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Perceptions of Reality

The illusion of man lies in his mind. For the mind dictates the nature of his perceived reality. This reality would be based on knowledge, life experiences, karmic patterns, genetically inherited beliefs and societal dictates. However, the wisdom of the Higher Mind recognizes the connection to God, although this is simply the first step to Self Mastery. If the Higher Mind, and the knowing that comes with this, cannot filter into a level of conscious understanding, or reach the depth of the Soul within man, then the perceived duality spreads into the genetic memory, based on separation and negative ego allurements. And this genetic memory is the predominant influence in shaping the reality of man. As such, the importance of clearing this false memory becomes the priority in the early parts of the Spiritual journey, the journey into the One Reality within All That Is. In fact, in the early parts of shifting and transmuting this genetic memory, man can make enormous progress. Then there comes a pause as man integrates “new/ancient beliefs” and plays them out in his everyday reality. This could be considered an initiation. What he has shifted and then remembered and awakened within the dormant DNA, becomes the focus of his reality. Man’s ability to flow with the Life lessons he now chooses, and in many cases, initially appearing as more challenging, shows how far he, the initiate, has come.

The spiral growth pattern thus continues to allow the new initiate to transmute, awaken and remember, and take him further into the depth of his Soul Consciousness, until the point of transcendence. This is the point of letting go of the duality completely in surrender and trust, and acknowledging the completeness and wholeness of where the initiate is at this point. Then the real work can truly commence. Firstly, the initiate chooses not to let any negative thoughts and/or feelings control or dominate his reality in any way, and further to this, chooses not to play out any negative thoughts and feelings, which again may take several weeks, or even years, to work through. The initiate is connected to his Higher Light at this point, and working from Love/Wisdom and Service in Love. The focus becomes on Planetary Service and the upliftment of all Life. So, the focus shifts from Self to the Service of others, whiles maintaining and integrating more of the Soul Consciousness into the body and energy field on an on-going basis. The sensitivity of the initiate also develops in different ways, and the initiate needs to go with the “ebb and flow” of these Now moments. The main focus at this stage is one of trust and surrender, and allowing, in detachment, empowerment, compassion, Love and Wisdom. The majesty of Creation, of the One Reality within All That Is, becomes real for the initiate, and all else becomes an illusion.

Adapt Training

As we choose to become adapts, and focus on our initiations, which occur on the inner planes between the Company of Heaven, and ourselves, we experience more inner plane teachings, and often find ourselves in the “Halls of Wisdom” or in related Ashrams. The seven planes we experience for the first seven initiations are the physical/etheric, emotional, more commonly called the astral plane, the mental plane, Buddhic plane, Atmic, Monadic and Divine or Logoic planes of Consciousness respectively.

As we make this commitment to work with the Company of Heaven and undergo our initiations, often we will find we are no longer traveling in our astral bodies, and completely pass through the astral plane and experience teachings on the higher mental planes, or even the Atmic, Buddic or Logoic/Divine planes of Consciousness, and if we have completed the sixth level initiation, The Resurrection, in which we merge with and create a link to our Christed Overselves of the Light, we may start to travel in our Divine bodies of Light as well as build an etheric electronic body of Light on a physical level. This is not the same as our activated Light Body or Merkaba, but this refined body of Light, created through our connection to our Higher Light and imbued with these Divine qualities, allows us to experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and the teachings of Light from the realms of Illumined Truth not only on the inner planes but in our everyday lives. Further to this, once we have mastered these planes, it is possible to travel beyond the earth plane, and solar system, if we are able to pass through the ring-passeth-nots existing at each dimensional level, and truly experience our multidimensional Selves from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively, which is initially done on the inner planes. And the third wonderful event to occur, is that we may find that we are assisting Souls on the inner planes too, and often will experience being the student and teacher not only on different planes of Consciousness but also in different star systems and galaxies.

