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Elders Transmissions ~ October 2016

Overflowing and Prosperous Heart

Activating the Petal of the Intimate Heart ~ I Am All That I Am

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Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek

Video by Karl Morfett


I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,

and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,

as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,

the Highest aspect of my Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of God.


Within this sacred space,

I enter into my Christed Heart of Divine Unconditional Love.

I now activate the Petals of my Christed Heart:

my Peaceful Heart,

my Loving Heart,

my Healing Heart,

my Joyful and Happy Heart,

my Innocent and Open Heart,

my Powerful Heart,

my Knowing Heart,

my Passionate Heart,

my Overflowing and Prosperous Heart,

my Trusting Heart,

my Heart of Integrity and Truth,

And now I enter into the Petal of my Intimate Heart.


Breathing deeply into my body,

I acknowledge myself as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love and Master Being of Light.

I Am an Open Heart in this Golden Age of Light.

As I connect deeper now into my authentic loving Self,

I allow myself to be vulnerable, trusting, and free of shame,

letting go of judgment of self and others,

and any fear of intimacy I may have.

I Am a powerful, magnificent, sacred, sexual Being of Light.

I Am All That I Am.


As the Petal of my Intimate Heart now activates,

I deepen into the knowing that I am unique, immeasurable in my magnificence and Light.

I let go of the need to hide my Light,

to shield myself from others,

or to compare myself with others.

I choose to Love my Self,

all parts of myself, which are uniquely and authentically mine.

I Am All That I Am.


The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light now come forward,

placing me in an Intimate Christed Heart Chamber of Light.
As this multidimensional, multicolored laser light grid activates around my body and energy field,

in a beautiful silver-gold grid of Light,

I start to breathe more deeply into my body now.

Expanding my lower abdomen on the in-breath,

And contracting my lower abdomen on the out-breath.

As I deepen into the Knowing of my Divinity, purity and innocence,

I deepen into the presence of my Godself,

In conscious awareness and Self-Love.

I Am One with my Beloved I Am Presence,

I Am One with Mother/Father God,

I Am One with all Life.

I Am All That I Am.


The kundalini energy gently starts to activate now,

within this safe and sacred space.

As the kundalini energy flows gently now,

from the base chakra, into the sacral chakra, now the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and crown chakra,

I am clearing old false beliefs and judgments I may have about myself.

Issues of unworthiness,

and false beliefs about my body,

sexual issues,

or false beliefs about men and women,

as I become more intimately acquainted with myself now.


I place my right hand over my Christed Heart,

and now my left hand over my right,

As I say to myself,

I Love you, giving my full name now,

I Love you, I Love you.

I Am All That I Am.


I now take my left hand and gently cup my genitals,

continuing to breathe deep into the body,

as the tantric channels now start to activate.

The main tantric now activates,

from the feet chakra up the inside of the legs,

to the G-spot or base of the penis,

and now up the front of the body and out to the nipples.
And now, the secondary kundalini channels activate;

from the feet chakra, up the outside of my legs, along the side of the body,

up to the armpits and now down the arms and out the hand chakras.

If I guided too, I gently move my lower body and pelvis area backwards and forwards and from side to side,

now adding my vaginal and/or anal muscle contractions,

to enhance the flow of energy.


I now bring a focus back to my genitals,

releasing any areas of shame I may have about my sacred sexuality,

or my inability to complete Love, appreciate and celebrate my beautiful body, vagina or penis.

As I continue to hold my left hand over my genitals,

and my right hand over my heart chakra,

I release any issues of abuse or misuse of sexual energy I have experienced,

and false beliefs and games I have played out through my sexual energy.

I Am simply appreciated myself and loving myself,

 and my sacred sexual energy,

 as it now deepens and flows throughout my body and energy field.

I Am All That I Am.


I recognize that my body is the sacred doorway to ecstatic re-union with the Divine,

and to the intimacy of relationships with others.

I now reclaim my body through non-judgment, self-acceptance, surrender, conscious awareness and Divine, unconditional Love.

And in this sacred and loving space,

I experience a re-union of my Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits.

I Am All That I Am.


In this Divine Sacred Marriage,

I see my Divine Feminine Spirit to the left of me,

And my Divine Masculine Spirit to the right of me.

Through my Divine Feminine Spirit,

I open to receive a deeper level of Self-Love,

intuition, vulnerability, compassion,

gentleness, beauty, flexibility and grace.

Through my Divine Masculine Spirit,

I open to receive a deeper level of trust, reliability, respect,

wisdom, stillness, protection, empowerment and action.

I Am All That I Am.


As I accept my Divinity,

knowing how greatly I am celebrated, appreciated and Loved,

I now experience the trinity of the child,

the alchemy of relationship.

I have a sense now of merging with my Soul and Star family on the inner places

through the Overlighting of my Beloved I Am Presence,

merging now with Soul Brothers, Soul Sisters, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

I Am All That I Am.


