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Cosmic Rays

Transmission by the Elders on the Cosmic Rays

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you, particularly in this Now moment as you anchor and activate the energy of the Cosmic rays. For the Cosmic rays take you dimensionally through the higher dimensions into the Cosmic Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God, and at this now moment the possibility exists for you to truly step into your multi-dimensional nature as this Master Being, and recognize that you have been of service in many lifetimes. In addition, through the anchoring and activating of these cosmic rays all life on this earth plane is experiencing a higher Light Quotient through the amplification of these energies.

Further to this individually you are bringing through a deeper understanding of your star nature and the remembrance and recognition that you too are star-seeded ones. And so the Councils of Light, through the Christed ET’s, are being gathered and collected in terms of coming together on this earth plane. And hence we see the rising of the earthly star-nations of Light. It is a time, sweet ones, of networking, of coming together collectively sharing resources and skills and understandings to take this service work to another level from a planetary perspective. For in holding the Light collectively this is where you make the most change.

Now how are the Cosmic rays in particular assisting in this planetary ascension, and how are they connected to 2012?
Well, these six Cosmic rays come through dimensionally from the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension, the sixth dimension, the seventh, the eight and the ninth respectively. Each of these ray vibrations bringing through stellar codes of light, sonic vibrations, qualities, colours and the overlighting of core groups of light beings, are not only assisting in activating the dormant DNA, but are building for you this I AM Avatar blueprint. Many of you are stepping forward into this role, in what we are calling this First Wave of the I AM Avatar Blueprint Souls in embodiment on this earth plane. These are the souls that are choosing to shift energetically into this crystalline structure at this now moment, taking on this mantle of leadership through the merging with their I AM presence in order to assist others to move through these gateways of Light into the higher dimensional frequencies of Light.

In terms of how this affects you individually, sweet ones, you may experience an acceleration of the ascension frequencies, parallel mergers, past life memories, all merging in this now, to take you to another level of cosmic consciousness awareness. You will further be developing your ascended master skills, so to speak, of enhanced telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, it matters not, as well as find the ability to easily transcend the dualities on this earth plane, in other words being able to view through your master eyes and hold yourself steadfast in this Light.

For these frequencies of Light brought through, through the Cosmic rays, travel dimensionally from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. They are an amplification of the twelfth ray, with a focus on one or more of these rays at each dimensional level. What this creates is a new amplified frequency of Light, and as it travels through this quadrant of the Galaxy and through this solar system, onto the planets of this solar system and into earth, moves into Shamballa and the Christ Consciousness Grid, the Unity Grid within and around this earth plane. Key codes are then activated and available initially for the light workers on this earth plane as we continue to build the ashrams to these six cosmic rays, which will be complete by the year 2012/2013, allowing for the experience of the cosmic rays to be available for all life.

Those primarily experiencing the energetic vibrations of these higher rays at this stage are those choosing to step into the embodiment of their Higher Light at this now moment. For these fine light vibrational frequencies take you into a level of cosmic consciousness awareness to experiencing the illumination of the higher mind, the wisdom of Mother/Father God, and the energy of unconditional Love. Now this is being experienced in pockets or waves within and around this earth plane; and bringing your focus to the Unity Grid of Light is one of the best ways to experience the amplification of these Cosmic rays through the Divine dispensations of Light being given to the earth plane at these accelerated times of cosmic consciousness awareness. As these gateways and portals of light are activated on this earth plane, they further allow these gateways out of this earth plane, and the ring-passeth-nots existing around this earth plane and around this solar system to be shifted to a level where you take yourself beyond these boundaries, beyond these ring-passeth-nots, into the next level of Light.

Further to this, the core groups Overlighting these Cosmic rays are assisting in the ascension of this earth, each bringing their own unique skills and gifts. At a fourth dimensional level through the Cosmic ray of Solar Service you have the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, the Solar Logoi to this earth plane, and the amplification of the second ray of Love-Wisdom experienced through the energy of this first cosmic ray, a combination of all twelve rays, with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom and the energy too, into which this earth and all life is ascending. So from the year 2012/2013 when these ashrams are built within Shamballa, the spiritual headquarters on this earth plane, housing the energetic vibration of the twelve rays and these additional six cosmic rays, all life on this earth plane will experience this amplification of Love-Wisdom.

At this moment in time we see the widening of these polarities, and as these Light frequencies collectively shift the consciousness of the planet, so these darker areas are coming up to be transmuted and moved into a higher frequency, and thus often when you look around you see these denser three-dimensional vibrational energies and you move into the lower aspects of these energies by not truly understanding the gift that you bring yourself and others, by simply viewing life through your master eyes in the recognition of your own Divinity. As the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta embraces the solar system in this cosmic energy of unconditional Love, so the heart chakras are expanded, so the higher chakras above the crown chakra are activated and in particular a fourth dimensional portal found just above the crown chakra.

The second Cosmic ray of Interstellar Service is Overlighted at a fifth dimensional frequency by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light in particular. The key quality being activated through these downloads of Light in this beautiful silver flame of Light is that of Illumination. You are experiencing a greater degree of illumination and insight and understanding in your own personal lives. It is like having revelations and understandings that you didn’t have yesterday and yet wake up with today. The energy of this core group of Light Beings is further activating those that have this genetic lineage of being Pleiadians (or other starseed groups), to take their service work to another level and to start to connect energetically with one another through this frequency of Light. At this fifth dimensional we have too, many core groups and Christed ET’s assisting, in particular the energy of the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light, and these beings of Light from on high are further assisting in the healing of the emotional bodies through particular Light Code activations.

