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Higher Consciousness Resources

Welcome, my precious friends, I’d like to share with you an exciting concept called “Higher Consciousness Resources”. Over the years, I have connected with many Lightworkers, having beautiful creations from art to music to writings, channelings and so on, and yet not have the marketing skills to create awareness and promote their beautiful offerings and gifts. On a recent radio show, I proposed a place of coming together, of networking and supporting one another through our various resources, and this has unfolded beautifully into a portal of Light, a resource center, called “Higher Consciousness Resources”. This website has been created as this virtual portal of Light, where we can come together with our gifts, with our services, with our ability to assist, support and network with one another, while promoting our products and services and assisting others along the Path. As we are waking up, we are moving in to greater levels of passion and inspiration, and it is to find the appropriate marketing mediums to reach others who would greatly benefit from these gifts and skills that we collectively offer.

This website will be a resource directory, sharing with you marketing ideas of you can best take your work to the next level. From how to set up paypal accounts, how to create websites, how to market e-books or cd’s or mp3’s, as well as hosting your products and services on the website, sharing your newsletters, planetary event and blogs, while networking with others, and assisting through Service in Love or donations for those Lightworkers that are needing it at this time.

So share with us your gifts as collectively we move into this new Golden Age of Light. If you can offer advice or marketing services, it is a great way to promote your skills and what you offer. We are needing you to come with your ideas of how to co-create this. This project is being spearheaded by Christopher Holden, who has graciously come forward to co-create this venture, and it is a place where we collectively can assist one another, while displaying and advertising our beautiful creations of Light ~ it is a place to offer your books, your music, your art, your services, and also link to electronic social mediums and marketing resources that can promote you to a greater level of Service. All of this is offered completely free, and if you are able to donate this would be greatly appreciated to assist those that are needing it in this moment.

Starting out in promoting your gifts and passions is not so easy but there are always those that are wanting to hear what you have to say, and in this collective network of Light we are bringing together individual puzzle pieces to reach others, and network on a greater scale with those wanting our services and products. Also, it is certainly not easy if you do not have the marketing skills and resources, so we wanted to hear from those of you that have successfully used particular advertising mediums and what has worked best for you. If you know how to create a Paypal account, if you can offer designs for e-books, or editing skills, if you use particular electronic mediums, creating You Tube videos, or Mp’s and/or CD’s, share with us what has worked for you, so we can share this with others.

This is an exciting venture of networking and Service in Love, and Christopher is needing a team, and we are that team, my precious friends. Together we amplify this web of Light by coming together and promoting, individually and collectively the gifts, skills, passions, understandings, and teachings that we share. So I invite you to email Christopher at [email protected] with your gifts and sharings, whether this is assisting on the marketing or commerce side, or whether it is just placing your banners and your products with a link to your website; whether this is offering free services or gifts, downloads, channelings, placing of links on this portal of Light so we can share with others or being able to offer a donation, we want to hear from you; and if you are offering a marketing service consider putting together a small video or an audio sharing with others how they can set up from a marketing perspective. Give advice on marketing tools and ideas, and in return, we will assist you to market yourself, and how to achieve the best result by giving to others through Service in Love and simply opening yourself to receiving. I look forward to our collective co-creations.
From my Heart to Yours to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.
Blessings in Love
Anrita Melchizedek


The Elders, ancient celestial Beings and High Council Members speak on the Higher Consciousness Website Concept

Welcome, sweet ones. We welcome you as these Light Beings, as these Keepers of Light. What we see, sweet ones, is a need for not only networking, but having the appropriate tools as you move along the path of Light. As you awaken, and are inspired, and bring about your beautiful creations of Light, whether this be music, or art, or writings, or healings, you need a place to be able to promote and market your services, products and gifts in such a way that they reach others who are needing what you have to offer. Social networks such as that being offered by the “Higher Consciousness Resources” website is one such idea to take your vision to a new level by offering support from a marketing perspective as well as allowing for your products and services to be displayed, for your gifts to be accessible for others needing this at this time.