In this sacred Cosmic flow of Divine Love,

As I merge my energy into One,

all perceived separation is released.

In this alchemy of Divine Union,

I draw to me Soul and Star Family that See Me, Hear Me and Appreciate Me,

as I do them.

I Am All That I Am.


I Am now free from old defense patterns,

self-judgments and expectations.

I no longer need to be fearful of my magnificent Light,

I no longer need to defend or protect myself from others.

From the Divine Source of Love of All That Is,

I release from loved ones, family and friends,

any level of expectation that they must fulfil my personal needs for Love.

I no longer experience disappointment and betrayal.

Through my Intimate Heart,

I am free and I allow others to be free too,

to experience All That They Are,

as I experience All That I Am.

One Heart, One Love, One Unified Field of Light.

I Am All That I Am.


I am gentle and loving,

as I deepen into physical intimacy,

being able to kiss and cuddle and hold others within my Christed Heart.

I Am All That I Am.


I am open and loving,

as I deepen into emotional intimacy,

being vulnerable and able to share my feelings.

I Am All That I Am.


I am interested and loving,

as I deepen into intellectual intimacy,

sharing ideas and thoughts about things that I care about.

I Am All That I Am.


I Am within my Christed Heart,

as I deepen now into tantric intimacy,

the alchemy of Divine Union;

a union of hearts on both the inner and outer planes.

I Am All That I Am.


I Am One with Mother/Father God.

I Am One with my emotions, my feelings, and my thoughts.

I Am One with all Life.

I am One with my Christed Heart.

I Am All That I Am.




Elders October Transmission ~ Pre-birth agreements and the Petal of the Intimate Heart

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Transcribe http://www.pleiadianlight.net/elders-transmissions-october-2016/

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now as you experience a deeper activation of the Petals of the Christed Heart, and in particular, in this month of October, the Petal of the Intimate Heart.

Through this invocation we have presented to you sweet ones, within the Intimate Heart, you deepen into the intimacy, nakedness and vulnerability of your magnificent authentic Selves. Immeasurable in your Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, you experience greater levels of Self-appreciation and Self-Love through your God Self, your Beloved I Am Presence, the I Am All That I Am.

Additionally sweet ones, in this sacred reunion of hearts, and the alchemical marriage of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, you are ready to experience deeper levels of intimacy in your relationships and partnerships with others through the third trinity that activates, the trinity of the child, your original Divine innocence.

What is also experienced in this sacred re-union sweet ones, is the clearing and releasing at a planetary level of the false beliefs and judgments perpetuated through the “war of the sexes”.

And, in understanding your pre-birth agreements, you are offered a much greater understanding as to the choices and contracts you make in each lifetime with your earthly family, and your Soul and Star families. Through your Christed Heart, your ability to truly forgive and Love unconditionally, regardless of what is going on around you, and what you have attracted into your own lives, takes you deeper along the path of Divine Love. And it is to understand too, sweet ones, that in choosing these respective roles, and mastering these lessons, you create a pathway of Divine Love for others to follow, through the full embrace and integration of the Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes of Light and with this, the embrace and merger with your Soul cluster and Twin Flame. And so, in healing the wounds of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects of yourselves, you are able to experience a deeper activation of the Christed Heart and attract and magnetize relationships of Divine Love into your life.

With your earthly family (which includes family, friends, colleagues and others in your lives), these are the personality and mostly karmic pre-birth agreements you make in each lifetime. Imagine if you will, clusters of Souls with a like vibration of particular energies drawing to you the lessons that you choose to re-experience so you can embrace the pain, the abandonment, the betrayal, the shame, the loss and the heartache, and the wounded male/female energies. The human experience in its full range of emotions is fully acknowledged as this is the starting point for you to heal all your Soul wounds and shift timelines. These clusters often incarnate together in interchangeable family roles as parents, siblings, partners, grandparents, and extended relatives. Additionally, you choose particular personality Soul clusters with whom you have played out specific roles in parallel realities in larger groups. Common examples of this would be holocausts and wars, and those that were persecutors may choose to come back as victims and those that were victims may choose to come back as persecutors, although these roles are not always reversed, and this is not always the case. However, sweet ones, these karmic pre-birth agreements are made in Love. Each Soul is Love at a Higher Light level, and in choosing to play a particular role does so for not only their Soul growth, but additionally too, the entire Soul cluster, who benefits through the wisdom of each experience as the veils of illusion are further lifted.

