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~ Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah ~

Varsha Morarka

Varsha Morarka (B.Com; B.Ed) chose the date 7/7/1973 to arrive on planet earth for this incarnation with a clear objective – of clearing her past life karma and ensuring that she, in due course, offered her lifetime as Varaha – in service to the One.

Born in Kolkatta, her genealogy ensured she had a natural bent towards Spirituality. Her paternal grandfather was a clairvoyant and a goddess Shakti devotee. She spent her early formative years in his company, going for pilgrimages to power spots like Belur Math, Shanthineketan, Dakshineshwar and the Kali Temple.  Her frequent journeys to the ghats of Benares, the shores of Puri , the mountains of the Himalayas, Badrinath and Kedarnath… the Rameshwaram Temple.. to name a few, served to propel her towards her innate predilection ~ Spirituality.

Marriage took her to Mumbai and a trip to the holy city of Dwarka completed her circumnavigation of the country. In due course, she mastered the art of yoga and Pranayama, The Art of Living course by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and attained Reiki Mastership.  The Pranic Healing Course by Master Choa Kok Sui was learnt along with short courses in Handwriting Analysis, NLP, EFT, Crystal Healing and finally, the Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy (with specialisation in Deep Healing Techniques of Dr. Hans Tendam).

For the past three  years, her intense love for meditations manifested in the “Wed Meds”- a weekly Wednesday meditation meeting at her home where eclectic discussions and meditations, concepts and healing modalities from across the globe and beyond are practised.  Osho,  Diana Cooper, Lois Hay, Seth, Patriji, Tantra, Chakra Healing,  Lotus Meditations, Chanting and Mantra Healing, Telepathy, ETS and Shamballa, Taponagara and Sage Vishwamitra,  Isis and Pyramid Healing,  to name a few, are discussed and meditated upon, and Light work and service are performed.

In early 2012, Varsha started working with the teachings of Anrita Melchizedek, completing the facilitator training on the Arcturian Stargate series, and later the World Service Training, which includes the Ascended Master ESP program and Return to Original Innocence. More recently, Varsha has completed “The Illuminations with the Archangels’ transmissions with Anrita.

She has a “Healing Lounge” in the heart of Bangalore and a centre in Hospet, where she,  along with her soul friends, perform service to “The One”.

She travels between her homes in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hospet, taking care of the CSR wing of her family business. The family runs a 500 strength school in Hospet along with various social welfare programs (Health Camps, Awareness Campaigns and Project SAM).

Blessed with a beautiful daughter, Tanvvi; a clear minded son, Devrata, a doting husband, Siddharth, extremely supportive mothers, and a lovely family,  she walks steadily on her Path.

Varsha offers consultations and workshops on DNA Activation, Light Body/Merkaba activation, the Arcturian Stargate Series, Return to Original Innocence and The Ascended Master ESP Series. For further details, please contact Varsha on +919900223300 or email [email protected]


~ A CHANNEL FOR THE DIVINE to express itself ~

Rita Mahajan

Rita Mahajan was born on 27th August 1962, the oldest child in a conservative traditional Catholic family to an army officer and housewife mother. She had her initial education at a convent school and went on to do her graduation in commerce at St. Joseph’s evening college and worked during the day. She started her initial business of supplying surgical instruments in 1984 in Bangalore.

She is the founding member of AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka). Additional, she is the Secretary General for 1st World Parliament on Spirituality, facilitator of the COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION techniques, and founder of the CONSCIOUS PARENTING™ RESEARCH FOUNDATION, as well as an AURA AND CHAKRA reader.

She started an industry in Mysore in the year 1987 and established a name and network of suppliers all over the country and abroad for surgical Instruments. Today she is well known in the market for quality ophthalmic products. She has developed unique surgical instruments for cataract operations and a name in the market for cutting edge products.

She married in 1987 to Satish Mahajan. Together they have two children. Their son Divyanshu Mahajan, is studying a Ph.d in Biotech in NTU Singapore, and their daughter Nisha Mahajan completed her graduation in computer science and works for an event management company. The entire family is on the path of SPIRITUALITY.

She has been a trainer at LANDMARK EDUCATION as Forum In Action Seminar Leader, Self Expression and Leadership Program Leader, Introduction to Forum Leaders Program and Assistance programs from 1991 to 1999 in the pioneering work of TRANSFORMATIONAL workshops called FORUM.

Rita joined Lions Club International in 1999. She held many senior posts and has been recognized with awards from the international community for her leadership abilities. Under her guidance, the LIONS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE DIST 324 D6 was started in 2005-06. She further designed a project for the young generation of her country called BUILD INDIA movement. She connected with around 60 000 young Indians  through this program and is currently a Global Leadership Team member in Lions Club International.

Simultaneously Rita had been seeking spiritual mastery and undergone training and workshops with different master teachers. Since 2010, she has been conducting COSMIC RAY ACTIVATION WORKSHOPS. This program is unique in RE -CALIBRATING THE ENTIRE BIOLOGICAL BODY and transforming people in a single one day workshop. She conducts other workshops on CONSCIOUS PARENTING, EMPOWERMENT OF THE NEW AGE YOUTH, MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE & EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN, ASCENSION TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES, AURA & CHAKRA reading, and related topics.  Rita found that reading the CHAKRAS AND AURA made a huge difference to people’s life in altering the very basis of their lives. She believes that AURA readings have become one of the best way to release people’s suffering in all levels as they better understand their karma and Spiritual path.

In 2012 Rita provided the required impetus for the 1st WORLD PARLIAMENT ON SPIRITUALITY; a unique platform for world leaders to come together and re-define the WORLD PARLIAMENT, GOVERNANCE, COMMUNAL HARMONY and its importance in the emerging world order. More than 200 speakers participated in this five day event at Hyderabad.  Rita loves to travel and teach. She truly believes in providing the space for everyone to be “WHO THEY ARE” and can speak on many levels, with her passion being within the metaphysical realm.

Rita recently presented a paper on “THE AURA AND CHAKRAS” at an International Astro-Vedic Jyothish Conference during Poorna Kumb in 2013 at Allahabad, Holicon, and Trichur. She has written 3 books: “AURA & CHAKRAS – A new Perspective with case studies”, “KUMB MELA – my divine experience” and “VIRTUAL VISUAL TOOLS FOR MANIFESTION” which is waiting to be published.

Rita’s message is to WAKE UP to the potential of Who We Are and become that which we have forever been, these beautiful Beings of Light.

Rita has completed the FACILITATORS training with Anrita Melchizedek and offers teachings on the Rays and Return to Original Innocence.

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