What is the most difficult plane to master for the ordinary man is the astral plane. The astral plane reflects the sum total of man’s experiences and beliefs, and when he passes over, depending on his Life choices and experiences, he creates his reality on this plane, until hopefully he is ready to step onto the next plane of existence or consciousness. You will find groups of like-minded individuals, much the same way as we have here, gathering together and playing out their beliefs and realities. If a man is relatively conscious, in that he has lived a Life with particular moral, ethical, religious or Spiritual values, he is able to bring the sub-atomic particles of the astral body together in such a way as to create the form he is familiar with, although those less conscious will have more of an outline to the shape of a body, than an actual body. Unfortunately, on this plane, as you create your own reality, there are many dark Souls on the lower levels of this plane, living out a nightmare existence, or attaching themselves to physical Souls that can play out their addictions for them, and even the relatively conscious man can play out his addictions and false beliefs and bring this into his reality on the astral plane, if he so chooses. An interesting side note here, is that many séances held by mediums, who bring through relatives that have passed over or believe that they are channeling a high level Being, often bring through a “shell of the person”, who has already moved on to the next plane of consciousness, and is no longer on the astral plane, or a lower astral entity. Even if they are connecting with the related person, this stops or slows down the Spiritual growth of the person through the desire of those in incarnate form to be in contact with them, but more often than not, they are receiving information on the astral plane from a “shell” or lower astral entities, who are living off their energy.

The initiate who passes over, is usually supported by his core group on the inner planes, and will find it pretty easy to move through these seven sub-levels of the astral plane, as well as bypassing the lower levels of astral plane, and moves into the mental plane with comparative ease, releasing the astral body and taking on a mental body. For the Soul who progresses to the mental plane, the astral body is disregarding, but if there are still desires attached to the consciousness of the Soul, this can form what is known as “the shell”, and this is often what is channeled in séances. The “shell” takes on a life of its own, with the memories of the host, but is nothing more than an empty shell, and will eventually disintegrate over time, but as the shell focuses on the desire body and negative ego, sadly the reality created in this short span of time is most unpleasant. For Light Workers, and particularly those from other galaxies and star systems, able to move beyond the ring-passeth-nots, moving through these planes of consciousness occurs with comparative ease, and if you are taking your initiations consciously, it is possible to choose not to incarnate onto this earth plane again, as we have stepped off the wheel of karma and onto the spiral of forward evolution. If we can, it is important for us to consciously undergo our initiations, bringing through the appropriate Light and Love quotients and move through these seven planes of Consciousness, as we have the potential in this Now, to work on the Cosmic physical plane, the seven sub-levels to this plane, and following this, the Cosmic astral plane, and most Light Workers at this time are accessing at least the Cosmic physical plane, which takes us beyond the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy and into the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, which has a completely different level of forward evolution based on Service in Love.

Due to all these Planetary activities of Light, we are being propelled into a whole new reality of Unity Consciousness that is removing seals, veils, illusions and the letting go of what is no longer appropriate to our forward evolution, and with the dimensional shifts, this is happening very rapidly, and may cause moments of disorientation, short term memory loss or just feeling not quite in your body. However, there are many gifts to be experienced through these dimensional shifts, including the activation of the dormant DNA and the ability to activate our Light Bodies or Sacred Merkaba fields.