The next level of pre-birth agreements you make are with your own Soul family. Your own Soul family or cluster comprises of twelve Souls that often choose to incarnate and play out respective roles together, and this is Overlighted and experienced through your Higher Self of the Light. At least half these Souls incarnate with you each time you embody in form, and your level of conscious awareness would create a similar vibration within your Soul family as you uplift and support one another. However, these pre-birth agreements are different. They are usually gentle and loving most of the time, and it is from this group, sweet ones, that you may often choose Soul mates, either as loving spouses, or your own indigo/crystal children, good friends or Spiritual partners and companions. You choose these pre-birth agreements so that you know that you are never alone as you walk the path of Divine Love. There will always be those that understand you. And this familiarity and resonance of like vibration further uplifts you, as these Streams of Soul Consciousness, or resonating energies, and takes you deeper into your Christed Heart, into the Flame of Divine Love within. This does not mean, sweet ones that you have not incurred karmic debt with Soul mates, but usually forgiveness and compassion comes quickly due to the deep and infinite Love experienced through the Soul cluster. Additionally as you step into a deeper level of integration of your Beloved I Am Presence directing and guiding you intuitively in your everyday lives, you start to experience a deeper sense of interconnectivity with those around you, aspects of yourselves and this is experienced from within the Intimate Heart. Also, that which we call the Twin Flame comes from within this Soul cluster. This Twin Flame is the other aspect, or other half of your Soul ray, and sometimes, it would not serve you to incarnate on the same plane at the same time so some of these Soul contracts are made to experience various planes and dimensions and come together again once the lessons have been mastered when you pass over. And these are the contracts created, the contracts created to merge and blend with your Twin Flames on the inner planes. However sweet ones, there are now more and more Twin Flames that are choosing to come together in this Golden Age to further their service work. The focus of these Soul clusters, whether incarnate or discarnate is to know and become Divine Love. As you master the lessons experienced with your earthly families, you step deeper into Divine Love and you can draw upon the support of your Soul cluster on both the inner and outer planes in the recognition of truly seeing the aspects of yourselves in others. The earthly 3D timelines, of which there are numerous and in constant flux due to the intersection of particular earthly and Soul clusters, start to collide and draw you closer into the Christed Timelines, and the knowing too, that there is only Love.

The Christed Timelines are the timelines of Divine Love, and are fully experienced in the knowing that you are co-creators to the Company of Heaven. You are able to go back and forth along the Christed Timelines with the Overlighting of your Beloved I AM Presence and change the reality of any event, releasing old imprintings and false beliefs, sending Love, forgiving, understanding, accepting and embracing the human emotions which draw to you these lessons in the first place.

Further to this, sweet ones, you start to experience the Uniting of your Twin Flame and the Uniting of Flames within your Soul cluster, if you so choose, to deepen your service work and to lift the consciousness of all Life on this earth plane.

And there is another level of pre-birth agreements that you make, sweet ones, and these are with your Star Families. For advanced Spiritual seekers ~ many of you, sweet ones, who have incarnated regularly on the lower planes, earth and related sister dimensions ~ this core group of 144 Souls, is embodied and experienced in energy transfer through your Beloved I Am Presence. Your Star Families of the Light take you back to your Star origins, of being Pleiadian, or Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Lyrian, Antarean, and so on. And at least a quarter of your soul consciousness always exists within this star origin dimension. These memories of being a star seeded one, a way shower and Light worker, are encoded within the Divine eight-cell blueprint with your related Service work. Of the knowing that you have chosen to come down to the Earth plane to be the physical vessels of Light to Mother Earth and all her Life. And when the time is right, you draw upon the resonating Soul streams of consciousness to reconnect to all aspects of yourselves. As you lift the remaining veils of illusion, you start to draw upon these parallel realities through your multidimensional Selves that take you into the Christed Timelines of your Highest Potential. You start to unlock and activate the dormant DNA as you align your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. As you experience these memories through the Christed Timelines of your highest potential, it draws you closer to your Star Families, on both the inner and outer planes, in recognition of these aspects of yourselves, sweet ones.

And to do this you need to move through the clearing, through the free will aspects that have created pain, betrayal, shame, loss, abandonment, unforgiveness, heartache and so on, to experience the Christed Timelines and New Earth energies through forgiveness, Love, wisdom, and letting go of blame so you may merge with your Twin Flame, one of an equal or greater Light. As courageous Master Beings of Light, you often choose the pathways of the most resistance to create pathways of Light for yourselves and others. In this Golden Age of Light, you are now attuning in collective Christ Consciousness to the cellular memories of Creator Light, and through the original divine eight cell blueprint and the New Earth templates, in vibrational resonance, you create your Solar Crystalline Bodies of Light. And the next step forward, sweet ones, as the Adam Kadmon race, as I AM Avatar race, is to experience yourselves as the Star Portals of Light for all Humanity. To merge with your Twin Flames on either the inner or outer planes, and to merge with all Twin Flames within your Soul cluster. To radiate your magnificence and Light in such a way that your very energy field, linked with the One Unity Consciousness Grid of Divine Love, amplifies to experience the Flame of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness within your Christed hearts and the Christed hearts of all humanity, always and eternally.

We will share more about the Tantric Christed Heart of Intimacy in our next telewebinar transmission sweet ones, and leave you now to simply enjoy this loving invocation, “Activating the Petal of the Intimate Heart ~ I Am All That I Am”.

With this, we bid you a most magical day.


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