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July 2013 ~ Sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom

The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, in this sacred month of July, as you experience the sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, your god-parents and the Solar Logii for this solar system. Sweet ones, when we talk about wisdom we are talking about Ancient Wisdom and the wisdom that you hold within yourselves; and through this, your connection to the many Masters of Wisdom, as you follow this path of Light through the Christed Timelines, in this Golden Age of Light. As you connect to the Legions of Light, sweet ones, you are imbued by the Divine Creator Rays and the Overlighting of the Ascended Masters, the Christed ETs and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, who walk beside you and next to you and behind you, ever guiding you upwards into the Light. And many of these Masters of Wisdom, sweet ones, who are in discarnate form, themselves passed through the lower planes and experienced Initiations of Light in both self-knowledge, and self-sacrifice, and through this it came to pass that they came together to form this great Brotherhood of the Light. And this is what you are on the lower dimensions and on this earth-plane in particular, sweet ones. You are the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Light. And from the center of Light this sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom, Overlighted by the Planetary and Spiritual hierarchy, burns within your hearts as the way showers, Light workers, and star seeded ones, dedicated to serving the lower worlds, dedicated to serving Mother Earth and all Life; and imbued by the energy of the sacred Rays of Creation, and the knowing that you are here as these Flames of Divine Love, you sweet ones, make your passage through these Rays of Creation, once again becoming members to the Brotherhood of the Light, and to the Great White Lodge.

As you choose to incarnate and take on your pre-birth agreements with your earthly family, and your soul family, and your star families, you move in to this solar system through the energy of the solar core and Sun, Overlighted by Helios and Vesta, and into this solar system and onto this earth plane, through the Creator Rays of Will and Power, Love and Wisdom, or Divine Intelligence respectively; and indeed as you are aware, sweet ones, it is the integration of these first three rays that create this three-fold Flame of Empowerment, of Love, and Wisdom. And as you travel as the Masters in human form, you move firstly along the timelines of the karmic contracts. Of the timelines in which you have experienced the lessons that have created the deepest challenges for you, and in some cases are still being experienced through the victim and persecutor consciousness. And when you understand these earthly agreements formed at a soul level with the many souls that you have played out the victim and persecutor consciousness roles in parallel realities with, once again as you come into forgiveness and Love you make a deeper connection into your soul families of the Light, into this core group of twelve soul-rays of which you are one, Overlighted by your Higher Self of the Light. And within this you start to magnetize and attract those that you learn your lessons with simply in Love. It is the experience of this, sweet ones, that attracts to you great friendships or soul mates. For of course you are already Love, but the particular lessons that you have had to experience to know yourself as Love have indeed been your greatest Initiations of Light. To experience the polarity on this earth-plane, and to embrace both the shadow and the Light has amplified the Flame of Divine Love within your hearts and within the hearts of others as you understand these lessons, as you come into Love, into forgiveness, into appreciation, honoring of yourselves and others. Additionally, sweet ones, you start to bring a deeper focus to the contracts with the star-families of the Light through the core group of 144 souls, of which you are one, Overlighted by your Beloved I AM Presence. It is this star lineage that activates through the original divine eight-cell blueprint, too, to take you into deeper levels of your service work. To take you into deeper understandings of your soul purpose, of your passion, and to bring together the core groups that you can work with, sweet ones, on this earth-plane, in creating your own Lodges of Light, your own Ashrams.

Through this three-fold flame of Power, Love, and Wisdom, you further travel as you lift yourself in Cosmic Consciousness awareness, initially into the ashrams of Light within Shamballa, housing now all twelve Creator Rays. And as you experience a greater level of empowerment in aligning your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God as this Flame of Divine Love, you are lifted into this second ray Ashram of Love/Wisdom into the knowing of the energy of the Divine Mother, into the Pathways of Light that you create for yourself and others through the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and from here, sweet ones, you lift yourselves once more into the Divine Mind of Mother/Father God through this third ray ashram of Divine Intelligence.

And as you increase in Cosmic Consciousness awareness, you are invited once more to become a member to the Great White Lodge. For this Pathway of Discipleship leads to the wisdom of the Higher Mind, through your connection to the Mind of God, and you start to unveil the mysteries of the Universe, in humility, in commitment, in dedication to the Truth, in standing unwaveringly in the Light regardless of what is going on around you, sweet ones. It is to recognise that you are the adepts, the Initiates of Light, and you have passed through, or continue to pass through many of your own challenges, your own Initiations of Light, in becoming that which you have forever been, Solar Christ Conscious Being of Light, these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, leading the way in this Golden Age of Light.