The idea of setting up a Lightworkers Fund is also important, sweet ones, in being able to offer support to your brothers and sisters of the Light that are needing this in this moment in time. If you are at a place where you are able to offer a donation, this will be gifted to those that are needing it most at this time.

It truly is a time of gathering together collectively. We see these beautiful creations of Light, and it is important to know that you can promote yourself to create awareness of what you offer. There is an aspect of your Self working not only from a fifth-dimensional level of consciousness in this co-creation, but from a third-dimensional perspective you are needing to work with the tools that can create a level of awareness of the resources that you offer. You can have the most magical creations but if no-one knows about you, sweet ones, this is certainly not going to gather momentum. Promoting yourself is not coming from the ego perspective but in the integrated aspect of yourself, in looking through your master eyes, it is the greatest gift you give to another. For in your inspiration and passions, these teachings of Light are required in the frequency that you bring through to a collective group of Light Workers that will assist them to move to their next level of enlightenment and service. Coming from the heart, from Service in Love, is all you are needing, sweet ones. When you step out of the “lesser than and better than consciousness”, when you step out of comparing yourself to other Lightworkers ~ what they offer versus what you offer ~ and realize what you offer and bring is just perfect, and appropriate to your level of consciousness and appropriate too, in frequency, to many others that will benefit greatly from what you offer. So step forward in choosing to market yourself. Do this through refining your marketing skills and abilities while remaining in the stillness of your heart and the Overlighting of your I Am Presence.

In this current age of technology on this earth plane, you are coming together through many social mediums, as well as advertising platforms but many are still lacking the skills of how to create websites, of how to market themselves effectively, or not having the resources or financial aid to do so, and that is what you can offer others; your gifts and services, downloads, financial aid, while receiving back not only those interested in your work but this incredible influx of Love and Light. For in giving, sweet ones, you are opening your heart to receive on a greater level, you are caring with compassion for your brothers and sisters, you are lifting others in Light and in consciousness by creating those tools and sharings that will allow all Life to move into the next level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness.

There is another aspect to Service in Love that we would like to mention. There will always be those Light Workers that are able, willing or wish to offer their gifts and services free of charge, without a monetary contribution, or perhaps relying on donations, and this is a wonderful service to be able to provide, so long as you are able to cover your monthly expenses, and have moved out of survival into living in Love, with abundance and joy, and receiving the full benefits to this. And of course there will come a time when monetary forms of energy exchange will not be necessary on this earth plane and we look forward to the new energy exchanges that will be created vibrationally. However, in this Now moment, it is also important to find a balance between what you offer freely and what you charge for, in order to experience the appropriate energy exchanges, and to be able to find the balance between Service in Love, giving from the heart, as well as being able to continue giving and receiving through monetary abundance. So if you have any issues of “poverty consciousness or do not find yourself in a place where you feel you are being provided for by the Universe with your gifts and passions, look at your sense of balance in Service in Love, and any further issues of disillusionment or fears you might be preventing you from co-creating your manifestations of Light.

Another aspect to Service in Love sweet ones, is the sense that many of you experience in waking up, but not being quite sure as to what your service work is, or how best to take this service work out. To assist you with this, we would like to place you in a three dimensional Sacred Contract Chamber of Light. In this three dimensional Chamber of Light you will be connecting into the higher dimensions, of connecting into levels of Cosmic consciousness awareness that will amplify the remembrance and gifts that you bring on to this earth plane. For in a deeper remembrance of your individual puzzle piece, your soul contract and service role, and coming from joy, passion and Service in Love, you truly are a co-creator to the Company of Heaven. Now, feel and experience this multi- dimensional laser grid of Light coming in, and bringing with it greater levels of inspiration, passion and creativity as to what you can create in this Now. View these images, sweet ones, find that passion and joy that brings Divine Love and creativity to you in such a way that you express yourself through the beautiful gifts that you bring. And now see yourself through these parallel streams of consciousness of having already created these gifts, passions, teachings, writings, music of Light through a frequency that brings through particular key codes of Light from parallel realities and your multidimensional Selves. Know that you have this ability to truly co-create with passion, intent and love, the gifts that you have and are able to take this out through a platform of resources and networking skills to another level of Light. For, sweet ones, the amplification of your gifts, are simply key codes of Light that will allow you to manifest and bring into your reality all that you are needing to take your Service work to a deeper level in this Now. And now, sweet ones, bring in any additional Light frequencies that you are needing, whether this be in abundance, joy, Love or any other frequencies needed. Wonderful.

