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Sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta

12 guided visualizations – 2013

Thirty-three Stargate Portals of Light

12 guided visualizations – 2014

The Twelve Pyramids of Light

12 guided visualizations – 2015

Christed Heart Transmissions

12 guided visualizations – 2016

Teachings of Eye of Horus

10 guided visualizations -2017

Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Attunements

Welcome sweet ones, we are delighted to offer you these beautiful Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Attunements, an invitation from the Golden Dolphins and Whales on Sirius B, who carry the energetic signature of Divine Unconditional Love which they emit through their energy field and sonic vibrations as they anchor and activate their Light frequency through the crystalline grids, through the oceans of Mother Earth and within and around the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

The Arcturian Violet Silver Quantum Healing Pod Activations

The Arcturian Violet Silver Quantum Healing Pod Activations

Implant and Entity Clearing

Implant and Entity Clearing

The Twelve Initiatory Gateways of Light

For the Twelve Initiatory Gateways of Light, please click here

11-11-11- Stargate Activation of Divine Love

On November 11th, 2011, we are presented with an unparalleled, unprecedented Now moment through the 11:11:11 Stargate activation of Divine Love to collectively ascend as these first wave souls in human embodiment of the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light, and become these Flames of Divine Love with the new DNA encodings of Light activated at this time, while lifting ourselves in cosmic consciousness awareness into the Golden Age of Atlantis.

World Leadership in this Golden Age

Welcome sweet Ones, we would like to start by welcoming you as leaders, as Light workers, as star seeded ones and as wayshowers.

Cosmic Rays

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you, particularly in this Now moment as you anchor and activate the energy of the Cosmic rays.

The First Three Rays

What I wanted to share in this article is very much related to our personal and collective experiences of remembrance and awakening and imbalances that may occur along the way through an understanding of the first three rays.

Perceptions of Reality

The illusion of man lies in his mind. For the mind dictates the nature of his perceived reality. This reality would be based on knowledge, life experiences, karmic patterns, genetically inherited beliefs and societal dictates.

Service in Love

Welcome, magnificent Master Beings of Love and Light. I am RA, from the Archangelic tribe of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and we would like to present you with an idea of Service in Love.

Planetary Light Work Guided Visualization

In this guided visualization, you are going to assist the Company of Heaven, and specifically the Planetary Healing Coning members in bringing the focus of all Life into Christ Consciousness.

The Light Body/Merkaba Activation

It gives me great pleasure to present you with three meditations to activate your Light Body, your sacred Merkaba, as well as a fourth guided visualization to activate the Light Body of Mother Earth. These meditations have recently been revised and are now a nineteen breath Light Body/Merkaba activation, taking you into the frequency of the fifth dimension.

The Unified Field of Divine Love

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as we tell you more about this Unified Field of Divine Love, also called the Crystalline Grid of One Unity Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Your Heart’s Temple

It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now as you enter in to this new Golden Age of Light. Sweet ones, as you understand, the way forward is through the pathway of Divine Love, of forgiveness, of compassion, peace, and the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.