As you lift the mind through the energy of Divine Love, you experience a deeper connection through this first Lodge, through Shamballa, to the Ascended Masters, to the experience of your own extra-sensory perception gifts too, imbued by the Light of the Masters. You develop a deeper level of your own telepathic connections in communication and these gifts deepen in creative understandings and inspirations through your art, or your writing or your poetry, your music, and through this a deeper level of knowing yourselves through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. You may further develop the gifts of clairvoyance, or clairaudience, or clairsentience, or a deeper understanding of the Akashic Records, being able to view many lifetimes that you have experienced in these parallel realities ~ those that impact you in this Now, those that come through in the future, those that are experienced Always and Eternally, through the Christed Timelines.

As you spread your wings in freedom and knowledge, the wisdom of the universe unfolds and opens for you, sweet ones, and this second level of connection that is then experienced is often through the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius. The Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius works with the Patterns of Perfection, and the many programs of Cosmic Consciousness awareness ~ primarily through Light shells of photons and anti-photons, and this Light continuum within the universal field allows for the interconnectiveness of all levels of Cosmic Consciousness, through the oscillation of cosmic rays in all directions to be experienced through various inter-dimensional wormholes, establishing a perfect balance of Cosmic Consciousness at each dimensional level through the ring-passeth-nots or dimensional walls.

And as you access this information, sweet ones, you step into a deeper level of knowing of yourselves as the adepts of the Light, moving through this training ~ often in your dream state, initially, and as you awaken more the DNA Codes of Light into the memories of your highest potential, into the timelines of self-mastery. You further activate deeper levels of your service work, and from here may choose to connect into this third great Lodge, this Ashram of the Order of Melchizedek ~ this primary Ashram, this central Ashram existing in the Kingdoms of Light in Orion, under Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, Lord Michael, and the Universal Council of Twelve, who implement these programs of Cosmic Consciousness awareness.

As the wise teachers to this earth-plane, sweet ones, you are now at a place where you can create your own Lodges of Light. Your Lodges of White Light, on the lower worlds, on this earth-plane, coming together more now with your soul and star family and friends of the Light. For you are moving deeper along the Christed Timelines, while honoring the lessons, your deepest challenges, as your greatest Initiations of Light. And as you passed these tests, sweet ones, through acknowledging that you have chosen these lessons, and you have chosen these roles, to know yourself fully in your magnificence and Light, you let go of blame, you release the shame, and you embrace the pain. The veils of illusion lift as you see clearly through the Christed Timelines in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, as you join together as these Legions of Light, the physical vessels of Light on this earth-plane with your brothers and sisters of Light that are working from the inner planes with the Masters of Light. As you lift yourselves in Cosmic Consciousness awareness, sweet ones, you are indeed embraced within this sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom, and with the knowing that you are indeed Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light.

