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Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee entered this incarnation with the conscious knowledge she was from somewhere else, and a deep sense of purpose. As an acutely sensitive child she took solace in nature, exploring her profound connection with the elementals, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. Games included channeling songs and making the river rise and fall. This sensitivity was shut down, as it often is, in later childhood.

Fiona completed degrees in Environmental Science and Education and proceeded to spend the next eleven years becoming a corporate workaholic. She got her mid life crisis (salvation) underway at the age of 33. This entailed separating from her partner, selling her house, resigning from work and backpacking solo around the world for about five years. Fiona’s traveling enabled her to open to synchronicity and magic again and resulted in her being drawn to many sacred places and meeting many amazing people. As Fiona healed herself she became increasingly motivated to help others. Over a period of several years, she undertook training in several healing modalities and attended countless talks and seminars! These included Pranic Healing, Regression Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Crystal Healing, Reiki, and environmental clearing. This added knowledge and technique to her highly developed intuitive knowingness.

Fiona considers herself blessed to have been chosen as part of the “pioneer” MAT group. They encouraged Anrita to complete the program because they loved it so much and wanted to do more! The MAT Program introduced Fiona to a whole new world of other dimensions and beings and facilitated initiations she had been working towards for thousands of lifetimes. It created a profound capacity to facilitate healing in herself and others. She considers The MAT Program to be a co-creation of enormous love and integrity and is honored to facilitate The MAT Program and Anrita’s new writings, Return to Original Innocence, in Australia, in alignment with her divine purpose.

Fiona sees, feels, hears and smells all the dimensions of creation, and uses her oneness with All That Is to access, download and co-create whatever is needed in any given moment. In this way she serves individuals, groups, the planet, the universe and beyond. This is expressed in sound, color, symbols, keys, initiations, star language or plain English, subject to the context she is playing in. As an embodiment of the divine creative energy, Fiona truly facilitates transformation.

She now lives in a small town called Blackwood, in the Central Highlands of Victoria. She is surrounded by forest, with a river and natural mineral springs at the back door and eagles flying overhead. Fiona is happy to travel to your neck of the woods to facilitate MAT intensives and other teacings. She also extends a warm invitation to join her for The MAT Program and Return to Original Innocence in beautiful Blackwood, where the energy is perfect for the loving support of your enlightenment.

For further details;
Phone  +61 (0) 3 53 68 68 68
Email  [email protected]
Web  www.blackwoodvic.com/sites/ofthewings  


Eadie Miller

Eadie Miller came into this world as Edith Helen Kleinenberg, on a hot summer’s day in what was then known as Umtali in Rhodesia on the 3rd of October 1953. She schooled and grew and loved and lived in this melting pot in the heart of Africa until 1990 when she immigrated to the southern state of Victoria in Australia; where she now lives, in the hills of the Macedon Ranges, not far from Melbourne.

Eadie’s re-discovery of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light and her Melchizedek heritage, initially through the joy of Return to Original Innocence, facilitated exquisitely by the loving heart of Fiona Lee, opened her spiritual eyes to a previously forgotten treasure chest of glory and wonder and remembrance and beauty. Her path has led her through an onward and continuing quest of enquiry and re-collection of the joy and excitement of the Immortal Nature of this incarnation of play that we call life … and the challenges and pitfalls that we choose to set for ourselves…..

Eadie completed her Melchizedek Ambassadors Training initially with Fiona, and subsequently trained further with Anrita to qualify as a Melchizedek Facilitator, and has also completed certificated training in Crystal Light Healing, The Liquid Crystals, Reiki, Essence of Angels, Flower of Life, and numerous other assorted Energetic and Intuitive Healing modalities as her passion to learn and grow to enhance her service role are directed by her Guides and Soul family.

Eadie works both from her home in the hills, and by telephone or email consultation; and as well as facilitating The MAT Program and the glorious offerings from the Pleiadian Light Network, also offers Energy Work, DNA and Lightbody Activations, and Atlantean Heritage Charts, a journey in to the re-membrance of our Atlantean and Lemurian heritage, reawakening us to the path we were transversing, and how best to continue the missions we started then.

It is Eadie’s joy and delight to walk with you on your spiritual journey as we share our rediscovery of our true nature as Master Beings of Love and Light, in the companionship of the Beings of Light from the Angelic, Devic, and Interplanetary Realms.

Eadie’s, and your work with the Company of Heaven is further supported through a range of Liquid Crystals and Crystal, Devic, and Angelic Essences and Sprays.

Please contact Eadie by email to [email protected] or telephone 0419 118051. Website: www.theatlanteanway.com