge with each one of our twelve Higher Selves of the Light, we take on the appropriate key codes, and blueprint signatures of these magnificent Beings, and through this, Return to Original Innocence through the merging of our Beloved I Am Presence.

Ascended Master ESP Series

img A series of fourteen high quality recordings from the Ascended Master teleseminar teachings to further develop our own Ascended Master skills. With all the shifts occurring for each of us individually as well as collectively, we are truly stepping into the remembrance of our true nature as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in Self Mastery. And as we step into a deeper level of Self Mastery, we are able to develop our fifth dimensional gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, intuition, precognition, telepathy, bi-location, manifestation, teleportation and many others. These teachings give you the tools to assist you to develop these many gifts working with the energy of the rays Overlighted by the appropriate Co-Creative Council of Twelve, the archetypes, colors and primary quality to each ray.


img 2012: Creating Your Own Shift, summarizes THE BEST insights of thirty-seven of the world's most authoritative sources. It provides readers with a vast cross-section of information and perspectives on this initiation into a divinely ordained, new beginning for our world!

Light Body/Merkaba and DNA Activation

img The Activation and Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA is primarily about accessing our full multidimensional nature as a Cosmic Co-Creator to the Company of Heaven. Taking its blueprint from The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program (The MAT Program), which works on a system of nine dimensions and nine portals/wormholes, this program activates the dormant DNA and works interdimensionally in actualizing two DNA strands at a time through these wormholes, our multidimensional Selves, the earthly and Cosmic rays and a core group of Light Beings – as well as linking us to the appropriate axiatonal lines at each dimensional level.

Ray Teachings

img These teachings will assist you to understand your behavioral patterns and why you respond in a particular manner from a Soul perspective. The blueprint of the Soul and Monad (your Higher Light) is experienced through a signature of Light rays, a spectrum of sound and color frequencies that Overlight you, as well as being contained within your hologram and energy bodies and at a quantum/cellular level.

Transmissions by the Elders

img A series of transmissions by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek taking you into the Halls of Amenti, giving you an understanding of your Earth Star Mission, sacred geometry, Councils of Light and related Mystery School teachings. A lovely series of individual Mp3 recordings to deepen the remembrance of your Self as an Initiate of Light.

Arcturian Stargate Series

img The Arcturian Emissaries of the Light call this the Stargate series, or journey through the stargates and gateways of Light, as they assist in building the Light Body, the I Am Avatar blueprint and activating the twelve strand DNA through the crystalline grid and the stargates within and around the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid that link us in Cosmic Consciousness into the higher dimensions.

High Priesthood Training

img If you are drawn to work through your Beloved I Am Presence, as an initiate of Light, and wish to experience a more consciousness understanding of ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Mystery School Priesthood teachings through the Halls of Amenti while experiencing and remembering many wonderful Ascended Master Skills, then this program is for you.

BBS Radio Archives

img Join Gary & JoAnn Chambers and Anrita Melchizedek for this magical broadcast, in which you will experience DNA Activation downloads through a focus on the 11:11 Portal of Light and the magical DNA Activation music of Shapeshifter.

Telewebinar Programs and Trainings by Anrita

img A series of telewebinars hosted by Anrita Melchizedek on various programs. Programs include The Melchizedek World Service Facilitator Training, Ascended Master ESP Series and the Arcturian Stargate and the Unity Grid of Light transmissions, to name a few.