So let us now come into a deeper experiential experience of this sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom. Wherever you are in your sacred space, breath deep into the body ~ expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out. As you ground into the crystal heart of Mother Earth and you feel this connection in Light, you have a sense of your energy field expanding now through the beautiful flame of Divine Love, this diamond, golden and white Light, that expands from the heart chakra. This spherical flame moving around you, through each sub-atomic particle in your body, moving upwards, outwards, connecting now into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, within you and around you ~ having a sense of connecting to the Lightworkers, the star seeded ones, the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. The collective Higher Light of all humanity, awakened in the knowing of the Truth of Creation, in the Higher Mind teachings through Divine Love. And from here sweet ones, have a deeper sense of your connection to the many Beings of Light from On High, to the Ascended Masters, and the Ray Masters ~ El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion , Sananda, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin, and Pallas Athena. As you deepen this connection have a sense of your star lineage, of the many Christed ETs that are here, assisting in the forward evolution of all humanity, of your service work, sweet ones, through the Overlighting of the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Antarians, and all other Christed ET Beings you acknowledge, and of the Light. As you lift yourself in Cosmic Consciousness awareness you connect into the angelic realms, to the Archangels ~ Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, and their Divine Feminine Counterparts. Ever expanding, you connect into the Elohim, the Creator Gods of Light. You experience too this deep cosmic embrace of Lord Buddha and now Sanat Kumara as this Bridge to Solar Christ Consciousness, Helios and Vesta, wrapped now in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of the sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom. And experiencing now sweet ones, the energy of the Melchizedek Brotherhood, Lord Melchizedek, Melchior the Galactic Logos ~ expanding ever deeper in Consciousness and Light ~ to your soul family of the Light, through the Overlighting of your Higher Self, expanding ever further to your multi-dimensional selves on these parallel realities that have achieved an equal level or a greater level of Light and knowledge, and wisdom. And now to your star family, and a deeper understanding of your service role as you merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence ~ the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. You experience this deep embrace and integration with the Mind of God, the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, through the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, wrapped now in the beautiful lavender, white and golden flames of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis. You have a sense of this cosmic map of creation, moving through the Fibonacci ratios and the spirals of Creation, outwards, upwards, through these torroidal formations of Light that create a deeper sense of the geometries of the Light that are activated within you and around you through the Unity Grids of Divine Love, at each dimensional level. You now take on a deeper level of the fractal geometries, the numerologies, the key codes, activating the dormant DNA now, to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow, as you experience yourself with the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. You are this Flame of Light, an Initiate of Light, ever guiding and leading others in this Golden Age of Light, sweet ones, and you do this through embracing your own shadow and Light ~ in finding the balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, in finding this balance through the shadow and the Light. As you walk the planes of polarity, you walk too in the dimensions of Light. And for some this is indeed a challenging time, often experienced as lonely, isolating, or deeply challenging. Walking between dimensions is indeed about lifting the veils of illusion, and seeing all those around you in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. And this is what you feel now, sweet ones, as you expand your heart through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation and the Flame of Divine Love. You know that you are not alone, you are in a Creation of Light, and you feel this and you know this, and you allow this to be your reality, in the One Reality of All That Is. You move beyond separation, beyond illusion. You see clearly through your Master Eyes at all of Life around you, understanding creation, the cyclical nature that leads you ever upwards into the wisdom of the Higher Mind, as these Flames of Divine Love.

You experience yourself now, being imbued by the energy of the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters in Shamballa and traveling in this external Merkaba Vehicle of Light you are lifted through the New Earth Templates, the rays of stralim radiation, into Shamballa, and in particular into this first ray ashram of Will and Power. You see the lessons that you have chosen in this lifetime, regardless of the role, choosing victim consciousness, choosing to be disempowered, giving your power to others, or not experiencing the utterance of your spiritual reality, a sense of disempowerment, and perhaps the abuser who becomes the abused or vice versa, is experienced through the freewill blueprint ~ but you understand clearly, sweet ones, that these lessons have been about the experience of coming in to your power; of wielding power rather than submitting to it, of experiencing the Will of Mother/Father God. As you trust and surrender to Creation, this pathway before you flows with ease and gentleness, acceptance and peace, and above all in Love, sweet ones. And if there are still any lessons that you may need to experience with regard to your power issues, or what you are not seeing, or roles that you are still playing, you allow the Ascended Masters in this first ray ashram to imbue you in their Divine Body of Light, so you may see clearly through the timeline of what it is you may need to shift and change in this Now.

As you experience this second ray ashram of Love and Wisdom you feel this flame of Divine Love deep within your hearts, and a deeper expression of your creative gifts comes upon you and activates the dormant DNA to the knowledge of these many gifts that you have, sweet ones, that are expressed in your writings and your teachings, in your art, in your poetry, in your musical creations ~ your soul note, your dance of passion and Divine Love. And in this sacred space, deep within your Heart’s Temple, you see that you are surrounded by your soul and star family and friends of the Light and you have acceptance and understanding ~ you are moving into greater levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, as you now experience yourself within this third ray ashram of Divine Intelligence, and as you link your mind to the Higher Mind, to the Mind of Mother/Father God, you receive these impressions in scrolls of Light of your many Initiations of Light. And as this re-calibration takes place too through the pituitary, the pineal, and hypothalamus glands, we speak in tongues …..