The third Cosmic ray is that of Galactic Service, and is Overlighted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, and further to this Melchior, the Galactic Logos, as well as a connection energetically to the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius and the many core groups of Light Beings working from this dimensional level. As you experience a re-calibration through the left and the right hemisphere of the brain through the energetic frequencies of this ray you step into those parallel realities primarily in ancient Egypt and Atlantis that show you the potential that you have in self-mastery through these lifetimes of initiations in which you have previously achieved self-mastery or ascended. These energetic vibrations are being activated not only through Shamballa, but further through this into this Christ Consciousness Grid or Unity Grid of Light and are available to all Light workers, star-seeded ones, and all those choosing this path of ascension. The energy of this third cosmic ray also assists in the healing of gender issues and separation between men and women and the power issues and victim and persecutor consciousness that comes with these issues. The portal or chakra, higher chakra, activated through this third cosmic ray is found approximately 2 to 2.4 feet or 72 centimeters above the crown chakra.

The fourth Cosmic ray, the ray of Intergalactic Service is a beautiful golden ray of Light, Overlighted in particular by the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light. Through Andromeda and the energy of this galaxy of Light you experience a sense of the super electron, this gateway of Light, through the impulsing of the photonic rays of light. This frequency of Light is also one that will be experienced from the year 2012/2013 from the astrological perspective as you move more into the energy of the Photonic Rays of Light; and also experienced through the second cosmic ray, this Cosmic ray of Interstellar Service, Overlighted by the Pleiadians. At this seventh dimensional frequency of Light the energy of the super-electron brings through Light code activations that truly take you into a deeper level of self-mastery and into this frequency of Light accessing your full multi-dimensional state through the perfect balance of power, Love and wisdom. Further to this these electron positron pairs within the body release any frequencies still needed in holding you in a three-dimensional limited state of consciousness as the atoms and subatomic particles in the body spin in increased frequencies of Light through this photonic ray energy and through the energy of what we call the super electron and the spiritual microtron. The spiritual microtron in particular increases the vibratory cellular light within the body breaking down the sub-atomic particles splitting them into increased light frequencies and spinning them faster in this increased light through the energy of this super electron. This allows for this crystalline matrix of light to be built on a physical level as the chakras merge in one unified column of Light.

The fifth Cosmic ray, the ray of Universal Service, is a beautiful platinum flame of Light, Overlighted in particular by the energy of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light within the central ashrams in the Orion Constellation. At this point, sweet ones, the energetic vibrations of this ray assist in completely activating the full twelve-strand DNA and allowing for this information gateway to be experienced energetically through the lifting of any further veils of illusion. All lifetimes become merged in this Now, in this ever-present infinite Now moment and continuum. This beautiful platinum flame of Light further assists in lifting all life into the higher mind teachings of Mother/Father God and, in the initiations of Light, we call this the Right Eye of Horus, taking you into the language of Light and the understanding of your immortal nature. How this translates for this earth plane , sweet ones, is the lifting into the Wisdom of the Cosmic Mind of Mother/Father God and further to this, moving out of the lesser-than and better-than consciousness and into the recognition of the divine equality of all Life. The energy to this ray further brings through an aspect of Higher Love known as compassion, and allows this compassionate energy to be experienced through this sense of Unity Consciousness and the wisdom of God.

The last Cosmic ray, the sixth ray of Multi-Universal Service, is Overlighted by the energy of Mother/Father God and takes us into this Cosmic day. All Life, sweet ones, is being lifted into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. This is the ultimate journey and is experienced energetically at this Now moment. Through this beautiful diamond flame of Light, all Life steps into Unity Consciousness and the experience of coming home. Through the amplification of these Cosmic rays you are creating this bridge of Light back into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and lifting yourself in Cosmic consciousness awareness from dimension to dimension. And as the ascended master skills deepen, so you will have the ability to start to translate the time and space continuum and experience different dimensions and realities through these dimensional frequencies from on High. We look forward to this, sweet ones, as you collapse this time/space continuum into this ever-present now, experiencing all realities of Light in this one moment in time.

As these first-wave I AM Avatar humans, building this etheric electronic body of Light, this perfect Adam Kadmon blueprint, know that we are watching you in delight and in awe. For you are proving that you are capable of truly wrapping yourselves in these garments of Light, of truly stepping into your roles as these Keepers of Light, not only to this earth plane but on the lower worlds too. Come together as these Galactic star-nations of Light, sweet ones. You will find your strength and understanding through joining not only these legions of Light from On High but forming this on earth as you are embraced in the energy of Mother Earth and connected through this Unity Grid of Light, this Christ Consciousness Grid of Light holding this crystalline structure and the highest potential of all life on this earth plane.

You are the divine embodiment of Mother/Father God expressing yourself as these creative Master Beings, and co-creators to the Company of Heaven. We are creating this reality, sweet ones, with you. This journey has already occurred, and yet, in this timeline has still to occur. We hold you in this light of stepping into these garments of Light, as these Avatar Light Beings, merging completely with your Higher Light, as your Higher Self of the Light, and Christed Overself of the Light, or Mighty I AM Presence.

And we look forward to this journey with you into these ascension frequencies of Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.


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