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Precious hearts,

As we move into the new beginnings of 2017, I wanted to share with you a personal update on my story regarding the abduction and return of my children, and how we are all doing at this time.

As I have shared in my previous mailings, my two boys, Ben and Caelin, were abducted by my ex-husband in August 2012 and taken to Portugal without my consent or knowledge. Although the South African High Court ordered the boys to be returned to South Africa at that time, it was to take another three years before I was “awarded” the boys by the Children’s Court in Portugal. In late June 2015, I returned to South Africa with the boys, then aged 7 and 6 respectively.

It was both a very challenging and transformation period of my life, in complete surrender to the Divine, while being completely heartbroken at the “temporary separation” of the boys. I knew that I would get them back, and I knew the highest outcome would prevail, but I just not know it would take so long.

It was initially a difficult time once they returned home, as we came to heal our relationship. Understandable, the boys were working with their own emotional issues, with my eldest son Ben expressing himself in anger and my youngest Caelin being both sad and angry at times. I did a lot of energetic work with the boys, working with etheric medical teams, a good vitamin range, as well as flower and gem essences, and still continue to do so. At this time, they are emotionally stable, sporty, bright and healthy kids, although they still experience outbursts of anger at times. They attend a good private school, and as I work from home, I get to spend quality time with them. We do “our” homework early evening, read, and chat about the day. And as they get ready for bed, I lie with them, tickle their backs, and connect them into the Cities of Light, calling in many of the Illumined of Light from On High. They have also inspired me to create a series of Archangelic invocations and affirmations for children, which I hope to complete by the end of this year.

Caelin, my youngest, displays many of my gifts, is very energetically sensitive and has amazing healing energy. Ben now 9, is very strong willed, artistic and creative, and both boys like to draw for hours at a time. Lately have been creating their own superhero cards which they play with, although I have yet to understand their point system, and what each superhero represents. I am however finding a new joy in our relationship and feel truly blessed to be a guardian to these beautiful boys. They have taught me to be infinitely patience, and taken me deeper into Divine unconditional Love.

We have not heard from their Dad since the boys returned to South Africa. I called him a couple of times on their return, but that was the last contact we had with him. My lawyers drafted a parental agreement in early January which would allow him to chat to the boys regularly and come to visit them, but he never responded to this agreement. And on June 30th 2016, the Cape Town Children’s Court granted me sole custody of the boys, terminating the rights and responsibilities of their father.

The highest outcome has prevailed, and while it was indeed a relief for me, coming to the end of this chapter in my Life, I was sad for the boys. When they ask about their Dad or talk about Portugal, I say: “know that your Dad loves you very much. He has a problem with me, not you, which is why he has not been in contact. Keep his Love within your heart, and remember all the good times you shared with him”.

Between the numerous ascension symptoms, and many challenges we have each volunteered for at a Higher Light level as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love in creating the paths of Divine Love for ourselves and others, it has not always been an easy or gracious time. As our Light frequency amplifies and we become more sensitive and energetically attuned, not only are we moving into the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light, but we are further clearing energetically and physically for this sacred earth, as we create the Pathways of Divine Love.

We are all very brave and courageous Souls, and the changes that we have each had to make individually and collectively have amplified to a point where we are embracing every sub-personality aspect of ourselves within our Christed Heart that have forgotten that they are Love. I am sure many of you can truly feel and sense the energetic shifts that are occurring, taking us deeper into alignment with the Divine, as we release judgment, take a leap of faith, trusting and surrendering to the Divine, and trusting and surrendering to Life.

As you aware too, these energetic shifts can also create additional tension and stress upon the physical body and central nervous system. Sensory overload is common, as well as ill-health and dis-comfort at a physical level as we “re-wire” into the higher dimensional frequencies and New Earth Templates and I myself experienced this in 2016.