You are given the visions through the Christed Timelines as the veils of illusion are lifted and you see clearly through your Master Eyes to these various timelines of your highest potential, of yourselves as Initiates of Light, in ancient Egypt and Atlantis, Lemuria, the Mayan and Aztec cultures, the Native American cultures, perhaps in now moments through the Essene Brotherhood, through the Christed lineage, through the Royal House of Avalon, the Divine Feminine, star seeding the Light of Creation in Divine Love. You recognize yourselves, sweet ones, as the High Priests and Priestesses and you allow this knowledge to be further activated as you have a sense of the inner plane ashrams and schools of learning that you journey to, to come into a deeper level of wisdom. And in this knowing you realize that you are working with the Great White Lodge, the Brotherhood of the Light. And you are lifted in soul consciousness now, in this external merkaba vehicle of Light, into the Great White Lodge stationed in the etheric of Sirius. You are welcomed and greeted as this Initiate of Light into this magnificent multi-coloured City of Light. The Patterns of Perfection within this multi-colored City of Light appear to constantly change, reflecting the many programs of Light and Cosmic Consciousness awareness.

These Beings of Light, the Awakened Masters, Sages, Ascended Masters, Masters of wisdom, invite you now to experience a deeper level of your service work. They offer to place you in this Metatron Activated Chamber of Light ~ in reading the energy harmonics of your original Divine eight-cell blueprint relative to the multi-universal blueprint you will feel and experience the electron-positron pairs within your body spinning in increased Light frequencies relative to your level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness. As this Metatron Activated Chamber of Light comes in, Divine energy transmissions powered through the electron pour into your physical energy body, bringing integrated concepts that you may potentially manifest on this physical earth as Initiates of Light, as Melchizedek Initiates of Light. You are given information in these Light Codes, as to how you may best be of service, sweet ones.

And now as you prepare to leave this Light Chamber, the Brotherhood of the Light members that have welcomed and greeted you to the Great White Lodge telepathically link you to members of the Order of Melchizedek, of the Great White Lodge on this earth-plane who are involved in similar service work to yourself. You are putting out a call to magnetize and attract into your reality those of a similar service work ~ you are calling upon, sweet ones, your star families of the Light. Additionally you are activated in frequency to be able to receive transmissions of Light from the Great White Lodge, so you may be guided intuitively in making the appropriate decisions in your service work, in your co-creation of Heaven of Earth.

Lastly, sweet ones, you are now lifted in soul consciousness to the Cities of Light in Orion, to the central ashram of the Order of Melchizedek. This great ashram brings through many of the wisdom teachings that are now activated for you as you are lifted in soul consciousness into this Temple of Light, to this ashram of the Order of Melchizedek that brings through primarily a deeper level of understanding of all the Initiations of Light. And you glimpse now, through this pyramid of Light that surrounds you, into the Akashic Records ~ your own records, and now into the future of yourself and others ~ of seeing yourself co-creating Heaven on Earth, as these Flames of Divine Love; of deepening your service work, of understanding the laws of creation, of understanding the many contracts that you make on these various levels, with your earthly family, your soul family, your star family, sweet ones. You have reached this level of understanding because you have experienced many lifetimes, to get to this point, to this Now, and it unfolds for you graciously, and harmoniously, and gently, for this is what you are co-creating, this collective Flame of Divine Love, and in this month of July a deeper level of Wisdom and insight and understanding, through this sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom.

Lord Melchizedek comes forward to embrace you now, in his Body of Light. As these memories are fully activated for you, sweet ones, you take a moment once more to experience many of these Initiations of Light that you have undertaken, not only on this earth-plane but in sister dimensions, other dimensions of Light, that connect you too now to your dimensional selves on every dimension of Light.

Wonderful, sweet ones. You now come back into your sacred space as you hold the energy and magnificence of yourself as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light. We let you know that July the 7th is a good day to deepen the experience of these Initiations of Light, for it is known as the Day of Sirius, as Sirius is sighted rising before the Sun, and it is also a 7:7 number of Light, that allows you a deeper level of access through this Gateway of Light into the higher dimension. And as these cycles of seven may appear in your Life in different ways, it is also the knowing that this is a time of new beginnings, sweet ones. On July 8th as you experience the Cancer New Moon come into reflection, come into a deeper understanding of what you are still shifting and changing, and as you experience the Full Moon energy on July 22nd and 23rd, if you choose, sweet ones, you may experience an Initiation of Light into the Order of Melchizedek.

Additionally, sweet ones, in this month of July there is a planetary alignment that greatly benefits you. This is the Grand Trine of Water signs, of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, through Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, respectively. This takes you deeper into a spiritual alignment of Light, focusing on family and home, and the releasing of karmic contracts, and experiencing deeper levels of soul contracts. And indeed too, sweet ones, of your ability to deepen your service work through the Light of God, and connect to greater levels of your soul and star family and friends of the Light. As you align now into the Inner Earth Sun, to the Sun within your hearts, to the Sun, the Central Sun, and the Great Central Sun in this alignment of Light, and surrounded once more in these beautiful copper-gold and pink gold flame of Helios and Vesta, and this sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom, know indeed sweet ones, you are becoming these masters of Wisdom and Light.

