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Betty-Lou Kristy

Betty-Lou arrived into this incarnation as a twin in June of 1956 and was “delivered” into a chaotic, dysfunctional and violent childhood which left her severely scared on all levels of her being.

Betty-Lou is a bereaved mother who lost both of her children (who were twins) at different stages. Her son Pete died at age 25 from a mixed drug overdose (Oxycontin pain medication and psychiatric medication) on Dec 23 2001 and her other twin- “Baby Bear” died previously in the third trimester of the pregnancy.

Betty-Lou is also a survivor of mental illness, drug & alcohol addiction, childhood trauma and managed to hold on to her recovery without relapsing after her son Pete died. She also experienced two abusive marriages when she was younger before finding her current husband (25 years ago) whom she knows was one of her special gifts from the universe.

Betty-Lou is a published author and an outspoken provincial advocate, key- note speaker, active committee member and facilitator/trainer for Mental Health, Addictions, Trauma and Bereavement reform and was awarded the 2009 Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) Transforming Lives Award. Betty-Lou is also a board director and peer support bereavement facilitator for Bereaved Families of Ontario (Halton/Peel) and has past training and experience in hospice/grief support programs, has designed and facilitated bereavement trainings for youth to youth outreach workers plus worked within Children’s Aid Society, Restorative Justice, Aboriginal communities, Conflict mediation and Police programs.

Sharing her journey and her late son’s journey, for both youth and adults through Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Government and Community agencies helps her to re-invest in life by giving voice to the systemic failures, barriers to care, broader determinants of health in a positive partnering with those systems to co-create an effective, nurturing and respectful new paradigm. She recognizes that these are tough complex social issues that need to be talked about publicly so others can feel safe and be safe by reducing the isolation, shame, stigma and barriers.

After the death of her children plus the deaths of both of her parents, Betty-Lou had to search for meaning in all this. This was the catalyst that catapulted her into and onto a path of “higher” accelerated spiritual and metaphysical learning, growth, awareness, expansion and mastery.

This brings us to her spiritual and metaphysical world.

Betty-Lou has been fully certified and practicing in many metaphysical modalities such as Reiki, Blue Star Celestial, Magnified Energy, Zenith Omega Energy Healing Systems, Atlantis Empowerments, Pleiadian Jewels, DNA Rainbow Booster, Planetary Reiki Practitioner, Stellar Reiki level 1 and 2, Essential Tachyon and Essential Tachyon Advanced and Antahkarana Shakti Practitioner level.

Betty-Lou has also completed extensive activation works of Dr. Joshua David Stone, Patricia Cota-Robles, Tom Kenyon, Barbara Hand Clow and Jasmuheen over the years.

Through Anrita Melchizedek’s teachings and activations, Betty-Lou found her most profound truth and her brightest most authentic light and self. In addition to this her passion and ability for learning, transmuting, integrating and ascending grew exponentially.

Through Anrita Melchizedek she is a fully certified initiate of The Melchizedek Ambassadors Facilitators Training Program, plus qualified and certified as both a practitioner and facilitator for the following series: The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program, Activation and Actualization of the 12 Strand DNA, Light Body/Merkaba Activation, Ascended Masters Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Activations and Arcturian Stargate-Unity Grid activations. Betty-Lou has also completed all Ray work including the Ray Reading and Ray Healing, DNA Reading and Clearing, Return to Original Innocence, Chambers of Light, The Elders and Arcturian Stargate series. She intends to continue her studies with Anrita in the “Melchizedek World Service Facilitator Training Program”.

Betty-Lou is also a graduate of the Metatronic Keys Level Three Intensive- Mastery Level-20 point star Mer-Ka-Na certification course facilitated by James Tyberonn and plans to continue her studies with James Tyberonn in the “Alchemy of Ascension” year long course being offered in 2011.

She is also an on-going student of Ascended Mastery through Children of the Sun -Centre of Illumination-as an Ambassador of Light working as a Group Soul Matrix within Light Transfiguration Chamber Transmissions, Grid Transmissions, and Ki of Life Trainings.

