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The 33 Stargate Portals of Light ~ October 2014

33 Stargate Portals of Light ~ July 2014

The Elders Transmission ~ October 2014

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, in this month of October, as you experience the Blood Full Moon on October 8th, at the time of this total Lunar Eclipse. Sweet ones, this is the second of four consecutive total eclipses in a series known as a tetrad. The two remaining eclipses will take place on April 8th and September 28th, 2015. A Blood Moon is when the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, and the Sun is shining through the atmosphere of the Earth and casts upon the Moon a red shadow and so the Moon appears to be red. Traditionally the eclipses are signified as a time of great change and awakening, taking you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through the shedding of old outdated beliefs, thought forms and judgments, old patterning and conditionings. It is also a time when you are lifted into greater levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness as the planetary energies shift and are experienced more deeply through the universal song of “I Love You, I Love You”. It is a time to focus on the stillness of your heart, and the Blood Full Moons amplify this, signifying a deeper sense of the embrace of yourselves, sweet ones, in the knowing that you are these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and you are blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light.

And this comes too through the energy of these beautiful Rays of Creation as they spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. This year in particular has seen the energy of the beautiful fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service, Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. This ray energy takes you deep along the pathway of Divine Love, through illumination, insight, understanding and wisdom; and the embrace of One Unity Consciousness that activates into a greater level of the full range of your emotions is experienced through this beautiful eighteenth ray of Melchizedek Consciousness. This diamond Flame of Transcendence initially activated through the Sedona Vortex in May 2014, and again at the time of the Lion’s Gate in August. This beautiful diamond Flame of Transcendence takes you into the knowing that you are the loving parents, guiding the ego aspects of yourself. This was initially experienced through the merging of the Divine Feminine and Masculine archetypes of Creation, through the merging with the Divine Mother and the merging with the Divine Father, in the embrace and the healing of the wounds that you personally and collectively have experienced, sweet ones, on this plane of polarity to know yourselves as Love. And in the healing of your wounds of the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects, you embrace all men and you embrace all women in Love. The plane of polarity that has seen these experiences activated to take you into a greater level of the Love within yourself, now comes in ease and acceptance and understanding in the embrace of the ego aspect, in the embrace of the inner child, this small child that you perceive is in pain, and that needs your love, that needs to be given a voice that needs to be accepted, that needs to be appreciated and understood. And as you experience this Blood Full Moon on October 8th you are fully illuminated within this desire for Unity Consciousness, taking you deep into your own hearts, into the soul consciousness aspects, and the knowing, sweet ones, that the embrace of every single emotion that you experience creates an understanding of your divinity and humanness. What we mean by this, sweet ones, is that these emotions of sadness or grief, or pain, or fear, can now be accepted, appreciated, and given a voice in acceptance through the energy of this beautiful diamond Flame of Transcendence.

It is often assumed and perhaps experienced from a 3-dimensional perspective, the justification of these ranges of emotions. And from a 3-dimensional perspective, sweet ones, indeed this justification is something that can be understood. When someone does something to you that is hurtful or that brings up the anger or takes you into grief or sadness, or you do not feel heard or seen or appreciated, it is easy to justify this ~ to call this person particular names, and yet from a 5th dimensional perspective it is simply loving all aspects of yourself through the embrace of these emotions rather than playing them out, rather than reacting. It is coming into a deeper level of surrender, as to whatever might be going on within your reality, taking you into the One Reality of All that Is. This process of surrender, sweet ones, is indeed one of trust; of aligning your will to the Will of the Divine. It is not one of giving up, it is not one of holding on to blame, or unforgiveness, or lack of appreciation of others or yourself ~ it is inviting these emotions that you feel you may need to hide for fear of what others may think of you, and inviting them into your life, for in doing so you embrace these energies in those around you that are still playing on the karmic timelines.

You have been experiencing both the karmic and the Christed Timelines, and now sweet ones, what you are experiencing is the merging of these timelines and the ability to simply let the anger into your heart and give it a voice:

“Hello, anger. Wow, you are very loud! I invite you into my heart, I invite you into the Love that I Am, that We Are, as One. Hello, fear. I invite you into my heart, I invite you into my Love. I am a little afraid too ~ but we will have each other to Love, and to support, and to take ourselves to a greater level of the Blossoming, in the Knowing that each experience takes us deeper along the pathway of Divine Love, into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.”

