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Spiritual biography of Akhanon Johanan

Akhanon was born as Joao Campos in Coimbra, Portugal, growing up beside the Saint Claire and Saint Francis of Asisi monasteries, and being baptized as a Catholic next to the Saint Queen Elizabeth of Portugal memorial. Akhanon was raised in a neighborhood called Saint Claire until he was six years old.

Then, his family moved to another neighborhood, across the river Mondego, called Saint Anthony of Olivais, where he met the most amazing Italian friars from Asisi, wonderful people of love and compassion who made a strong impression on him.

At 12, he stopped going to the church and buying into an image of God as a punisher and a vision of humanity as being undeserving and separated from heaven, rather different than the energy he always felt when he called forth Mother/Father God, since he remembers existing.

So, during teenage years, he was more into science and, as an adult, he studied and worked in computer engineering, and later in marketing management, while living in Lisbon. At some point, he actually believed in the system, so to speak. Later he had to leave that professional life and the hostile environment of competition because his spiritual remembrance began and he didn’t want to keep being part of that system.

In 1998 he started to get back to spirituality, reading lots of books, studying subjects like astrology and the esoteric teachings of Master D.K. through A.B, and the late Dr. Joshua David Stone, amongst many others; practicing different kinds of meditation (active and passive) and exercises.

In 2000, he and his friends were blessed to start gathering at a very special house in a very sacred place called Ceissa. Even parties and informal gatherings turned into transformational journeys, with spontaneous kundalini activations and natural perceptions increasing.

In 2003, doing the unified chakra meditation that he had found in a book of Tony Stubs channeling Serapis, he had the revelation that his name is Akhanon and that he should keep it to himself at the time. Only later in 2010, the same voice told him to start using this name as a professional one, since Joao Campos was already associated with marketing and other activities that now seem to have occurred in a different life.

After several gatherings of people around spiritual and energetic activities and calling many teachers to share their wisdom in Ceissa, as well as attending many workshops and courses around Lisbon, he and an initial group of friends created “Ceissa school” in August 8th 2006 and a private website/community where they have shared their experiences, some resources, as well as keep promoting activities in Ceissa, Lisbon and several others regions of Portugal. And in 2010, Akhanon fulfilled his dream of living in Ceissa permanently, at which point the, “Ceissa school” began a new phase that continues until this time.

2006 was a real turning point, when his Light Body was activated from the 5th to the 7th dimensions, and his DNA activated using a Pleiadian method by Duane Henkel. The same year, he did the facilitators training that allowed him to do the same to others. At this time, he has activated more than 200 people. It was also in that year that Akhanon found the teachings of the Mahatma through Anrita Melchizedek in the internet, having acquired The Melchizedek Ambassador Training Program (The MAT Program) Mp3’s and workbook, program tapes and books, and continues to work with this comprehensive program, focusing on several challenges and gifts, as an excellent tool for spiritual development.

In 2007 Anrita Melchizedek came to Portugal to do her first Return to Original Innocence workshop. Later, she actually lived in Portugal and Akhanon  was lucky enough to attend several of her workshops, healing/activation sessions (such as DNA activation and actualization, personal reading), and facilitators training on Ray Reading, Ray Healing, Essence Making, Self Attunement and Axiatonal Alignment, besides others.

Since then he had studied and experienced several healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, and shamanism practices, learning ancient traditions from Hawaii, Europe, New Zealand and several American natives cultures.

Akhanon is currently a facilitator of The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation program, and does Ray Healing, Ray Readings, Self Attunement, Axiatonal Alignment and DNA Reading and Clearings in Portugal. He is available in person, over Skype or for workshops.

He also assists Anrita in her Portuguese translations of writings and invocations.

He likes singing, walking around in nature and having a good laugh.


For further details on Akhanon and Ceissa school

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