For around the first six months of 2016, I experienced numerous flu-like symptoms, swollen glands, a great sense of lethargy and moments of increased brain fog. I upped my intake of immune boosters such as olive leaf, super green energy, probiotics and mega doses of vitamin C, as well as ensuring my diet was more aligned to the energetic frequencies of my own body; cutting out diary and moving into a more vegan diet and lifestyle and got super creative in the kitchen at one time. I also started taking flower and gem essences, and ray oils that I had personally created, whilst also working more regularly with the etheric medical teams. The etheric medical teams are pretty amazing, and I have been working with them for around 20 years plus. You can invoke this core group by calling upon the Pleiadian and Sirian Psychic Surgeons, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, Pan and your Higher Self of the Light.

In March 2016, I went for blood tests and found out I had the Epstein Barr virus. Although I had deeply surrendered to this journey with my children and ex-husband, and had chosen this challenge or perhaps rather, initiation, at a Higher Light level, the energetic stress had taken its toll on my physical body. It was at this time, I was guided to look around for quantum biofeedback frequency devices that could further support my body.

I also worked with some wonderful herbal products and nowadays focus primarily on having a good diet, good exercise routine (I like Nia and Tai Chi), a daily meditation and drink crystal energized water every day to stabilize the sensory and central nervous system as an empath. This is also a very simple one you can do for yourself and your children. Dowse for crystals, or choose crystals such as quartz, rose quartz and amethyst, and place them within a jug of water. I also do a water invocation at this time, blessing the water, and add usually a sprig of mint leaves and lemon juice. Although I have my days, as we all do, feeling energetically quite tired with all the planetary energies and busyness of Life, I just surrender to what I can do each day.

I have found it important in my own balance as a Light worker and single mom, to really bring a focus to creating the time for what makes me feel good, so I can move through the day in a graceful flow and appreciation of each Now moment. For most of the time, I am able to find a balance by prioritizing what is important and what brings me joy, while trusting fully in the abundance of the universe without the need to know exactly what is coming next. I know each one of you precious hearts is experiencing this too within your daily lives. The abounding synchronicities, the sense of the flow that there is a Divine Plan of which we are all part of, as we connect deeper into the Unity Grid and our own Christed Hearts. The flow of Divine Love that gives us the sense of deep trust in the universe, and the knowing that no matter what happens, we can embrace it within our loving hearts. There is a purpose to our beingness, and the Star Councils let us know how greatly we are appreciated, celebrated and deeply loved.

This journey has deepened my gifts of empathy and knowing and allowed me to truly forgive and let go of blame. It has taken me deeper into my Christed Heart, amplified through the connection to my Beloved I Am Presence and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. And while I would never choose to experience this again, it has indeed shown me that All Is Love through loving all that arises, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, and through trusting and surrendering to the Divine.

For the last couple of months, I have been seeing numbers all the time. 1:11, 11:22, 22;22, 3:33, 4:44, and so on. This is related to the shift in our collective consciousness that is taking us together as the I Am Avatar Race into the next level of our Soul’s forward evolution. Those of us awake as the way showers and starseeded ones, have experienced through the Unity Grid our interconnectivity through the rays of Light, the geometries, numerologies, star ki codes, sound frequencies and other templating’s of this Golden Age. There is a sense of completion of the old, and stepping into a new beginning. And for those of us that have experienced challenging timelines, there is a deeper knowing that these are initiations of Light, and we can now flow into 2017 in grace, and peace, and Love and harmony. All is well. All is well.

I also wanted to thank each one of you precious hearts, for your support and Love and friendship over the years. I am so very grateful to have you in my life, so very appreciative of you as together we walk the Path of Divine Love as One Unified Cosmic Heart. You are my family of Light, and the support and Love I feel amplifies and expands a thousand fold from my heart to yours, and to the Cosmic Heart of all creation.

I too am looking forward to what 2017 brings for us, as we move deeper into our Christed Hearts as these beautiful precious sacred flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light.

Thank you so much for being in my Life. I Love you, I appreciate you, and I celebrate you.

Blessings and much Love

Anrita Melchizedek