And now, just experience this sense of Unity Consciousness, of coming together and supporting one another on different levels. For in finding your voice, in speaking your truth, in expressing yourself from Service in Love, you are co-creating Heaven on Earth; you are creating the United Nations, the star Nations of Light on this earth plane. And now just link energetically at a Higher Light level with all those Light Workers that will come through to support you and your work on another level as you will support them. See what you are needing to get organized, from financial resources to marketing resources, to Light networking, to experiencing deeper levels of Love, service and partnerships ~ have a look at what your needs are in this Now and magnetize and envisage these realities of co-creations as you bring this focus into your reality. Wonderful.

There is another frequency of Unity Consciousness that we would like to link you into, sweet ones, and this is the Unity Grid of Light. For the Unity Grid of Light, this Christ Consciousness Grid of Light, within and around this earth plane, holds the Highest Potentials of all Life, bringing through individual and collective key codes, allowing for the accessing of the Akashic Records, creating the crystalline structure supporting the crystalline matrix of your body and linking into the primary vortices and crystals of light, through this Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid of Light around this earth plane. You now find yourself on this Unity Grid of Light, weaving the essence of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness into this grid of Light while experiencing both the individual and collective key codes of Light that will take your service work to a deeper level whilst being of Service in Love. Just take on these key code frequencies of your Highest Potential, activating the dormant DNA, as you see that you are connected to your Soul family and friends of the Light, as you are coming together collectively in this Now. See that you are connected to Light Workers, and Beings of Light from on High assisting in this ascension process. Feel this collective frequency of Light that you create through this experience of Unity Consciousness and experience the amplification of the gifts that you hold and bring forth.

And now, link in through the Unity Grid of Light into the Crystalline Grid of Light. Feel this crystalline matrix of Light within and around this earth plane, experience the sacred sites and leylines, and the vortices of Light held by these Master Crystals of the Light, and get a sense through this of the Inner Earth, of Agartha and the Beings of Light living within these inner Cities of Light. Feel this connection in Light for they are part of this Unity Consciousness collective vibration of Light and are truly too assisting in this Ascension process.

And now the last Grid of Light we bring in, is a beautiful Solar Grid of Light in a vibrant copper-gold color. As you are moving into these higher frequencies of Light you are shifting into a solar vibration of Light, and can collectively connect into the planets within the solar system, into the energy of the Sun and Solar Core, Overlighted by Helios and Vesta. Feel and sense this beautiful copper-gold flame of Light coming in, this frequency of Light created through all twelve rays of Planetary Christ Consciousness with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom. Experience this deep sense of unconditional Love and One Unity Consciousness. Experience the vastness of yourself as part of this collective, creating and effecting change on this Earth plane. Just feel and sense this connection now, to all the Beings of Light from on High assisting in this process of forward evolution for all Life on this earth plane.

And now ground yourself into the energy of Mother Earth, and experience not only this nurturing energy of support and love and empowerment but feel and sense the energy of Nature Intelligence, for you are co-creating with nature on this earth plane, and with the Devas, the Overlighting Devas, as well as Nature Spirit Intelligence. Get a sense of these precious Beings of Light, sweet ones, and open yourself to working on a closer level with nature and Nature Intelligence. For you will find stillness and harmony and peace in creating this time and space to truly appreciate the lands of Mother Earth from a place of reverence and a place of Love and contentment. Know the gifts that you hold, individually ~ each one of you has precious gifts, offerings, to give to others and to give to yourself to increase your frequency vibration of Light.

We look forward to seeing this network of Light grow as collectively you co-create this portal of Light through resource networking and Service in Love. We honor you for your service as these Master Beings of Love and Light, as Keepers of Light, and with this we bid you a most magical day.