From a 5th dimensional perspective, from the higher dimensional frequencies experienced, sweet ones, no justification is ever needed ~ it is simply observing, participating, and loving every experience. When the lens of perception places this within good and evil, Light and dark, this is how the lens of polarity is experienced. When there is simply forgiveness and letting go of blame, of acceptance, and embracing the range of emotions as they come up, there is a greater Love of Self that is expressed and experienced, for this journey through All Creation comes back to you, sweet ones, in the knowing of yourselves as Love. And you take a moment now simply to place your hand on your heart as you say:

“I Love you …….” (giving your full name now) “I Love you ….., I Love you”

and feel what this feels like, how your body is responding, how your energy is aligning, how you are centering yourself in this present moment, simply through your breath and the knowing of yourselves as Love.

Let us start here, sweet ones, breathing deep into the body ~ expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Starting to get a good sense of the body, starting to re-align your energy to center yourself in alignment with the Divine, bringing a focus once more to the breath as you inhale through the nose and initially exhale through the mouth ~ allowing this exhale to be all that you need to release in this Now, allowing this exhale to simply take that which is no longer necessary to be experienced and release it from the body and energy field. And now in these deep rhythmic and comfortable breaths you start to inhale and exhale through the nose, finding your own rhythm and balance, as you find yourself grounding now into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, visualising a grounding cord from the sacral chakra and taking it into the energy of the earth, and allowing Mother Earth to send you her Love back up your grounding cord, into your body and energy field. Perhaps rooting too through the feet, visualising these roots coming through the feet or being aware of the feet chakra activating into the energy of the earth, grounding you. Having a sense of the hand chakras activating too in this grounding process. Good.

You have a sense now sweet ones of this beautiful Unity Grid of Divine Love as it exists around you and within you; higher dimensional New Earth Templatings that you are experiencing through these higher dimensional frequencies, the New Earth Blueprints in the remembrance and knowing that you are Divine Love. In the remembrance and knowing that every single experience you choose and experience takes you into a greater level of blossoming, into the magnificence of the Creation, into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

You merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspect of your Soul Light within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God as you are surrounded now in this beautiful diamond Flame of Transcendence through the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Mahatma ~ the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, and Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek. And now as you invite in all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge, your own Master Guides and Guardian Angel, you have a sense of being wrapped in this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination, and with the third eye and the pineal gland in particular being activated now, to a greater level of illumination, insight and understanding as to your soul purpose; as to this Pathway of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness that you are within and that you are experiencing within your reality when you decide and make the choice that you will no longer carry out and perpetuate the victim and persecutor consciousness. It is a conscious choice, sweet ones. It is a conscious choice to say:

“I no longer choose to Be this person who has conflict with others, who moves into this perceived sense of being hurt or not being seen, not being appreciated, and the first level of acknowledgment of myself as Love is the embrace of my Inner Child, my ego-self, which is the Gateway of Divine Love into the Kingdom of God. I understand that my ego-self has done what it has to protect itself, for it has experienced un-appreciation, and lack of love, and it has been hurt, and abused, and I have put others before myself. I now embrace my ego-self, this beautiful inner child that is my love, that is my innocence and purity, and great teacher, and as I embrace this aspect of myself in Love, I let my ego-self know: I am sorry for putting others before you, I am sorry that I did not love you in a way you should have been loved, and appreciated, and seen, and heard. Know that I am here now, and I will give you a voice as I will give a voice in acceptance to every single emotion and experience I have, in Love. You are my gateway of innocence into the Divine. You are so loved, you are so appreciated, and I will never put anyone else before you ~ I Love you, I Love you, I Love you”.

Just see yourselves embracing this inner child, sweet ones, see yourself finding Love once more with this aspect of yourself that is simply needing to be loved and accepted, and for a moment now, you simply hold the body, placing your arms around yourself and gently rocking as you chant the word “Mem”

Mem Mem Mem Meeeemmmmmm Meeemmmmmmmmmmmm Meeeemmmmmmmmmmmmm Mummmmmmm Mum Mum Mum

Feel yourself as Love, as this sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love, as this beautiful diamond Flame of Transcendence activates within the heart chakra, and this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination, and now this diamond, golden and white Flame of Divine Love, as you place your hand on your heart and say once more:

“I Love you …..” giving your full name ~ I Love you ….. I Love you……”