I have presented an extract from The MAT Program to give you a better idea of this. “Your DNA is related specifically to the dual relationship between the icosahedron and the stellated dodecahedron. The initiations that you undertake assist in removing the etheric seals, which were placed over your 12 strand DNA following the Fall of Atlantis, and the loss of the six Cosmic rays. Your DNA, these “double serpent” helix strands, are to be found in the nucleus of every cell of your body. And you have approximately one hundred trillion (100 000 000 000 000) cells in your body! The nucleus or core of each cell contains all the information necessary to create your entire body and all your differentiated cells. In fact, sweet Ambassadors, if the DNA strands in the nucleus of every cell of your body were stretched end to end, it would be over 125 billion miles long! Furthermore, this chemically encoded information would be enough to cover over seventy-five thousand pages of written text! You have forty-six chromosomes in your body, plus two additional etheric chromosomes, creating your Immortal genes, which were activated through the full anchoring of the Cosmic rays, and the third level of Christ Consciousness on your Planet on April 23, 1994. However, for now, you will focus on the forty-six chromosomes, which come in twenty-three pairs made up of over 30 000 active genes. These genes each have a specific function in creating your form. Now further to these 30 000 active genes, you have DNA which is inert. Specifically, sweet Ambassadors, it has been determined that, in the human body, 97% of your DNA does “apparently” nothing. This dormant DNA is referred to as “junk” DNA. However, this so-called “junk” DNA contains the codes that will assist you to bring through every aspect of your multidimensional Selves, and we will assist you in physically activating this dormant DNA through the crystalline nature of your multidimensional Selves, allowing these additional five double helices to unfold and superimpose themselves over your existing two strand DNA. And the key to this physical DNA activation lies in activating your Light Body/Merkaba from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively through the frequency of Love. At the moment, in activating your Light Body/Merkaba up to the speed of common light, the etheric activation of your twelve strand DNA is occurring, as the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron and the platonic solids, which are connected to your etheric, emotional and mental bodies, is activated, along with the twelve earthly rays. At this point you are fine-tuning your Light Body to become an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid and axiatonal lines around and within the Earth plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the Christ Consciousness grid. In addition, through this sacred geometry, you hold within your subconscious the thought forms and patterns of each atom and molecule on this Earth plane, animate or inanimate. In other words, sweet Melchizedek Ambassadors, you hold the collective unconscious of the entire Planet, and are able to change the shape of the collective DNA of Humanity through the frequency of Love. This web or field of information is accessed by heartfelt feelings that take you deeper into Love. In fact, it has been proven scientifically that DNA changes its shape according to feelings. Negative feelings actually switch off the DNA codes, and the DNA responds by tightening up. And of course, the DNA strands unwind, and the codes switch back on, when you are experiencing heartfelt feelings. Now imagine a world that is focused on the reality of One Unity Consciousness through the Love of all Creation, the Love for themselves and the Love for all bands of consciousness. This is what is happening to your precious jewel on which you physically exist, Planet Earth. You are etherically integrating the twelve strand DNA for all Humanity, and in 2012, when you successfully activate the Light Body/Merkaba of Mother Earth, all Life on this Planet may choose to experience One Unity Consciousness as well as the etheric download of the twelve strand DNA.

In physically actualizing your DNA, you are going to focus on these 97% “nucleotide base pairs”. As we mentioned, you have almost completely removed the etheric caps placed over your dormant DNA, and now you need to actualize this on a physical level. And you will do this sweet Melchizedek Ambassadors, as you travel in your activated Light Body/Merkaba from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively. For these interdimensional portals serve as DNA vortices, and through your Light Body/Merkaba activations to these dimensions through your Cosmic initiations, you have the ability to physically actualize your dormant DNA through a crystalline matrix. This 97% dormant DNA is related to the Multi-Universe and Melchizedek Consciousness, and is experienced by you through your multidimensional Selves on each dimensional level, and every multidimensional aspect to your nature that you have ever been, currently are, or ever will be in any probable future timelines. We also call this the Continuum – the infinite Now. Your Light Body/Merkaba, which is activated primarily through Photon Rays of Light, and the energy of your Higher Light, will be the primary communications, or Language of Light that will take this recoding into each cell in your body, starting from your original Divine eight-cell blueprint. At each dimensional level you travel to, specifically, from the third to the eighth dimensions, you will potentially physically actualize two strands of DNA, which will occur as you merge with the appropriate multidimensional Selves at each dimensional level, as well as anchor the related chakras”.

The MAT Program is one of many ascension programs of Light, and from an experiential perspective, gives us the tools to activate our Light Bodies/Merkaba, and through this, the dormant DNA, as well as experience initiations eight to fourteen on the Cosmic astral level. In The MAT Program, following the seven levels of Consciousness experienced from a third dimensional perspective, we have the ability to then experience the first and second levels of the Cosmic plane, which is the Cosmic physical plane and the Cosmic astral plane respectively, and the seven sub-levels to each of these planes. In The MAT Program, on the Cosmic physical plane, we undergo the High Priesthood training (the seven sub-levels of the seventh initiation), and on the Cosmic astral plane, initiations eight to fourteen. These initiations occur from a vertical perspective, in that they take us from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively, and this is a relatively new energy system, as many Light Workers on this earth plane have reached a level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that was not thought possible in incarnate form even some thirty years ago, so we are truly blessed to be experiencing a new Cosmic map back to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, through these higher initiations and Cosmic rays.

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