Betty-Lou also has a great love, affinity and passion for (and also works with) Crystals, Crystal Skulls, Pyramids, Genesas, Sacred Geometry, all types of frequency work including Solfeggio, dolphins, whales frequencies and offerings in sacred tongue and star language.

She has a MASSIVE collection of rare cosmic, extra terrestrial, meteor, Atlantean, Lemurian plus other star/ ascension healing crystals, 3 sets of large clear quartz crystal sacred geometric platonic solids and is a caretaker/keeper of 24 Crystal Skulls. The universe blessed Betty-Lou in 2010 with her newest and largest Crystal Skull to date- his name is Mikey- who weighs a whopping 19 pounds and is a powerhouse of joy, goofiness and gifts of accelerated manifestation and knowledge!!

Betty-Lou has been guided to build structural systems services combining pyramids, crystals, symbols, copper, metal, sacred geometry and feeds them with all types of frequency and tone work that she just seems to know and do. To date she has built several Money Manifestation Genesa Systems; A Cosmic Transformative Sacred Geomantic Ascension “Star Gate” Energy Transmission System called “Transcendence”; Soul Sketches Structure- which is an energetic safety and protection grid network to nurture growth & gifts by mitigating negative impacts . Currently Betty-Lou is building another structural system as yet unnamed that will serve as a restorative, re-birthing energetic “womb” of the highest integrity for the “wounded inner child” that definitely has a combination Atlantean, Garden of Eden, Hawaiian Cove energetic imprint.

She joyfully shares/includes the magical energies of all of the above into all services she provides.

Betty-Lou has discovered that she has the ability to be in many worlds quite often and seems to thrive on the diversity of her life path. Between her social justice, advocating, mental health, addiction, trauma and bereavement world; her metaphysical, energetic and spiritual world, and her proven ability to both learn, create, explore, find, teach, mentor, companion, dare, care and share she knows she has found the path of many paths and has found joy, peace, flow and abundance amongst and “above” the chaos.

Her gift is her work ethic, integrity and strong heart/soul desire to help others find their tools for self empowerment, recovery, growth and FREEDOM through many mixed modalities that are often considered to be “fringe”. Promoting diversity, social inclusion and non-oppressive approaches, in addition to encouraging acceptance and openness to effective new initiatives, invites everyone to be part of the solution and that is where you will find her.


Betty-Lou promised her late son that she would do everything she could to meet him halfway, between the worlds, and because of this he is part of her journey and still the fire in her belly that keeps her finding miracles and accelerated manifestations of everything awesome even in the face of adversity and challenge.


Introducing new e-book from Betty-Lou Kristy (a fund raiser).

“Living Bereaved While In Recovery”-www.LittleBooksOfBigPain.com

“An urban, artsy, honest, often raw and very real depiction of tragedy & triumph. An experiential journey of grief expression, exploration and integration has 55 entries set in verse, soulful dialogue, prose and musings; chock full of pictures, (many entries done on pictures of her late son Pete during his life) that invites the reader into a depth of emotional engagement which is not possible to articulate in spoken word. That of a mother (Betty-Lou) grieving the loss of her beloved son (Pete) and all the searing dynamics of a child lost to prescription opiate medication addiction (percs,oxycontin), alcoholism, unresolved mental health issues and fatal accidental mixed drug overdose. Sometimes raw, it honestly depicts the struggles of a mother living in recovery from her own mental health and addiction issues trying to hold on without relapsing as she battles the relentless pain/grief of losing her cherished son while fully recognizing that had Pete been able to have his healthy mom sooner in his earlier years, she may have been able to provide a healthier foundation that is imperative for any child.” Partial Proceeds from sales of “Living Bereaved While In Recovery” are going to Bereaved Families of Ontario (Halton/Peel) www.LittleBooksOfBigPain.com (check out the site for videos of Betty-Lou’s advocacy award, Pete’s memorial video, book reviews, sample entries, extended book description, author bio and easy order button for only $7.50 per download)

Betty-Lou is available for energetic consultations in person, long distance- remote, telephone, e-mail, one on one or group sessions.

For further details on services:

Phone: 905-877-3218
[email protected]