You have a look, sweet ones, at those emotions within you that you may have hidden away or played out in either victim or persecutor consciousness, those parts of yourself that have been hurt, that have hurt others, needing to protect, to defend, to justify, old patternings, false beliefs, and judgments, and you open your heart as this beautiful sacred transfiguring flame of Divine Love. As this open heart in this Golden Age of Light, you embrace these emotions within your heart, as you now experience the Blood Full Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse. You observe each emotion as you bring it into the heart, perhaps choosing to work on one at a time is also okay ~ that which is the greatest emotion which comes up for you, that makes you feel uncomfortable, that makes you want to push it away or not experience it, for it seems so painful or makes you feel so very uncomfortable. Whether it is anger or fear, grief or sadness, you can see this emotion as a sub-personality aspect of yourself, or simply as energy, color, or sound, or vibration ~ and within the Flames of Divine Love, these three-fold Flames, you invite these sub-personality aspects, or the experience of the full range of these emotions:

“Welcome, sadness. I see that you are so sad, and I simply Love you, and I give you a voice to feel that, but know that you are embraced within my Love. It is okay to feel what you are feeling and this experience that has been chosen by us is only to experience a greater level of the choir of the magnificence of life, for that is where we are heading in our Love, in our Divinity, blossoming into a greater level of our magnificence and Light. And I allow you to be heard, to be accepted, to be appreciated, and know that I am here to Love you.

Welcome, anger. Gosh you are loud, and so very angry ~ it is okay, let me bring you into the silence, the stillness, the Love within my heart and I will listen to you, and I will listen by giving you a voice.

Welcome, fear. This has been a rocky journey, I know ~ but come into my heart, come into my Love, I am here, I am here. I look forward to this reunion and embrace with you, my old friend.”

Just continue to know yourselves as Love, sweet ones, to know that every experience, every reflection takes you into the greater picture, into your mission, to letting go of the old patterns and the dramas that are no longer appropriate in this Golden Age of Light. Through the merging of the Christed and karmic timelines, you are embraced in the Cosmic Heart of all Creation, and the Love within your own hearts.

And as you experience too, the New Moon and the partial Solar Eclipse on October 23rd and 24th, you will find a new level of Beingness between the Inner Masculine and Feminine Spirits within yourself sweet ones, coming deeper and deeper into this balance of the healing of your relationships with men, and women, and the embrace of your own Masculine and Feminine Spirits, as you become the loving parents, observing guiding and loving the ego and inner child as together you experience Heaven on Earth.

It is also a time when you can connect more deeply into your service work, when you can choose to connect to Councils of Light on the Inner Planes, as you are growing in strength and magnificence and Light and able to sustain and hold the New Earth energies and in these higher dimensional frequencies for this is all you are doing, sweet ones ~ this path of enlightenment is not a way to strip you of your lower ego aspects, but to integrate the ego as the inner child, as a pathway of innocence into the Kingdom of God, and when you come to this realization you experience a greater level of self-mastery and self-enlightenment. And this journey is not devoid of what you call the ego-aspects, or the personality-aspects ~ you will always have a personality, the personality aligns into the heart, the ego is experienced in Love, and this sense of unique individualisation and individuation within Unity Consciousness is experienced as the many aspects to Mother/Father God.

The experience of Unity Consciousness, sweet ones, is not about losing individuation. It is about this strength that comes when you connect with others in Divine Love and recognize them in Love, no matter their level of conscious awareness. Those around you that you judge or that you label or that you perceive through the planes of polarity, are simply showing you the aspects of yourself that you are still needing to Love, and no matter the justification from a 3D perspective, from a 5D perspective it is all embraced within the Divine Love of your heart, the Overlighting energy of your Beloved I AM Presence, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

What is further being experienced in this sacred year of 2014 is the activation of the thirty- three 5th dimensional Portals of Light. These Portals of Light simply create a pathway through particular spiritual laws, sweet ones, that as you express and experience within your lives, take you deeper and deeper along the Christed timelines and into the knowing of yourselves as Love. And you have a sense now of these beautiful Portals of Light activating within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love, amplified now by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and this beautiful silver ray of Illumination.

You now find yourself within the 28th spiritual Portal of Light following the Law of Intuition. The Law of Intuition, sweet ones, is the following of the guidance of your Higher Self, and your Beloved I AM Presence, sweet ones, as you walk the pathway of Divine Love to trust in your own wisdom and intuition, no longer dependent upon the opinions of others for any sense of your identity or self-worth. This is part of the embrace of the ego, of the inner child, this is part of the embrace of the full range of your emotions, and the embrace and the integration of your Beloved I AM Presence and Soul Consciousness aspects. When you come into power, into wisdom, illumination, and Divine Love, you become the co-creators to the Company of Heaven ~ the teachers, the leaders and the way showers, for this is what you are sweet ones, you are guiding others through your own experiences, your own teachings, and your own life, into higher expressions of divinity through your actions, through your vibration, through your Love. Let go of the need to experience a sense of self through others, relying simply on the knowing and the feeling aspects within your own heart, guiding you ever deeper along this pathway of Divine Love, ever deeper into your heart, and your ability to be of service to others as you effect and create change simply through your energy and Love.

