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Light Body/Merkaba and DNA Activation

The 19 Breath Light Body/Merkaba Activation

This is a series of four meditations/visualizations (Mp3’s), an intro plus a pranic breathing tool – the first nineteen breath Light Body/Merkaba activation is for the beginner and works without the sacred geometries to just get a sense of the breaths, dimensions and the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron; this activation further links you into the Christ Consciousness grid, and brings through the appropriate axiatonal lines, as well as activating the dormant DNA related to your multidimensional Selves.

The second nineteen breath Light Body/Merkaba activation is for those of you that have worked with The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program, or the teachings of the Elders and in particular the Light Body/Merkaba and sacred geometries transmissions. This second Light Body/Merkaba activation works with the sacred geometries of the platonic solids, and the star tetrahedron, and as these sacred geometries are already anchored and activated within the energy field and hologram, it is appropriate to work with this Light Body/Merkaba activation.

The third Light Body/Merkaba activation is how I visualize activating my Light Body/Merkaba and once you are familiar with exactly how the Light Body/Merkaba is activated, you may like to try this activation, which is more in tune with the breath and an easy way to visualize the geometries. This Light Body/Merkaba activation further connects you in Cosmic Consciousness awareness to all nine dimensions.

The last in the series of these meditations focuses on the activation of the Light Body/Merkaba of Mother Earth, and Planetary Light Work.

A pranic breathing tool is included in this zipped folder, so you can focus on the breath count to seven, hold to five and out to seven. A very useful device.

Combined Mp3 downloads 77 minutes – Cost $27 (approximatley €18 euros) – Click here to order

For the written copy to these Light Body/Merkaba activations, please click here.

For The Light Body/Merkaba eBook, please click here.

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The Activation and Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA

The Activation and Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA is primarily about accessing our full multidimensional nature as a Cosmic Co-Creator to the Company of Heaven. Taking its blueprint from The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program (The MAT Program), which works on a system of nine dimensions and nine portals/wormholes, this program activates the dormant DNA and works interdimensionally in actualizing two DNA strands at a time through these wormholes, our multidimensional Selves, the earthly and Cosmic rays and a core group of Light Beings – as well as linking us to the appropriate axiatonal lines at each dimensional level.

In this system of energy, we activate as well as actualize the DNA, working with the following interdimensional map. The third dimension is connected to Earth, the fourth dimension to the Sun, the fifth dimension to the Pleiades, the sixth dimension to Sirius, the seventh dimension to Andromeda, the eighth dimension to Orion and the ninth dimension to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

The Mp3’s follow the format of the eBook and are divided into two sessions – the DNA Activation Session and the DNA Actualization Session. Please note that it is advisable to read this manual first if you are going to be working the Mp3’s – and for the DNA Actualization process, you must look to actualize the axiatonal lines through the related visuals provided in the eBook.

Activation of the 12 Strand DNA

The DNA Activation process works through anchoring and activating the first twelve rays and the related sacred geometries and downloading the appropriate chakras whilst building seven multidimensional bodies of Light, which will allow us to travel interdimensionally in Soul Consciousness through the related portals. The preliminary groundwork in the DNA Activation includes the removal of etheric crystalline regulators, implant and entity clearing and the canceling of any karmic contracts or negative vows.

Background music Mike Hammer/Yahoel – www.michaelhammer.com

Mp3 download 75 minutes – Cost $27 (approximatley €18 euros) – Click here to order

Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA

The DNA Actualization works through activating the axiatonal lines dimensionally from the third to the eighth dimensions respectively, downloading the related chakras at each dimensional level as well as merging with our multidimensional Selves. The axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridian lines and connect into twelve spin points of sound and color frequencies found along each meridian line. The activation of these 144 spin points at each dimensional level creates the appropriate sound and color frequencies necessary to actualize the DNA as well as connect us to our multidimensional Selves. Additional, the chakras start to merge in One unified column of Light and a deep sense of interconnectiveness and unconditional Love is often experienced. The final actualization of the twelve strand DNA is done through activating the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

The Activation and Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA program eBook is written in the format of a facilitator and client activation manual and is divided into two sections (sessions), so you will be able to do the DNA activations on yourself or facilitate this process for friends and family. Each session is approximately one and a half hours in length and it is advisable to do these sessions separately to achieve maximum benefit.

To view details on this eBook, please click here.

Background music Mike Hammer/Yahoel –www.michaelhammer.com

Mp3 download 85 minutes – Cost $27 (approximatley €18 euros) – Click here to order


Soul Connections

Whether you have lost a loved one, partner, parent or child, either though natural causes or through more tragic events such as suicide, drug overdose, accidents, war or other tragedies, this guided visualization assists you to understand these Soul contracts as well as make an energetic connection to this Soul. Primarily in the events of tragic or traumatic events it is important to understand that this person choose this event. Also, the Company of Heaven assists you through compassion and Love to understand these seemingly tragic events and the passing over of family and friends. You are further given an understanding of the various schools of learning and Chambers of Healing available to these Souls.

You are taken into Nirvana upon the wings of Love, into the many mansions of God within the realms of Illumined Truth, to experience re-union with friends and family that have passed over, as well as your loved one, the Soul that you are wanting to connect with at this time.

And now, just allow yourself to experience this sacred reunion in Love and joy, Overlighted by the Company of Heaven, your Higher Light and the Higher Light of this Soul.

Background music Mike Hammer/Yahoel – www.michaelhammer.com

Time: 29 minutes – Cost $9 (approximatley €6 euros) – Click here to order.


Chambers of Light

Chambers of Light are three dimensional rectangular grids of Light brought in by the Company of Heaven in order to assist in the recalibration of the body, energy field and hologram. Depending on the Chamber of Light, you have the opportunity to work from a Spiritual, mental or emotional perspective. The Chambers of Light include integrating the Soul Consciousness aspects to yourself, downloading various disciplines for your Spiritual advancement, healing the deepest levels of your being, and the pain of separation from the splitting from your Twin Flame. Other Chambers will assist you to find emotional balance, activate the DNA, lift your frequency to the appropriate Light energy frequencies and sound vibrations that will connect you to the Great Central Sun and shift the negative thoughts and false beliefs of the sub-consciousness mind, to name a few.

These Chambers of Light are activated through calling upon the various Beings of Light that bring them in, and lying or sitting within this grid for up to half an hour. Regular use of these various Light Chambers will bring about acceleration in your forward evolution and changes within your energy field and hologram.

You will feel much clearer and more focused, as the sub-atomic particles in the body spin faster in Light and the DNA unravels its crystalline structure to absorb more Light.

This Mp3 follows primarily the format in the related eBook – For details on the Chambers of Light eBook, please click here

Background music Mike Hammer/Yahoel – www.michaelhammer.com

Mp3 download 56 minutes – Cost $9 (approximately €6) – Click here to order

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