Grounding once more into the energy of Mother Earth and keeping this connection of Light open to the Company of Heaven through the Unity Grid of Divine Love you experience this deep sense of One Unity Consciousness.

We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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Illuminations with the Archangels – Archangel Gabriel and Hope

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Welcome, sweet ones. In this guided visualization you are working with Archangel Gabriel and Hope, Messengers of God, Archangel of Resurrection, of guidance and harmony, of joy, of discipline and purity.

Breath deep into the body, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, activating a deeper level of this connection that you have with the Company of Heaven and the Archangelic Legions of Light, sweet ones, as you surround yourself in this beautiful White Flame brought through now by Archangel Gabriel and Hope. They are beckoning you, calling you to travel into their Spiritual Retreat in the etheric realms between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta in Northern California, and with your Master Guides now and your Guardian Angel and all the Beings of Light you personally acknowledge, you find yourselves traveling through this beautiful grid of Divine Love, and now finding yourselves within the Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope.

As you enter into this Spiritual Retreat you are warmly welcomed by Archangel Gabriel and Hope and their many Legions upon Legions of Light. You are now placed in this beautiful spherical dome of Light, bringing a sense of safety, bringing a sense of familiarity, and bringing a sense of balance, of purpose and destiny; for within these sacred concentric circles of Purity, of Harmony and Light, is the remembrance of your Divine purpose and destiny, sweet ones. Some of you are still searching and we remind you sweet ones, that this is not an outward journey, this is an inward journey; finding your purpose through your passion. For you all have many gifts ~ these creative gifts of the wild woman and the wild man energies that amplify in this Golden Age of Light into deeper levels of the expression of your Divine Selves, to areas of creativity within the musical arena, within the arts, within the communications arena, within the science community, the metaphysical communities ~ through your gifts of healing, through your gifts of extra-sensory perception, that are developing in deeper levels, and even in your gifts of compassion, of understanding others; these make you great teachers and leaders and way showers and facilitators in this Golden Age of Light, sweet ones. And it is to acknowledge this, to gather focus and momentum according to what it is that you would like to do, what brings you joy.  Have a sense of coming into your heart, sweet ones, into your heart’s dreaming, into the remembrance and knowing of your Highest Potential and the fulfillment of your dreams and hopes. Go back to the earliest times and memories in this lifetime of what it is that you wanted to do, to be, to experience ~ and come back into your heart’s dreaming, letting go of the disillusionment, letting go of the perceived limitation. Have a sense in this beautiful Spiritual Temple and retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope surrounded in this beautiful White Flame, of what your purpose is, of what your destiny is, of what your heart’s dreaming is ~ where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, finding fulfillment in your Soul purpose, finding fulfillment in your everyday life and knowing that you can create this change, sweet ones; that you have the ability to magnetize and to manifest and to bring into your reality all that you are needing in any given Now moment.

Archangel Gabriel now comes forward and places within your base chakra the Tzolkin Wheel of Light. The Tzolkin Wheel, this disc of light which spins in a clockwise and then counter clockwise direction respectively, depending what is required for you in this Now, releasing or bringing in of Light frequencies, activates to a greater level now to bring in the Light codes of your purpose and destiny. You have a sense of this very clearly, sweet ones, seeing through your Master Eyes, through the Christed Timelines and through your heart; as the dormant DNA activates now to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow within this sacred moment you see clearly the wisdom and knowledge that you hold, as you come into deeper levels of knowing and being able to manifest your purpose and your passion.

Wonderful, sweet ones. You now find yourself being drawn into this beautiful Golden White Pillar of Light. This Golden White Pillar of Light takes you through the Christed Timelines into the future, sweet ones, and it is in these future timelines that you merge now with your future selves in full attainment of self mastery ~ you are your Highest Selves and you are leading others as you are still being lead in this Now. You have achieved your personal ascension, you have achieved your purpose and your passion, and you sit on the Councils of Light. You experience your heart’s dreaming wherever it may be ~ on the lower worlds or different planets or stars. You have fulfilled your service roles, sweet ones, and there is a part of you that still chooses to be here because you are Beings of such great magnitude; deeply compassionate, glorious Beings that are beyond the duality and the disillusionment and the challenges. You hold to the knowing and experience of joy and hope, of purity, of divine justice, and of balance, sweet ones. You now merge with your future Selves and take on many of these gifts, these key codes and sacred geometries and understandings.