You now experience the 28th Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc activate along the spinal column, activating into the appropriate vertebrae along the spinal column, as the cerebral spinal fluid activates through the spine into the physical brain and from here to the pituitary, pineal, thalamus and hypothalamus glands, recreating new realities through the chakras, the fibonacci spins, the alignments, the portals of Light. You feel your energy expand in this beautiful silver Flame of Illumination, coming into a deeper sense of your own energy, of your magnificence and your Light in this new recalibration in this sacred month of October.

And now, sweet ones, you find yourself in the 29th Portal of Light following the Law of Patience. The Law of Patience is important, sweet ones, for you are entering into a greater sense of no-time, the ever present eternal Now moment, but with this too there is a knowing that these higher dimensional frequencies shift in such a way that is perceived through a sense of time from a 3D perspective, and this can create impatience or a sense of this “never changing” moment rather than the ever-changing moment. You have countless moments in time, sweet ones, and each one an expression of the Creator in consciousness, sometimes in Light, and sometimes in the perception of dark, but all is embraced in the Heart of the Creator’s various facets of Creation ~ this rainbow Creation of Love. And in your own present circumstances, if you are needing something to truly shift within your life in this Now, embrace it , and love it, give it a voice, and have patience. Patience allows all virtues to manifest more profoundly ~ to have understanding, not just knowledge. To have experience and wisdom and the knowing that you are coming into enlightenment in your own perfect Now moment.

You now experience yourself activating this 29th Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc through the Overlighting of the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. As it activates along the appropriate vertebrae along the spinal column you may like to move your body gently backwards and forwards and from side to side, embracing and loving, in acceptance that you are shifting into the knowing of yourself as this Cosmic Christ Being of Light, blossoming into a greater level of magnificence and Light through every experience that you have or you choose or that comes within your energy, simply perhaps to test you.

Lastly now, sweet ones, you are lifted into the 30th fifth dimensional Portal of Light, following the Law of Perfection. The Law of Perfection, sweet ones, tells you that everyone and everything is unconditionally divinely perfect. In this seemingly imperfection, there is only perfection. From a 3D perspective you do not see these Blueprints of Creation, but when you can move into a greater level of service looking through your Master Eyes you recognize the perfection within the seemingly imperfection. You take yourself into a greater level of service work, living your life more gently, lovingly, in complete surrender to the Divine, expanding into the perfection of your higher selves and future selves as One, One with Mother/Father God, One with All Life.

And now as you experience this 30th Cosmic Christ Holographic Disc activate along the spinal column to the appropriate vertebrae you have a sense of this expansion taking you deeper and deeper into Christ Consciousness. You have a sense of yourself blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light, in the knowing that everything you choose is a gift from the Creator, for you to come into self-enlightenment and the many, many, many paths beyond this, sweet ones. And this is happening for you all ~ you are connecting into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness, accelerating your journey, accelerating the ride, and it can be uncomfortable through the clearing of old energies and karmic patterns, but hold on, sweet ones, keep the vision, keep the faith, for this collective consciousness descends upon the Earth and all her life.

And you now take this beautiful silver flame and the understanding of the frequency from these three Portals of Light, activating them into Mount Shasta, Northern California ~ amplifying this in this beautiful silver flame, and this diamond Flame of Transcendence that all life may embrace the ego-aspects, that all life may know the Laws of Intuition, Patience and Perfection. You connect with the light workers and star-seeded ones and you feel how your energy expands into a greater level of Light in the support of others and with the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. Allowing this energy transmission to be experienced through the Unity Grid, allowing these key-codes to be activated from your energy field into the Unity grid of Divine Love and from the Illumined Beings of Light, through the Portals of Light and these fifth dimensional templatings, to Mother Earth’s Lightbody, and from Mt Shasta to the appropriate chakras and portals and ley lines of Mother Earth.

This is your time, sweet ones, and you will notice great changes as you decide to make the choice that you will no longer experience perceived conflict, or play out the victim and persecutor consciousness, that you are ready to embrace your inner child, the innocence and magnificence and Light within your heart to know yourselves as Love. We thank you for your service, sweet ones, and we bless you and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribe by Eadie Miller

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Artwork by Art Dimension