Wonderful sweet ones. Know that everything that you are needing to activate in terms of your creative gifts, in terms of your Highest Potentials, are coming through now in these streams of consciousness and through these Christed Timelines, sweet ones. These timelines too of ancient Egypt, and Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and these timelines of these parallel dimensions too.  Allow these streams of consciousness and Light of yourself as a Star Being, as a Pleiadian or Sirian or Andromedan or Acturian or Lyran to be amplified too in this Now. For it is your star seeded heritage that takes you into a deeper level of your creative gifts in this Now, into a deeper level of the expression of your gifts; for you bring with you particular star qualities that are amplified and activated now in these beautiful concentric rings of purity and White Light.

Wonderful, sweet ones. Come back with this Knowing of how easy it is for you to flow graciously and harmoniously in this Golden Age of Light, in your Heaven on Earth, into your heart’s dreaming, and hold this vision always for it to manifest. Envision every day your heart’s dreaming, as you call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope in this assistance of bringing greater levels of harmony and hope and Divine understanding and transformation into your lives, sweet ones.

As you ground into the energy of Mother Earth, feel her connection too, that she has to a greater Consciousness of Light on many levels; to all the Beings of Light that assist in lifting her Consciousness as you do. She assists in lifting your Consciousness in your connection too; to the Sun and the planets in this solar system ~ you are all ascending in this journey of Light, together becoming these Solar Beings of Light. It is part of this energetic matrix that you experience through your future Selves, in this Crystalline Matrix of Light and you hold this focus, sweet ones, as you hold your heart’s dreaming, your purpose and your passion, surrounded once more in this beautiful White Flame of Archangel Gabriel and Hope.

And now within your sacred space, you now repeat the following invocation aloud:

Invocation to Archangel Gabriel and Hope

I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to actualize the White Flame of joy, hope, harmony and discipline.

To guide me in the glory and Light of Mother/Father God,

through my Beloved I Am Presence,

so I may choose the creative unfolding of my Sacred Contract

most aligned to this Golden Age of Light.


I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light,

into their Spiritual Retreat between Sacramento and Mt. Shasta, in California,

so I may experience purity, beauty, glory and transformation,

so I may follow my heart’s dreaming,

my purpose and passion.


I call upon Archangel Gabriel and Hope,

to place the Tzolkin Wheel of Light within my base chakra.

As the Tzolkin Wheel of Light activates,

it brings in the Light codes of my purpose, my destiny.

And I see clearly through the Christed Timelines as to my service work in this Golden Age of Light.


I Am harmony,

I Am purity,

I Am disciplined and passionate,

I Am a creative inspired work of Divine Art

I Am All That I Am.


Wonderful, sweet ones.


You are now ready for the White Flame Attunement of Archangel Gabriel and Hope to the receiving of your many gifts in harmony and wisdom.

You now repeat aloud:

I, (giving your full name), give myself permission, and ask Spirit, Archangel Gabriel and Hope, their Legions of Light, and my Beloved I Am Presence for this Archangelic Creative Gifts Attunement. I ask to be attuned to Archangel Gabriel and Hope and their Legions of Light from On High through their beautiful White Flame of joy, hope, harmony and discipline”

And you now visualize this White Flame coming in around your body and energy field, sweet ones.

And you now continue:

“I now request that Archangel Gabriel and Hope attune me to the knowing of my many creative gifts in harmony and wisdom.”

Archangel Gabriel now comes forward and places his Seal of Light within your base chakra, signifying the receiving of this attunement.


You now affirm:

“As a Master Being of Light, I co-create with the Company of Heaven. I manifest my heart’s dreaming, magnetizing and bringing into my reality all that I need in any given Now moment. Surrounded in the beautiful White Flame of Gabriel and Hope, I activate all my gifts and my heart’s passions in joy, in harmony, in hope, in discipline and in Divine Love.”

Good. You just hold this energy of Light, surrounded in this beautiful White Flame of Gabriel and Hope, grounding into the energy of Mother Earth, feeling and sensing your heart’s dreamings, your purpose and your passion. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones. With this we bid you a most magical day.

The eBook of all seven transmissions on The Illuminations with the Archangels series can be purchased here: http://pleiadianlight.net/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=9